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No Water, Fires

 Below are articles about lack of water, water shortages, and their impacts.  They are arranged in 6 major groups: Droughts, Deserts, Fires, Dangers, Atmosphere Changes, and Misc.  "Droughts" contains 9 sub-groups, of which the US sub-group has 5 sub-groups and the Asia one 3.

     Month and year follow each article's name.  PDF files are so marked, after month and date, some with authors noted.  Within sections, more recent files appear above older files.

    Diagrams are generally immediately below the summary articles from which they were taken.

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                                 World  (PDFs on Home page)
PDSI is Palmer Drought Severity Index, an indirect measure of soil moisture, relative to local baseline climate.  SC means self-calibrating.
"The index is the difference between the amount of precipitation required to retain a normal water-balance level and the amount of actual precipitation."
Light blue (-4.0 to -5.0) is extremely wet, red (+4.0 to +5.0) is extremely dry.
These 10-year averages did not occur in the model results before 2000,
Baseline climate period is probably a 30-year period before 1965.

     Note that southern Europe is extremely dry by the 2060s and especially the 2090s, perhaps Saharan.
The USA is a lesser case of such dryness.
So are the much of the Amazon basin and the Andes, central America, southern Africa, and Australia.
     Note also the increasing soil moisture around the Acrtic.
Extremely wet conditions prevail in Indonesia, India, equatorial east Africa, Ecuador, and southern New Zealand.
     Aiguo Dai, Kevin Trenberth et al.

from IPCC 5, Technical Assessment (2013)


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Future % ∆ in US Soil Moisture

Projected Precipitation

          Projected Number of Droughts / 30 Years (Changing Climate in the Northeast, UCS 2006)

California’s Terrifying Climate Forecast- Droughts Nearly Every Year 0315


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Droughts - World 


     The slide below summarizes what has been happening with water tables, as groundwater is used ever more to cope with droughts and supply irrigation water for the Green Revolution.

Very Hot and Very Dry Conditions Have Doubled Worldwide 1118

No Rain for Decades - Stand by for the ‘Megadroughts’, Scientists Warn 0914

Global Drought Threatens Water, Food Supplies.  Get Used to It.  0914

Shrinking Aquifers in Drought-Stricken Areas 0613

Global Drought Is a New Normal 1012

Increasing Drought - Past & Future - Dai 0812 - PDF

Extreme Droughts by 2030 - Dai 0111 - PDF.

Extreme Droughts by 2030 1010  - This is a summary of the above study.

50-Year Droughts Plague World's Breadbaskets 0309 

Climate Change Drives Water Shortages for Half the World 1108


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Droughts - US (except West)

US Droughts, Area Affected, in %, by Severity - Annual 1st, then weekly.
data from U.S. Drought Monitor.
Means since 2000 were 49.7% dry, 32.0% drought, 18.7% severe, 7.8% extreme, 1.7% exceptional.
Droughts stem from low rain and high temperature.

     Note Southeast US drought in 2007-8 (maps far below), North American drought in 2002-4 (farther below), and 2011-13 drought across much of the US.  In 2007-8, Texas was wet and the Midwest was moister than usual.  In 2002, due to the drought, North American plants absorbed 50% less CO2 than usual.

Saltwater Wedge Climbing the Mississippi River Threatens Drinking Water 0923

America’s Most Crucial Waterway Is Drying Out 0723

Drought Hits the Midwest, Threatening Crops and the World’s Food Supply 0623

The Mississippi River and Its Tributaries Have Dropped to Record Lows 1022

Mighty Mississippi Is So Low, People Are Walking to Tower Rock Island 1022

‘The worst we’ve seen’ - Ranchers Threatened by Historic Heat and Drought 1022

The Northeast Is in the Middle of an Intense Drought 0822

New England’s ‘Flash Drought’ Got Worse.  Experts Worry It’s Just the Start. 0822

‘Flash Droughts’ Are Midwest’s Next Big Climate Threat 0522

Nearly 1/2 of the U.S. Is in Drought.  It May Get Worse. 1020

Over 2000-10, Longest U.S. River Was Driest in 1,200 Years.  It Will Happen Again. 0520

Climate Change Unleashes Interstate Water Wars 0520 - Supreme Court cases: Tenn. vs Ala., Fla. vs. Georg., etc.

Southeast Alaska Experiencing 1st Recorded Extreme Drought 0519

From Drinking Water to Farms, Drought's Effect Creeping across Missouri 0718

Unprecedented Drought Is Crippling Montana and North Dakota 0917

Deep South Drought Kills Crops, Threatens Herds 1116

Corn Belt Could Have 'Flash Drought' This Summer 0616

Obama Tells Us What's to Come on Climate, Drought 0415

US 'at Risk of Mega-Drought Future’ 0215 - See excerpt on Overviews page.

North America’s 1934 Dust Bowl Drought Was Worst In 1,000 Years 1014

Maps of Water Use Show Why Western US Is in Trouble 1014

'Shocking' Underground Water Loss in US Drought 0714

Air Quality Gains Could Be Eroded by Drought, Climate Change 0414

What to Expect When You’re Expecting El Niño 0414

Buried in Muck, 800-1300 AD Droughts Gives Clues to Future NYC Drought 0813

Missouri Valley Climateer 0609 - PDF


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Drought - US - West - General

Will the West’s Top Renewable Power Source, Water Power, Survive the Drought? 1022

As Rio Grande Shrinks, El Paso Plans for Uncertain Water Future 1022

Drifting Toward Disaster - the (2nd) Rio Grande 0922

Drought Threatens Coal Plant Operations - and Electricity - across the West 0822

The Vanishing Rio Grande – Warming Takes Its Toll 0622

Yes, the US West’s Drought Really Is That Bad 0522

2 Wyoming Rivers under Restrictions due to Low Snowpack, Drought 0422

Drought in U.S. Is Expected to Persist, and Spread, Through the Spring 0322

The Drought in the Western U.S. Could Last until 2030 - 0222

Western Drought Is Worst in at Least 12 Centuries 0222

A Federal Drought Relief Program Left Southern Oregon Parched 1121

Lake Tahoe Water Level Hits 4-Year Low, amid Drought

Great Salt Lake’s Demise Spurs Water Emergency for Utah 1021

Fast-Shrinking Great Salt Lake Poses Rising Hazards 0721

Reservoirs Are Drying Up, as Consequences of the Western Drought Worsen 0721

American West Stuck in Cycle of ‘Heat, Drought and Fire’, Experts Warn 0721

Water Is Disappearing in the West -- Not Just during Summer (Snow Droughts) 0721

‘Mega-Drought’ along Border Strains US-Mexico Water Relations 0721

Running Out of Water - How Climate Change Fuels a Crisis in the US West 0721

Record-Shattering Heat Wave Bakes Western US, Raises Drought, Fire Concerns 0621

Mega-Heat Wave Peaking in West, Breaking Records, Intensifying Drought, Fires 0621

Rocky Mountain Forests Burning More Often Now than for at Least 2,000 Years 0621

Extremely Dry Conditions Spill across the American West 0521

‘Megadrought’ Persists in Western U.S., as Another Extremely Dry Year Develops 0521

Drought-Breaking Rains Have Grown Rarer, More Erratic in US West 0421

The Mega-Drought Parching 77% of the Western US, Explained 0321

Nearly Half the U.S. Is in Drought.  Conditions Will Likely Grow Worse – NOAA 0321

Texas Ranchers, Activists, Local Officials Brace for Megadroughts 0720

US South-west in Grip of Historic ‘Megadrought' 0520

America’s Farmers, Reeling from Floods, Face a New Problem - No Water 0719

As New Mexico Reservoirs Hit Bottom, Worries Grow Over the Future 0918

Drought Creates a Perfect Storm for Wildfires in U.S. West 0718

Vanishing Rio Grande Puts Pressure on San Luis Valley Farmers during Extreme Drought 0618

Climate Change Is Darkening Seattle’s Water Forecast 0915

Washington Governor Declares Drought Emergency 0515

More Northwest Mountains Are Snow-Free Already, as Drought Deepens 0515

Wild Animals in Drought-Stricken Western States Are Dying for a Drink 0515

Pacific Winds Tied to Warming Slowdown, Dry West 0415

Dry, Warm Winter Leaves Western U.S. Snowpack at Record Low Levels 0415

Mighty Rio Grande Is Now a Trickle Under Siege 0415    The trickle fades and is reduced to zero in El Paso.  The Conchos (upstram from Big Bend National Park), Salado, and San Juan tributaries from Mexico, downstream from El Paso, return small amounts to Rio Grande upstream from McAllen, restoring the Rio Grande to trickle status.

Maps of Water Use Show Why Western US Is in Trouble 1014


Atmospheric Rivers Won’t End California’s Drought 0123

California’s Snowpack, Aided by Atmospheric Rivers, Could Help Drought 0123

Nation’s Largest Water Supplier Declares Drought Emergency 1222

Worsening Drought Drives California Water Prices to All-Time High 0822

California Adopts Emergency Water-Use Rules as Drought Worsens 0522

California Braces for Extreme Summer Drought after Dismal Wet Season 0522

California’s 2 Largest Reservoirs Are 'Critically Low' as Dry Season Starts 0522

Mega-Drought Threatens California Power Blackouts This Summer 0422

Parched Southern California Restricts Outdoor Watering, in Unprecedented Step 0422

California's Lean Snowpack Signals Deepening Drought Ahead 0322

California Records Driest January in 38 Years 0222

Record December Snow in West Brings Major Drought Relief, Hope for 2022 - 1221

California Water Districts to Get Unprecedented 0% of Requested Supplies 1221

As Drought Conditions Worsen, California Expands State of Emergency 1021

Drought Conditions in California This Summer Were the Worst on Record 1021

Lake Tahoe Water Level Hits 4-Year Low, amid Drought

As Drought Worsens, California Farmers Are Being Paid Not to Grow Crops 1021

California’s Thirst for Water May Accelerate Global Warming 0921 - the energy cost of pumping water, from underground, distant places, or the energy for desalination plants

Mendocino, California Tourist Town, Is Running Out of Water - ‘It’s a Shock’ 0821

How Bad Is This Fire Season in California Really Going to Be? 0721


‘Truly an Emergency’- How Drought Returned to California – and What Lies Ahead 0621

Wells Dry Up, Crops Imperiled, Farm Workers in Limbo as California Drought Grips San Joaquin Valley 0421

California's Dry Weather Is Bad News for Wildfires and Water Supply 0421

California Had Its Driest February on Record.  Here’s How Bad It Was. 0320

February, Typically California Rainy Season’s Peak, Will Be Its Driest on Record 0220

California Declared Totally Drought-Free for 1st time in 7 Years 0319

Southern California's Water Year Has Been Nearly Bone Dry So Far 0118

About Half of California Now Out of Drought 0117

Greenhouse Gases Made West Coast Drought Worse 1116

Californians Stopped Saving So Much Water This Summer 1016

San Francisco Bay Ecosystem Collapsing, as Rivers Diverted 1016

Downtown L.A.'s 5-Year Rain Total Is Lowest Ever Recorded 0716

It Will Take Years of Wet Weather before California Recovers from Drought 0616

California Braces for Unending Drought 0516

El Niño Is Rapidly Filling California's Once-Dusty Reservoirs, Easing Drought 0316

Drought Is Still ‘Very Serious’ in California, despite Near Record Snow 0216

California Cut December Water Use 18.3%, Barely Meeting Gov. Brown’s Mandate 0216

What Happened to El Niño?  Be Patient, L.A., It'll Come, Expert Says 0116

Epic, 500-Year Snow Fail in California’s Iconic Mountains 0915

Californians Cut Water Use by 31% in July 0815

Los Angeles Continues Dramatic Water Savings - 21% in July 0815

California Drought Could Be the New Normal 0815

Global Warming Has Made California’s Drought Worse 0815 - Warming increased evaporation, regardless of rain.

Drought Sets Up ‘Emergency Situation' for California's Trees 0815

Drought Has Cut California’s Hydro-Electricity Generation by 2/3 - 0715

Drought Devastates California Cherry Crop, Puts Some Growers Out of Business 0615

California Moves to Restrict Water Pumping by pre-1914 Rights Holders 0615

Drought Takes $2.7 Billion Toll on California Agriculture 0615

California’s Snowpack Is Now 0% of Normal 0515

Climate Change Could Overwhelm California, Obama Adviser Says 0515

California Water Officials Deliver Sobering Facts on Depleted Wells 0515

Drought Cuts Power Production from California Dams 0515

El Niño Strengthens.  Hope for Serious Drought Relief? 0515

Drought Kills 12 Million Trees in California's National Forests 0515

Drought Making California's Air Quality Worse, American Lung Association Says 0415

California Desert Oasis Collides with Drought 0415

How Bad Is California Drought? - Soil Moisture? Rainfall? Runoff? Stored Water? 0415

Now, Every Day Is Fire Season in Drought-Era California 0415

For Drinking Water in Drought, California Looks Warily to Sea 0415

Beyond Almonds - A Rogue's Gallery of Guzzlers In California's Drought 0415

California Facing Extreme Heat Waves and Rising Seas 0415

Epic California Drought Is Preview of Future Global Warming Mega-Droughts 0415

California Facing Extreme Heat Waves and Rising Seas 0415               July 22, 2014

Epic California Drought Is Preview of Future Global Warming Mega-Droughts 0415

Gov. Brown Orders California's 1st Mandatory Water Restrictions 0415

Sierra Nevada Snowpack Hits Historic Low 0315

California’s Terrifying Climate Forecast- Droughts Nearly Every Year 0315

California Suffers Dry January, Prolonging Devastating Drought 0215

Dry January Starts Familiar Feeling of Dread among Farm Water Leaders 0115

How the Massive Scale of California’s Drought Informs Climate Change Debate 0115

California Drought Fears Return with Signs of 4th Straight Dry Year 0115

California Drought Brings Smaller Harvests, More Hunger among Farmworkers 1214

California’s Water Deficit - 11 Trillion Gallons 1214

California Drought - Storm Gives Bump to State Water Supplies 1214

American Drought - California’s Crisis 1214

Nature, Not Climate Change, Blamed for Drought 1214

California Drought the Worst in 1,200 Years 1214

Atmospheric River, Heavy Rain Roar Into California 1214

We’re Running Out of Water - California & Desalination 1114

Prediction - California Droughts Will Worsen 1114

A History of Megadrought in California 1014

Californians Make Big Cuts in Water Usage 1014

In Virtual Mega-Drought, California Avoids Defeat 1014

With Dry Taps and Toilets, California Drought Turns Desperate 1014

Another Drought Casualty - No Chance to Make Key Air Standard 0914

When the Snows Fail 0914

Megadrought Likely in Store for Southwestern US 0814

Drought Looms over California Race for U.S. House 0814

Drought Leaves California Homes Without Water 0814

If You Think California Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained 0814

West’s Historic Drought Stokes Fears of Water Crisis 0814

California Could Stay Dry Enough to Make Food Pricier 0814

California Drought Transforms Global Food Market 0814

In California, Record Heat Adding to Extreme Drought 0814

Why Heavy Rains Probably Won’t Do Much Good in Drought-Stricken California 0814

58% of California Hits Driest Level, for Record Drought 0714

Over 80% of California Reservoirs Are Less Than Half Full 0714       

Why the California Drought Affects Everyone 0714

Groundwater Pumping Propping Up Farms in California Drought 0714

California Drought Expected to Cost State $2.2 Billion in Losses 0714

Downtown LA Is Now Driest Since Records Began in 1877 - 0714

100% of California Now in Highest Stages of Drought 0514

California Drought- El Niño Probability Now 78% for Next Winter 0514

Global Warming Connected to California Drought, Winter's Polar Vortex 0414          below: Colorado River near ocean

Drought Covers 100% of California for 1st Time in 15 Years 0414    

California's Water Wars Reach ‘New Level of Crazy' This Year 0414

For San Joaquin River Revival, Drought Becomes Way of Life 0414

California Drought- Central Valley Farmland on Its Last Legs 0314

In Drought, Water War in California Fought Underground 0913

San Luis Reservoir Only 17% Full, Causing Silicon Valley Water Problems 0813

How Dwindling Snow from Warming Can Dry Out Los Angeles 0613

Sequoias Show Most Drought & Fires at Medieval Optimum in 3K Yr 0310

3-Yr Drought Slashes CA Crops Planting 0109



Colorado River Basin

Phoenix Is Not Only Record Hot, 2023 Brings It Its Driest Start to Summer 0823

Since 2000, Colorado River Lost Enough Water, to Extra Heat, to Fill Lake Mead 0723

A Shrinking Colorado River Faces Sharp, Sudden Cuts 0622 - Lake Mead shrinks 1.5 X as fast during  2021-22 as 2020-21

Lake Mead at 29% of Capacity, Lake Powell at 24% 1022

A Shrinking Colorado River Faces Sharp, Sudden Cuts 0622

California Braces for Extreme Summer Drought after Dismal Wet Season 0522

West’s Megadrought Delivers Another Blow - Saving Glen Canyon Dam 0522

Record Low Water Levels Reveal Body in Barrel at Lake Mead 0522

Lake Powell Officials’ Stark Choice in West's Megadrought - Water or Electricity 0422

Lake Mead Hits Unprecedented Low, Exposing an Original Water Intake Valve 0422

Drought Is Sinking Lake Powell's Water Level.  Its Total Capacity Is Shrinking Too. 0322

Drought Means 33% Chance Lake Powell Can’t Generate Hydropower in 2023 - 0921

US Projections on Drought-Hit Colorado River Grow Direr 0921

1st-Ever Water Cuts Declared for Colorado River in Historic Drought 0821

Lake Powell Hits Record Low Level, in Climate Change-Fueled Water Crisis0721

Severe Drought Threatens Hoover Dam Reservoir – and Water for the US West 0721

‘Mega-Drought’ along Border Strains US-Mexico Water Relations 0721

Against Expectations, Southwestern Summers Are Getting Even Drier 0621

The Shocking Numbers behind the Lake Mead Drought Crisis 0621

What Tree Rings Reveal about America’s Mega-Drought 0621

Lake Mead at Hoover Dam to Reach Lowest Water Level since It Filled in 1930s 0621

1st-Ever Colorado River Water Shortage Is Now Almost Certain 0521

US West Prepares for Possible 1st Water Shortage Declaration 0421

Heat and Drought Ravaged West with Last Year; Will 2021 Be Worse? 0221

Thirsty Future for American West, as Megadrought Grips Fastest-Growing Cities 0520

Southwest Drought Rivals Those of Centuries Ago, Thanks to Climate Change 0420

Mega-Droughts Are Likely Coming to the US Southwest Within Decades 0719

Amid 19-Year Drought, States Sign Deal to Conserve Colorado River Water 0319

Colorado River Is Drying Up for 40 Million Americans Who Depend on It 1218

'A Hot Drought' - Warming Is Driving Much of the Colorado River's Decline 0918                             

Water Wars Should Set Arizona’s Senate Race Alight 0818

Mountain Snowpack Shrinks to 66% of Normal, Feds Sound Drought Alarm 0418

Lake Mead Declines to Lowest Level in History 0516

Southwest U.S. May Have Entered a ‘Drier Climate State’ 0216

Lake Powell's Receding Waters Show Risk of U.S. ‘Megadrought' 0915

Shrinking Colorado River Increasingly Concerns Yuma Farmers, Millions of Water Users 0715

Drought Has Cut California’s Hydro-Electricity Generation by 2/3 - 0715

Colorado Begins $3.4 Million Effort to Save Agriculture Water, Make Power with It 0515

Western Drought Steals Clean Energy, Along with Fresh Water, at Power Plants 0415

Lake Mead On Track For Record Low Water Level Amid Drought 0415

California Isn’t the Only State with Water Problems 0415

Dry, Warm Winter Leaves Western U.S. Snowpack at Record Low Levels 0415

We’re Going to Be Out of Water- Navajo Nation Dying of Thirst 0415

Facing Down Southwest Drought - We're in It Together 0215

Megadrought Likely in Store for Southwestern US 0814

Water Woes Among Topics for 8 Governors in Vegas 1214

Long-Lasting California Drought Foreshadows Crisis for Rest of West 1114

Record Drought Reveals Stunning Changes Along Colorado River 1114

There’s an 80% Chance the Southwest Drought Could Last a Decade 0914

Megadrought Likely in Store for Southwestern US 0814

Swirls of Dust and Drama Punctuate Life in the Southwest 0814

Southwest Braces as Lake Mead Water Levels Drop 0814

Lake Mead Reservoir Drops to Record Low 0714

Drought - & Neighbors - Press Las Vegas to Conserve Water 0414

Colorado River Drought Forces a Painful Reckoning for States 0114

Climate Change Tough on Colorado Plateau 0413

Lakes Mead and Powell May Dry Up within Decades 0213

Mega-Drought in Southwest Is Bad Omen for Forests Globally 0613

Fierce Drought Wallops Southwest Farmers 0411

Lake Mead to Dry Up Soon? 0308


Texas Drought Has Deepened amid This Year’s Brutal Heat 1023

Texas Ranchers, Activists, Local Officials Brace for Megadroughts 0720

Drought Returns to Texas, Just Months after Hurricane Harvey Floods State 0118

Parched Texas City Hopes to Cut Lake Evaporation 0814

Water Planners Focus on Bigger Texas, Not a Hotter One 0714

Rio Grande May Hit 40-Year Low 0414

With Texas Lakes Drying Up, Businesses Are Parched 0913

Amid Drought, a Water Fight Spills Into Legal Territory 0913


Drought Is Bearing Fruit for Washington Wineries 0615

Record Drought Gives Oklahoma Wheat Farmers a Glimpse of the Future 0515

Study Confirms La Cienega NM Residents' Fear - Water Decline Threatens Area 0315

Washington State Rain Is No Cure for Drought, Due to Bleak Snowpack 0315

'Shocking' Underground Water Loss in US Drought 0714

Drier than the Dust Bowl in Colorado 0714

Colorado Tumbleweeds Overrun Drought Areas 0414

For Southeast Colorado, a New Dust Bowl Is Blowing In 0414

Dust Bowl Worries Swirl Up, as Shelterbelt Buckles 0913

Drought Ravages US West 0813

Fracking Fuels Water Fights in US Dry Areas 0613

American West Becoming Increasingly Dusty 0613

Climate Change to Cut Western Water Runoff by 10% 1212

Underwater Forest Reveals Story of a Historic Mega-Drought 1212 

Water Deficit Worsening in the West 1212

GHGs Drive Drought in US West 0208

Droughts - US - 2013

California Has Driest Year on Record - and It May Get Worse 0114

California Water Woes Hit Hard in Driest Year on Record 1113

Facing Drought, Wichita Falls Bans Outdoor Watering 1113

In Texas Drought, Abbott Keeps Lawn Green by Drilling 1113

With or Without $2 Billion, Water Woes Here to Stay 1113

Texas Authority Cuts Off Water to State's 2nd-Largest Estuary 0913

Turning Off the Spigot In Western Kansas Farmland 0813

Tough Times in Drought-Parched Texas for Rice Farms and Their Visiting Ducks 0813      below: Robert Lee, Texas 2011

Texas Tragedy - Ample Oil, No Water 0813  

Climate Change's Heat Intensifies .

.Drought in the USA 0713 

Drought, Flood Signal Iowa's Future 0613 

West Texas Oil Field Town Runs Out of Water 0613 

Latest Casualty of Drought May Be US Aquifers 0513 

Wells Dry, Fertile Plains Turn to Dust 0513 

US Crop Insurance Shields Farmers from Drought 0513 

New Mexico Grapples with Tough Choices as Drought Persists 0513  below: his farm along the Nile was irrigated.

Drought Eases in Much of US, with Fields of Mud 0413

Getting Serious About a Texas-Sized Drought 0413     

The Drought Is Drying Up All Our Ethanol 0413

Parts of Plains Face 3rd Year of Drought 0413                       

Nobody Is Declaring a State of Drought in California 0413 

Scientists Forecast Another Bleak Drought Year for US 0413

US Drought Likely to Worsen in 2013 0313

Drought Eases in Midwest 0313

Climate Change Threatens Shipping Routes 0313 

US Drought Intensifies in Texas and Florida 0313 

Thin Snowpack in West Signals Summer of Drought 0213

Drought Forecast to Persist in 2013 for Much of US 0213 

Winter Rains Shy Away from Drought-Stricken Plains 0213

Drought Puts Drain on Water Supplies for Power Plants 0213                                         Lake Michigan pier below                 

2 Great Lakes Hit Record Low Water 0213 


Waiting For Dredging, Great Lakes Ports Close 0113

As Drought Persists, People Save Every Drop 0113 

Drought Points Up Critical Role of Waterways 0113 

Rains Aids Shippers on Mississippi River 0113 

Texas Seeks Water in 2+ Year Drought 0113

Drought Disaster in Much of US Wheat Belt 0113 

Little Sign of Drought Easing in US Midwest 0113



Droughts - US - 2012

Cause of 2012 US Drought Remains Elusive 0413

10 Hardest Hit States for Crops 0213

The slide below summarizes what happened to much of the US in 2012, plus research on the jet stream.

Storms on Great Plains Stir Dust Bowl Memories 1212

Mississippi River Faces Shipping Freeze as Water Levels Drop 1212 

Drought Threatens to Close Mississippi River to Barges 1112 

Corps Cuts Flow on Missouri River 1112 

US Drought Worsens in November After Improving for Weeks 1112

Palmer Drought Index, November 2012

Dust Bowl Revisited 1112

Drought Forces Companies to Confront Water Use Questions 1112

Drought Halts Traffic on Low Mississippi River 0812 

2012 US Drought to Become New Normal 0812 

Drought Worsens in Midwest and Threatens Next Year 0812

July 2012                                                                   June 2012

Drought Makes Over 50% of US Disaster Area 0812 

Drought in Arkansas Impacts Rivers 0812 - PDF

Drought in 56% of US Threatens Corn Crop 0712

US Extreme Drought Area Grew by Size of Texas 0712

Drought Sends Mississippi River Near Record Lows 0712

Corn, Soybean Prices Shoot Up as Drought Worsens 0712

How the Drought Could Hit US Wallets 0712 

US Drought Worst Since 1956 0712

Drought Stretches Across America 0712

SW Drought Spreads Across US 0412

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Drought - US - 2011

Coal Plants Face Battle from Drought 1111

1.5 Km-High Dust Cloud Hit Lubbock 1011 

Drought Intensifies in Texas & Oklahoma 0911

US Weather Extremes May Be the New Normal 0811

Record % of US in Exceptional Drought 0811

August 2011                                                            July 2011

Climate Change to Reduce US Southwest Water Supply 0411

Fierce Drought Wallops Southwest Farmers 0411

Drought - US - 2007

Drought Threatens Nuke Shutdowns in Southeast 0208

Once a Century Drought Hits Atlanta 1007

Drought Creams US 0707

August 2007                        &                                      June 2007


2002 (August, other months are similar)



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Drought - Asia - China

China Reports ‘Most Severe’ Heat Wave and 3rd Driest Summer on Record 0922

Climate Crisis Forces China to Ration Electricity 0822

China’s Record Drought Is Drying Rivers and Feeding Its Coal Habit 0822

China's Fragile Economy Is Being Hammered by Driest Riverbeds since Records Began in 1865 - 0822

Drought-Fueled Power Crisis in China Poses Risk to Clean Energy 0822 - shortfall in hydro power.  Projected GDP growth cut to 3%.

China Seeds Clouds for Yangtze Basin, in Worst Heat Wave on Record 0822 - The Yangtze is drying up and shrinking, like many other rivers in the Northern Hemisphere.

China Is Facing Its Worst Power Shortage in a Decade, a Whole-World Problem 0621

Drought in Northern China Is Worst on Record, Officials Say 0617 - inner Inner Mongolia to Beijing

Ancient Chinese Graffiti Warns of Droughts Ahead 0815 - based on 500 years of stalactites, big drought in late 2030s

How China, the World's Biggest Polluter, Is Dealing with Climate Change 0715 - includes drought in Ningxia and consequent relocations

Taiwan Aims to Rein In Water Use, amid Unusual Drought 0515

How China's Thirst for Clean Drinking Water May Raise Its CO2 Emissions 0415

China’s Parched Plains Ending Run of Record Corn Harvests 1114

Cloud-Seeding Can’t Save China’s Farmers from Serious Drought 0814

Drought Could End 11 Years of Chinese Harvest Growth 0814

China Tries Hi-Tech Rain Dance as It Roasts in Heat Wave 0813

China's Soaring Coal Use Makes Its Water Scarcity Much Worse 0713 

China – High and Dry 0513

Drought Slams Yunnan's 'Water Tower' 0413 

China Droughts Raise Water Supply Concerns 0313

UN Cites Risk to China's Wheat Crop 0211 

Water Crisis in China 0910

Worst Drought in 50+ Years Shrivels China’s Wheat Belt 0109

Drought - Asia - India

Driest August in over a Century Risks Worsening India’s Grain Curbs 0823

India Set to Lower ‘Normal Rain’ Baseline as Droughts Bite 0719

Chennai, India’s 6th Largest City, Is Almost Entirely Out of Water 0619

Deadly Tensions Rise as India’s Water Supply Runs Dangerously Low 0618

Battling Century's Worst Drought, India's Farmers Revive Traditional Grains 0817

India’s Worst Drought in 150 Years Requires Adaptation 0517

3 Straight Failed Monsoons, Bad Drought, Make Angry Clashes in Karnataka 0916

Groundwater Forum Warns of Severe Drought in South Asia 0616

Crippling Drought in Central India Leaves Millions on Brink 0516 - after 2 “failed” monsoons in a row

India to ‘Divert Rivers' to Tackle Drought 0516

Climate Change Leaves Kashmir’s Economy High and Dry 0516

This Is How Serious India's Drought Has Become 0516

Armed Guards at India's Dams as Drought Grips Country 0516

India's Drought Migrants Head to Cities, in Desperate Search for Water 0416

Is India Facing Its Worst-Ever Water Crisis? 0316

Modi Fiddles as Drought Shrivels India's Crops 0915

Crop-Loss Farmers Sell Their Children to Survive 0515

India’s Rain Woes Grow Bigger, Scientists Worried 0414

Climate Change Hits Nepal’s Upper Mustang Region 0913

Millions of Indians Face Worst Drought in Decades 0313

Monsoon Might Fail More Often due to Climate Change 1212

India Monsoon Driest Since 1972 - 1009

North India Drought Triggers Water Wars 0709

Drought - Asia - Middle East

It’s Scorching in Iran, and There’s Less and Less Water to Help 0723

Confronting Climate Change — and the Taliban — in Afghanistan 0323

After Comeback, Southern Iraq’s Marshes Are Now Drying Up 0123

Sandstorm Wave Sweeps Middle East, Sending 1,000s to Hospitals 0522

Iraq’s 2nd Largest Lake Is Drying Up, Turning Up Dead Fish 0222

Drought Leaves Afghans Hungry as Economic Collapse Looms 1221

Iran Forcefully Clamps Down on Protests Against Growing Water Shortages 1121

Drought Turns Part of Iran into a New Dust Bowl 0119

Drought Puts Iraq at Risk of Jihadist Resurgence 0918

Israel to Top Up Sea of Galilee after Years of Drought 0618

Water Pressures Rise in Pakistan as Drought Meets a Growing Population 0618

Emergency Alerts Loom, as Drought Takes Hold in War-Torn Afghanistan 0418

Water Crisis Spurs Protests in Iran 0318

Drought and Neglect Have Decimated Iraq’s Breadbasket 1117

Groundwater Forum Warns of Severe Drought in South Asia 0616

1998-2012 Drought in Mideast Was Worst in at Least 900 Years – NASA 0316

Scarred Riverbeds and Dead Pistachio Trees in a Parched Iran 1215

How Climate Change Is Threatening Iraq’s Fragile Security 1015

Middle East Faces Water Shortages for the Next 25 Years 0815

How Climate Change Helped ISIS 1014

Iran Prays for Rain amid Acute Water Shortage 0914

Is Climate Change (Drought) Destabilizing Iraq? 0914

Jordan’s Farmers Struggle to Weather Climate Change 1113

NASA Sees Big Water Loss in Middle East 0213

Middle East Drought's Water Refugees 0110

Iraq Runs Dry 0609

Drought Turns Garden of Eden into Cracked Earth 0409

Drought - Asia - Other

Kazakhstan Steppes Battered by One of Worst Droughts in Living Memory 0821

Parched Taiwan Prays for Rain as 18-Month Drought Hits Sun Moon Lake 0521

As Tensions Rise in the Southern Caucasus, Water Shortages Continue 0920

Thailand Tackles Worst Drought in 40 Years 0220

Rivers Run Dry in Bali as Tourism, Drought, Overwhelm Water Supply 1219

Beset by Drought, Indonesia to Start Cloud Seeding to Induce Rain 0719

Lowest Rainfall In Decades Pushes North Korea Toward Famine 0519

As Rural Sri Lanka Dries Out, Young Farmers Look for New Job Options 0817

Worst Drought in 16 Years Threatens Food Supplies in North Korea 0717

Worst Drought in 30 Years Could Cost Sri Lanka Billions 0117

Devastating Droughts Continue as El Niño Subsides 0716

Deluge Turns to Dearth for Bangladesh, as Age-Old Water Woes Take New Form 0716

Vietnam Drought Leaves 1 Million in Urgent Need of Food Aid 0616

Unprecedented Drought and Shrinking Glaciers in Nepal 0616

Cambodia Takes Solace from Plow Ceremony, amid Worst Drought in 50 Years 0516

Climate Change Leaves Kashmir’s Economy High and Dry 0516

El Niño Dries Up Asia as Its Stormy Sister La Niña Looms 0416

Delta Drought Gives Glimpse into Bleak Future for Mighty Mekong 0416

Global Warming Hits Rice Bowls 0316

Bangkok Slaps Curfew on World's Biggest Water Fight, amid Drought 0316

El Niño Parches Asia Pacific, Destroying Crops and Drying Up Water Sources 0116

North Korea Says It’s Been Hit by Worst Drought in 100 Years 0615

Borneo’s Sarawak Rivers Drying Up 0914

Pakistan's Largest City Thirsts for a Water Supply 0814

Climate Change Hits Nepal’s Upper Mustang Region 0913


Drought - Africa


              2013 photos: Egyptian farm along the Nile was irrigated                                       Angola, October 2013

‘Hot Continent’ Perception Downplays Africa's Heat Wave Dangers 0723

Human-Driven Climate Crisis Fueling Horn of Africa Drought 0423

Low Water Levels Have Created an Energy Crisis at Africa’s’s Largest Dam 0123

In Famed Game Park at Foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Animals Are Giving Up 1222

Africa’s Unreported Extreme Weather in 2022 and Climate Change 1022

Prolonged Drought Brings Famine, Death and Fear to Somalia 1022

Horn of Africa Drought Places 22 Million People at Risk of Starvation 0822

Drought and Rising Prices Are Fueling Insecurity in Kenya 0822

‘We Just Pray for Rain’ - Niger in the Eye of Climate Crisis, as Children Starve 0622

Horn of Africa Drought Kills Over 1.5 Million Livestock 0222

6 Dead Giraffes Together Capture Kenya Drought Horror 1221

Climate Change Not Causing Madagascar Drought, Famine 1221 - not the #1 cause.  Now in

Drought in Northern Kenya Pushes Millions towards Hunger 1021

Drought Puts 2.1 Million Kenyans at Risk of Starvation 0921

4 Years without Rain Leave Madagascar Facing Climate Change-Induced Famine 0821

At Least 1 Million People Face Starvation as Madagascar’s Drought Worsens 0521

Taps and Reservoirs Run Dry, as Moroccan Drought Hits Farmers 1020

South Africa’s New Drought Is a National Emergency, for 2nd Time in 2 Years 0320

Drought Devastates Food, Power Supplies in Zambia and Zimbabwe 1219

Victoria Falls Dries to a Trickle after Worst Drought in a Century 1219

South Africa Rations Water to Save Dwindling Supplies 1019

Flight to the Future, in Somaliland 0919 - worsening droughts mean most farm country will no longer support crops.  Farmers flee to cities and out of country.

Researchers Warn of ‘Unexpected Implications' as Climate Risks Converge 0719
     U to 40% of rain in East Africa comes from evaporation of irrigation water in India, for example.

Taps Run Dry for Half of Zimbabwe’s Capital City, Affecting Millions 0719

Why the Next Climate Change Disaster Could Be in Somalia 1218

Cape Town 'Day Zero' Pushed Back to 2019, as Dams Fill Up in South Africa 0418

Hotter, Drier, Hungrier - How Global Warming Punishes the World’s Poorest 0318

More Frequent Drought in Somalia Breeds Conflict over Fertile Land 0318

Drought Inflicts Mounting Losses to Crops in South Africa's Western Cape 0318

Water Crisis Intensifies in Cape Town 0118

Cape Town Rations Water before Reservoirs Hit Zero 1017

Solar Grid Keeps Harvests High, Hospitals Lit in Parched Rural Zimbabwe 0917

After Months of Water Rationing, Nairobi May Run Dry 0717

South Africa's Western Cape Declares Drought Disaster 0517
     Region suffers 2-year drought, water shortage worst in 113 years,

As Drought Sweeps Kenya, Herders Invade Farms 0317

Congo Risks 50% Power Drop, due to Low Rainfall, Record Low Congo River 0317

Farmers in Sudan Battle Climate Change and Hunger, as Desert Creeps Closer 1216

HotSpots H2O - Africa’s Water Challenges 1116

As Drought Grips South Africa, a Conflict over Water and Coal 0516 - its most extreme drought since 1900

Drought-Hit Ethiopia Needs Money for Seeds, as Rains Begin 0316

As Mozambique's Rivers Dry Up, Hopes of a Harvest Evaporate Too 0216

Drought May Affect 49 Million in Southern Africa 0216

Dry Ivory Coast Weather May Cut Season’s Mid-Crop, Farmers Say 0216

Drought-Stricken Zimbabwe Declares State of Disaster 0216

South Africa Suffers Driest Year on Record in 2015 - 0116

In Ethiopia, Millions Face Weather-Related Food Shortages, Aid Group Says 1215

South Africa to Name 2 More Provinces as Drought Disaster Areas 1115

Zimbabwe’s Mega Zambezi Dam Project Could Flounder as Climate Changes 1115

Ethiopia, a Nation of Farmers, Strains under Severe Drought 1015

Zambian President Blames Global Warming for Worst Power Crisis 0915

70 Million Nigerians Affected by Desertification, Drought 0915

As Droughts Worsen, Joined-Up Adaptations Build Resilience in Arid Kenya 0915

As Drought Destroys Maize, Zimbabwe Tries Out New Staples 0915

Fleeing Drought, Climate Migrants Press Zimbabwe's Fertile East 0815

Middle East Faces Water Shortages for the Next 25 Years 0815

Number of Ethiopians Needing Food Aid Surges to 4.5 Million, after Failed Rains 0815

Zimbabweans Go Hungry, as Drought Hammers Southern Africa 0515

El Niño Could Bring Drought and Famine in West Africa 0515

Drought, Expanding Deserts and ‘Food for Jihad' Drive Mali's Conflict 0415

Africa Faces Water Crisis Despite Discovery of Huge Aquifers 1013

Angola Government in Denial over Impact of Severe Drought 1013

Rejuvenating Rains Don't Come to Namibian Desert 0813  

Sahel Region Set for Rise in Climate Refugees 0813

Drought Worsens Child Malnutrition in Cameroon 0713 

Shrinking Aquifers in Drought-Stricken Areas 0613

Sulfate Aerosol Pollution from the North (US+) Major Factor Decades of African Drought 0613 

Commercial Farms, Climate Shifts Dry Tanzanian River Basin 0613 

West Africa Struggles to Fill a Sahel Climate Gap about Future 0513 

Somalia Famine Blamed Partly on Climate Change 0313 

Climate Change Hits Zimbabwe Agriculture 1012 

More Frequent Droughts Likely in Eastern Africa 0111 

East Africa Reels from 6-Year Drought 1209

Kenya Drought Leaves 10 Million Hungry 0109 



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Drought - Latin America


Drought Turns Amazonian Capital into Climate Dystopia 1023

In Brazil’s Amazon, Rivers Fall to Record Low Levels during Drought 1023

‘Without Water, There Is No Life’ - Amazonas Drought Sharpens Fears for Future 1023

2023 Amazonas Drought

Climate Change Brings Extreme, Early Impact to South America 0322

Brazil, Breakfast Maker for the World, Is Plagued by Fire, Frost and Drought 0921

The Paraná River, South America’s Economic Lifeline, Is Shriveling 0921

Amazon Rainforest Likely Drier, More Fire-Prone This Year 0420

Study Finds Human Influence in Amazon's 3rd 1-in-100 Year Drought since 2005 - 0817

Brazil Races against Time to Save Drought-Hit City, Dying Crops 0217

Record Heat and Drought Seen in Amazon during 2015-16 El Niño 0117

As Brazil's Largest City Struggles With Drought, Residents Are Leaving 1115

New NASA Data Shows Brazil's Drought Deeper than Thought 1015

Drought Drives Water Shortage to Critical Stage in Sao Paulo, Brazil 0815

Update on São Paulo Drought - Out of Fire, into Frying Pan 0515

Sao Paulo’s Reservoirs Feel Pinch of Failed Wet Season 0315

Taps Start to Run Dry in Brazil’s Largest City 0215

Brazil's Most Populous Region Facing Worst Drought in 80 Years 0115

São Paulo’s Water Crisis - Reservoir Hogs 1214

Drought-Hit Sao Paulo May 'Get Water from Mud’ 1114

Water War Amid Brazil Drought Leads to Fight Over Puddles 1114

Biggest Brazil Metro Area Desperate for Water 1114

Election-Year Water Crisis Taking a Toll on Brazil's Economy 1114

Amazon Rainforest Losing Ability to Regulate Climate 1014

Drying Amazon Could Be Major Carbon Concern 1014

Rain-Making Amazon Forest Shrinks, So São Paulo Is Running Out of Water 1014

Water Crisis Squeezes São Paulo State 1014

São Paulo Running Out of Water Unless Reserve Tapped Now 1014

Brazil Drought Crisis Deepens in São Paulo 1014 - Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte) too.

Drought Plagues Brazil’s Richest Metropolis 1014

Brazil Drought Crisis Leads to Rationing and Tensions 0914

What's Next for Brazil's Cerrado, Deforested Focus of Booming Agriculture? 0514

Farmers Seeking Heat Relief Signal Brazil Climate Peril 0414

Drought Could Drain More Than Brazil's Coffee Crop 0214

Failed Rainy Season Gives 12 Million São Paulo Residents a Critical Water Crisis 0214

Rainforest Absorption of CO2 Becoming Erratic 0114

How the Old Amazon May Help Explain the New 0413

Brutal 2013 Drought Lingers in Brazil 0413 

Severe Amazon Droughts Linked to Climate Change 0113 

Brazil Faces Electricity Shortage from Drought 0113

2010 Amazon Drought Generated More CO2 Than US 0211        Month Ending Oct. 16, 2010




Drought-Stricken Mexico Turns to Cloud Seeding to Make It Rain 0823

Northern Mexico Has a Historic Water Shortage 0822 

Mexico’s Cruel Drought - ‘Here You Have to Chase the Water’ 0822

In Drought-Plagued Northern Mexico, 10s of 1,000s of Cows Are Starving to Death 0721

‘Mega-Drought’ along Border Strains US-Mexico Water Relations 0721

Stubborn Drought Expected to Tax Mexico for Years 0312

Mexico's Worst Drought in 71 Years 0312

Worsening Mexico City Water Shortage 1009

Other & Multiple Countries

Drought Alert for Receding Lake Titicaca Worries Indigenous for Future 0723

Uruguay Drought Leaves Millions without Tap Water Fit for Drinking 0723

Day Zero for Water Threatens Uruguay’s Capital 0623

More Than a Decade of Megadrought Brought a Summer of Megafires to Chile 0423

Climate Disasters in Latin America Threaten Global Food Security 0722

‘Consequences Will Be Dire’ - Chile’s Water Crisis Is Reaching Breaking Point 0622

Chile’s Unprecedented Plan to Ration water as Drought Enters 13th Year 0422

Paraguay’s Drought Hits Biodiversity, Indigenous Communities the Hardest 0222

Dying Crops, Spiking Energy Bills, Showers Once a Week. South America’s Climate Future Has Arrived. 0921

The Paraná River, South America’s Economic Lifeline, Is Shriveling 0921

Climate Change Fueling Warm Ocean ‘Blob' Causing Chile Megadrought 0821

Chile's Record-Breaking Drought Makes Climate Change ‘Very Easy' to See 0821

The Parched Paraná River 0720

El Salvador Declares Emergency to Ensure Food Supply in Severe Drought 0718

Ecological Catastrophe Turned a Vast Bolivian Lake into a Salt Desert 0118

In Chile, Many Regard Climate Change as the Greatest External Threat 0717

Bolivians Face Historic Drought.  Global Warming Could Intensify It. 1116

Bolivian Water Crisis as Glaciers Vanish 1116

Venezuela Shuts Down for a Week, as Drought Cripples Electricity Supply 0316

Jamaica’s Aging Water Systems Falter under Intense Heat and Drought 1115

Cuba on Edge, as Drought Worsens 0815

Panama Canal Sets Cargo Limits on Ships, due to Drought 0815

Puerto Rico Extends Water Restrictions as Drought Worsens 0815

No Let-up Seen in Santiago's Driest June in 50 Years 0615

Bare Slopes Leave Chile Ski Resorts Feeling Like California 0615

Climate Change in Nicaragua Pushes Farmers into Uncertain World 1214

Only a Few Drops of Water at the Lima Climate Summit 1114

Not Just California - Droughts Extend Across Americas 1014

Casanare Drought Raises Colombia Climate Fears 0414

As Reservoirs Shrink and Farms Expand, Chile’s Agriculture at Risk 0913

Drying Climate Collapsed Maya Civilization 1112

Cuba Faces Worst Drought in 50 Years 0411

Drought - Australia & New Zealand

Drought Spurs Australia to Import Rice or Risk Empty Shelves 0720

Thirst Turns to Anger as Australia's Mighty River Runs Dry 1019 - the Darling, in worst drought since 1900 or earlier

Australia’s Drought Likely to Continue for Another 3 Months 0818 - 2nd driest autumn on record.  Drought extends from north of Brisbane most of the way to Melbourne and Adelaide.

Great Southern Drought - Australian Farmers Crippled, Climate Action Stalled - Autumn of 2017 in southern Australia was the driest for 116 years.  And 2017 was also the hottest year ever in New South Wales.

Australia's Drought-Hit Farmers to Miss Any Benefit from U.S.-China Trade War 0818

Worsening Drought Pushes Australian Farmers to the Brink 0618

El Niño Outlook Daunting for Aussie Farmers Already in Drought’s Grip 0515

El Niño Strengthens.  Hope for Serious Drought Relief? 0515

1,000 Year Old Ice Core History Allows New Drought Risk Scenarios 1214

Drought Hits Queensland Milk Supplies 1214

New South Wales Farmers Battle Worst Drought in 100 Years 0914

Australia's Dry South to Become Even Drier 0714

Drought Could Cost NZ $2B 0313

New Zealand Drought Worst in 30 Years 0313

Top 3 Wildfire Hot Spots in SE Australia 0812

Ozone Hole Has Dried Australia 0411

Record Drought Hits Australia 1107

Drought - Europe

Extreme Drought Is Wreaking Havoc on Daily Life in Spain 0723

SE UK Faces Early Hosepipe Ban, as Drinking Water Stocks Face Record Demand 0623

Catalonia’s Farmers Face Threat of Drought … and a Plague of Hungry Rabbits 0423

A Spanish Reservoir, Sau, Immortalized by Pop Rock, Goes Dry 0423

France’s Hottest Year Was Also Very Dry, as Warming Angst Mounts 0123

Venice Canals Run Dry amid fears Italy Faces Another Drought 0223


Europe’s Drought May Be Continent’s Worst in at Least 500 Years 0822

In France’s Worst Drought on Record, Water Is Called Blue Gold 0822 

Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade 0822

63% of Land in the EU and UK Is Now Experiencing Drought 0822

Source of River Thames Dries Out ‘for 1st Time’ during Drought 0822

England Records Driest July in 87 Years, amid Sizzling Heat Wave 0822

Europe’s Big Dry 0722

Drought Tightens Grip on Northern Italy 0722

Spain, Portugal Dryness Unprecedented in 1,200 Years 0722

Italy Declares State of Emergency on Impact from Drought 0722

Europe Faces a Future of Extreme Droughts 0422

Recent European Droughts ‘Worst in 2,000 Years' 0321

Extreme Droughts in Central Europe Are Likely to Increase 7-Fold 0820

Sunniest Spring on Record Raises U.K. Drought Risk 0520

100-Year Drought Hits Poor EU Region Already Reeling from Virus 0520

Germany’s Most Important River Is Drying Out 0420

Czechs Fear Historic Drought Is Threatening Harvest, Water Supplies 0420

German Forest Fire Risk Spikes amid High Temperatures, Drought 0419

Germany Adapts from Its Year of Record Drought 0319

Calls for Farm Support Intensify, as Europe Struggles with Heat Wave, Drought 0718

Drought-Hit Rome to Avoid Water Rationing - City Utility 0717

Heat and Drought Feed Wildfires in Italy, Threaten Beaches near Rome 0717

One of Worst Droughts in Decades Devastates South Europe Crops 0717

Europe Is Parched, in a Sign of Times to Come 0915

Olive Oil Prices Set to Rise Sharply after Andalusia Drought 0814

Half of Britain in Drought, Worst in 36 Years 0412

Warming Brings Mediterranean Droughts Oftener 1011

Soils of UK and Europe Drying Out 0511

Drought - Canada

Severe Drought Torments British Columbia, a Year after Devastating Floods 1022

We Need to Talk about B.C.’s Drought 1022

Severity and Sweep of Canada Prairie Droughts Could Spiral as Climate Changes 0322

Manitoba’s Drought, Worsened by Climate Crisis, Is Upending Prairie Life 0721

What’s behind the Driest Year for Lake Ontario since 1966? 0721

Study Shows Impact of Irrigation on Drought, Climate Change in Alberta 0815

Signs of Drought Appear to Be in Western Canada for the Long Term 0615

Drought - Other Regions

Obama Declares Disaster, as Marshall Islands Suffers Worst-Ever Drought 0416

El Niño Parches Asia Pacific, Destroying Crops and Drying Up Water Sources 0116

1/3 of Papua New Guineans Suffering Drought Crisis 1115

El Niño Threatens Food Supplies in Papua New Guinea 1015

Severe Drought, Floods Destroy Crops in Papua New Guinea Highlands 0915

Papua New Guinea Warns of Worst Drought in 20 Years 0815

Simultaneous Disasters Batter Pacific Islands 0713

Russia Halts Wheat Exports - Panic Ensues 0810


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Drought - General

What’s the Connection between Climate Change and Droughts? 0523 More heat evaporates more water, making drought worse.  Global warming also changes Rossby waves that guide weather fronts, so jet stream meanders and stays stuck in a mode (wet or hot & dry) longer.

China, Europe, US Drought - Is 2022 the Driest Year Recorded? 0922

Droughts to Increase Human Migration at Least 200% - 0422

Droughts Begun over Oceans Are Often Worse than Ones Formed over Land 1020

Humans Can Be Blamed for Droughts, and They're About to Get Worse 0519

Water Subsidies Cost the World $456 Billion in 2012, Harm the World's Poor – IMF 0615

Why Fresh Water Shortages Will Cause the Next Great Global Crisis 0315

The Challenge of Hot Drought - Overpeck 1113

Climate Change Will Hit Poor Countries Hardest 0913

Do We Need a Better Yardstick to Measure Severe Droughts 0513

Link Between Global Warming and Drought Questioned 1112 

Land Plant Carbon Uptake Reverses 0810

Extreme Droughts by 2030 - 1010

50-Year Droughts Plague World's Breadbaskets - Fry 0309

Droughts thru 2008 & Extreme Droughts by 2030 - Dai 0111 - PDF


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   Total US Wild Fire Acres Burned

How Mega-Fires Are Remaking the World 1023

Wildfire Smoke Is Eroding Decades of Air Quality Improvements 0923

Canada’s 2023 Wildfires Spewed More CO2, So Far, than Mexico Did in 2021 - 0923

Louisiana Sees ‘Unprecedented’ Wildfires amid Record Heat, Drought 0823

Greece Fights Wild Fires as Heat Blankets Southern Europe 0823

Wildfire Smoke Threatens to Wipe Out Decades of Air Pollution Progress 0823

Wildfires Are Deadliest in over 100 Years. Blame Fuel Buildup, Heat, Winds. 0823

As Syria Burns and Its Economy Collapses, Firefighters Appeal for Support 0823

Wildfire Triggers Race to Evacuate Canada Provincial Capital, Yellowknife 0823

Devastating Hawaii Fires Made ‘Much More Dangerous’ by Climate Change 0823

What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires? 0823 - Amid major drought, high winds driven by a hurricane 800 miles south, interacting with a high pressure system north of Maui.

Maui Wildfires, Fanned by Intense Winds, Force Evacuations, Some into Ocean 0823

Wildfires Burn Swathes of Portugal, as Heat Intensifies Across Iberia 0823

Massive Fire Burning in California & Nevada Is Spawning Dangerous ‘Fire Whirls’ 0823

Greece’s Wildfires Are Burning through Its Natural Carbon Stores 0723

Wildfires Are Set to Triple Canada’s Climate Emissions This Year 0723

‘Like a Blowtorch’ - Mediterranean on Fire as Blazes Spread across 9 Countries 0723

Old People Burn to Death in Their Home as Mediterranean Wildfire Toll Mounts 0723

Climate Inferno Threatens to Turn Athens Into Outpost of Sahara 0723

100s Evacuated due to Forest Fire in Swiss Alps 0723

Canadian Wildfires Burn a Record 39,000 Square Miles, with No End in Sight 0723

Scorching Heat and Canada Wildfires Could Be Tied to ‘Wavy, Blocky’ Jet Stream 0623

It’s Canada’s Worst Fire Season on Record 0623

California Wildfires Are 5 Times Bigger Than They Used to Be 0623

How Climate Change Makes Wildfires Much Worse 0623

Canada’s Wildfires Are Part of Our New Climate Reality 0623

Record Pollution and Heat Herald a Season of Climate Extremes 0623

Wildfires Are Poised to Scorch More Land than Ever in Canada This Year 0623

How Climate Change Is Fueling Fires in Eastern Canada 0523

Nova Scotia Wildfires Are Out of Control, Forcing 16,000 from Their Homes 0523

Canada Forest Fires Are Costly Climate Disaster Missing from Public Accounts 0523

How Wildfire Smoke from Australia Affected Climate Events Around the World 0523

‘Like Nagasaki’- Devastating Wildfires (See Canada) Will Only Get Worse 0523

Spring Wildfires in the Eastern US Got Off to a Roaring Start This Year 0523

Wildfires Rage Across Canada’s Gas Heartland, Shutting Output 0523

More Than a Decade of Megadrought Brought a Summer of Megafires to Chile 0423

Extreme Wildfires Make Their Own Weather 0323

Increasingly Large and Intense Wildfires Hinder Western Forests’ Regeneration 0323

Why Western US Wildfires Destroyed 246% More Homes & Buildings This Decade 0223

100s of Homes Burned in Massive Wildfire in Chile’s Viña del Mar 1222

Why Seattle Currently Has the Worst Air Quality in the World 1022

Western Wildfires Are Fueling Extreme Weather in Other States 1022

Hotter Summer Nights Affect Everything from Death Rates to Crop Yields to Firefighting 0822

Forest Fires Burn Twice as Many Trees as 2 Decades Ago 0822

Australia Fires Damaged Ozone Layer, Caused Major Warming 0822

China Fights Brush Fires, Extends Power Rationing in Drought 0822

European Forest Fires Release Record-Breaking Carbon Emissions 0822

As Alaska Warms, Fires Burn over (and under) More Wild Land 0822

Tundra Burns Make Alaska’s 2022 Fire Season among the Biggest since 1950 - 0822

Major Wildfire in Spain Forces the Evacuation of 1,500 - 0822

The West’s Forever Fire Season 0822

The Northern Hemisphere Is Baking, as Fires Rip through Europe 0722

Wildfires in Spain, Morocco Produce Record-Breaking Carbon Emissions 0722

Alaska’s June Wildfires Break Records, Fueled by Hot, Dry Weather 0622

Prescribed Burns More Dangerous because of Climate 0622

California’s 2020 Wildfire Pollution Likely Offset Decades of Air Quality Gains 0622

Spain, Germany Battle Wildfires amid Unusual Heat Wave 0622

Wildfire Made Air Pollution in Las Vegas, New Mexico Reach 9 X Healthy Limit 0622

Wildfires in US West Match Climate Projections ‘Eerily’ Well 0622

Is My Home at Risk from Wildfire?  This Is How to Find Out 0522

Record Wildfires Threaten to Wreak $200 Billion in Global Damage 0522

Wildfire Torching New Mexico Pine Forests Keeps Growing 0522

Massive Wildfires Helped Fuel Global Forest Losses in 2021 - 0422

Western Wildfires Reverse U.S. Clean Air Gains 0422

Why Tracking Wildfire Smoke Will Be Crucial for Everyone as Earth Warms 0422

Smoke from Pacific Northwest Wildfires Is Erasing Emission Reductions 0422

Deadly ‘Smoke Waves’ from Wildfires Set to Soar 0322

Weather Conditions Continue to Fuel Texas Fires 0322

Recent Mega-Fire Smoke Columns Reach Stratosphere, Threaten Ozone Shield 0322

South Korean Wildfire Destroys 159 Homes, Forces 6,200 to Flee 0322

Smoke from Large Wildfires Seems to Damage the Ozone Layer 0322

Risk of Uncontrollable Wildfires Will Rise and Spread Globally - UN 0222

Wildfires Are Becoming More Intense at Night and Lasting Longer 0222

Southern California to See Steep Hike in Fire Danger due to Warming 0222

‘Total Devastation’ after New Year’s Eve Wildfire Charges thru Towns near Denver 1221 - Fires as winter begins.

What the Numbers Tell Us about a Catastrophic Year of US Wildfires 1221

Wildfires Rip through North-Central Kansas 1221

A Thirstier Atmosphere - Why Fires Are Lasting Longer into the Night 0921  VPD = Vapor Pressure Deficit, wicks moisture

Wildfires Are Accelerating Tree Migration from Climate Change 1121

The Pantanal Is Burning Again.  Will It Be Another Devastating Year? 0921

Wildfires Shutter Sequoia National Park and Threaten Famous Ancient Trees 0921

California Fires Are Burning at Higher Elevations than Ever 0921

A Wildfire in Spain Is Uprooting Villages and Razing Forests 0921

Wildfire Smoke Kills People in Cities Far from Fires 0921

The Climate Future We Envisioned Is Already Here in California 0821

Climate Change Fuels More ‘Fire-Prone’ Days beyond U.S. West Coast 0821

Siberia’s Massive Wildfires Are Unlocking Extreme Carbon Pollution 0821

Fires Are Harming California’s Efforts to Curb Climate Change 0821

Algeria Enters Period of Mourning after Wildfires Kill 65 - 0821

Siberia’s Wildfires Are Bigger than All the World’s Other Blazes Combined 0821

Residents in Part of Northern California Warned to Stay Indoors due to Smoke from Massive Wildfires 0821

Russia Evacuates 2 Villages in Siberia because of Wildfires 0821

Dixie Fire Mushrooms into 2nd-Largest Wildfire in California History 0821

Fire Devours Biggest Greek Island’s Forests; Residents Urged to Flee 0821

Europe Is Burning - 4 Explanations 0821

California’s Largest Wildfire Explodes as Hot Weather Threatens New Blazes 0821

1,000s Flee Fires near Athens, as Greece Endures Its Worst Heat Wave in 30 Years 0821

Utilities Struggle to Keep the Lights on, as Fires and Drought Plague California 0821

‘The Animals Are on Fire,’ Say Devastated Farmers as Wildfires Sweep Turkey 0821

Australian Wildfires Had Bigger Influence on Climate than Lockdowns 0721

Wildfires Scorch Spain and Cause 'Disaster without Precedence' in Sardinia 0721

At Least 85 Wildfires Torch 1.5 Million Acres across Drought-Hit US West 0721

Extreme Fire Behavior Has Erupted in the West – What That Means 0721

As Frozen Land Burns, Siberia Fears that without the Forest, We Don’t Have Life 0721 - outside Yakutsk

American West Stuck in Cycle of ‘Heat, Drought and Fire’, Experts Warn 0721

How Bad Is This Fire Season in California Really Going to Be? 0721

Bootleg Fire Rages through Oregon, Threatening California’s Electricity Supply 0721

US Wildfires’ Increasing Toll on Wildlife 0721

Lytton, B.C., Village at Center of Canada’s Heat Wave, Devastated by Wildfires 0721

Underpaid Firefighters, Overstretched Budgets - The U.S. Isn’t Prepared for Fires Fueled by Climate Change. 0721

Years of Raging Arizona Wildfires Bring Focus onto Climate Change, Drought 0621

Grim Western Fire Season Starts Much Drier than Record 2020 - 0521

Climate Change Could Make Overwinter ‘Zombie’ Fires More Common 0521

California’s Wildfire Season Expands as Wet Season Becomes Compressed 0521

As Extreme Fires Transform Alaska’s Boreal Forest, More Aspen and Birch Are Coming In.  That Can Slow Fires and Their Climate Impact 0421

Wildfire Smoke Wiped Out U.S. Pandemic-Related Clean Air Gains in 2020 - 0321

California’s Wildfire Smoke Could Be More Harmful than Vehicle Emissions 0321

How Fires Have Spread to Previously Untouched Parts of the World 0221 - More forest, but less grassland, has burned.

Wildfires Having Devastating Effect on Air Quality in Western US 0121

Vast Wildfires in Siberia Linked to Warming Arctic 1220

Ancient Redwoods Face New Challenge from Wildfires, Warming Climate 1220

Why California’s Winter Wildfires May Get Worse 1220

Australia’s Most Extreme Bushfire Season, Statistically Speaking 1120

Arctic Wildfires Are Lasting Longer and Burning More Intensely 1120

Smoke Cloud from Australian Summer’s Bushfires 3 x Previous Record 1120

Fires in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest Jump in October and for Year 1120

Rocky Mountain National Park Closed as Wildfire Explodes across Colorado 1020

California’s Mega Fires Have Arrived 30 Years Early 1020

Colorado’s Cameron Peak Fire Explodes into Biggest Blaze in State History 1020

The Pantanal, the World’s Largest Tropical Wetland Has Become an Inferno 1020

Wildfires Tear through Drought-Racked Paraguay amid Record Heat 1020 (Pantanal)

It’s Not Just the US West.  These Places Are Also on Fire. 0920

Climate Change Has Brought a New Era of Megafire, and We’re Failing to Adapt 0920

Climate Crisis Intensified West Coast Fire Season; It Could Get Worse 0920

Western Wildfires Break Records, with Devastating Toll on Lives and Homes 0920

US Wildfires Could Spark Financial Crisis, Advisory Panel Finds 0920

The Fires Raging Out West Just Preview What Climate Change Is Bringing 0920

Much of the American West Is on Fire 0920

‘Extremely Dangerous’ Fire Threat in West after Historic Weekend Heat 0920

Wildfires Trigger Long-Term Permafrost Thawing 0820

California’s Giant Redwoods Burn in 63,000 Acres Wildfire, Only 5% Contained 0820

California Wildfires Double in Size & Force, Degrade Air Quality; 1,000s Evacuate 0820

Record Arctic Blazes May Herald New Fire Regime Decades Earlier than Expected 0820

Intense Arctic Wildfires Set a Pollution Record 0720

Siberian Fires Have Released a Record Amount of Carbon This Year 0720

Amazon Fires at 13-Year High for June 0720

Rapid Arctic Meltdown in Siberia Alarms Scientists 0720

‘Zombie Fires’ in the Arctic Pump Out Carbon at Record Pace 0720

Oppressive Heat Approaches U.S. in Early July, as Wildfires Burn through Arizona 0720

Wildfires Are Taking an Unexpectedly Huge Toll on America’s Lungs 0620

Alarm at Record-Breaking Heat Wave in Siberia 0620

Arctic Heat Wave Is Reigniting Siberian Tinderbox 0520

Wildfire Ravages Poland’s Largest National Park on Earth Day 0420

'Unprecedented' - More than 20% of Australia's Forests Burnt in Bushfires 0220

Australia's Fire-Driven Storms Are Pumping Smoke into the Stratosphere 0120

Australia’s CO2 Emissions Double due to Unprecedented Bush Fires 0120

Wildfires Are Changing Canada's Boreal Forests 0120

A Fire in Australia Is the Size of Manhattan 0120

Deadly Australian Wildfires Show No Signs of Stopping - What You Should Know 0120

Australia Has Always Had Bushfires, but 2019 Is like Nothing We've Seen Before 1219 - Sydney is in New South Wales (NSW, see graph below).

NSW Fire Area by Year

Australia’s Hottest Day, Its 2nd Straight, Brings ‘Catastrophic’ Fire Conditions 1219

Fire ‘Too Big to Put Out’ May Blanket Sydney, Australia in Smoke for Months 1219

Amazon Fires ‘Quicken Andean Glacier Melt' 1119

Australian Fire Officials Say the Worst Is Yet to Come 1119

Biggest Tropical Wetlands Ravaged by Fires in Brazil 1119

What Happens to Soil Microbes after Wildfire? 1019

How Climate Change Could Shift California’s Santa Ana Winds, Fueling Fires 1019

Amazon Fires Fall Sharply in September, Spread Elsewhere 1019

Indonesian Wildfires Created Respiratory Problems for Nearly 1 Million People 0919

Bolivian Wildfires Destroy 2 Million Hectares (8,000 Square Miles) of Forest 0919

‘It’s Really Close’ - How the Amazon Rainforest Could Self-Destruct 0819

The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia - A World of Fire 0819

Why the Arctic Is Smoldering 0819

If Carbon Offsets Require Forests to Stay Standing, What Happens When the Amazon Is on Fire? 0819

Amazon Fires Could Accelerate Global Warming, Harm Biodiversity for Centuries 0819

Brazil's Amazon Rainforest Is Burning at a Record Rate 0819

Bigger, More Frequent Wildfires Turn Canada’s Boreal Forest into Carbon Source 0819

Brazil's Amazon Rainforest Is Burning at a Record Rate 0819

To Better Grasp Nuclear Winter, Scientists Study Arctic Wildfire Cloud 0819

Siberia Wildfires - Russians Battle to Contain the Blazes 0819

The Bizarre, Peaty Science of Arctic Wildfires 0719 - So far in 2019, Arctic fires have released more CO2 into the air than what Belgium emits annually.  That beats the previous ecord, set in 2004—and we’re only in June.

Arctic Wildfires Continue to Burn, Releasing Record Amounts of CO2 - 0719 - The amount of CO2 emitted from Arctic Circle fires in June 2019 is larger than all of the CO2 released from Arctic Circle fires in the same month from 2010 through to 2018 put together.

Arctic Summer 2019 - Record Heat, Dramatic Ice Loss, Raging Wildfires 0719

Major Siberian Cities Choking from Strong Wildfires 0719

California’s Wildfires Are 500% Larger Due to Climate Change 0719

Hawaii Governor Declares Emergency for Maui Wildfires 0719

Seattle Opens Clean Air Centers amid Worsening Smoky Skies from Wildfire 0719

Alaska Chokes on Wildfires as Heat Waves Dry Out the Arctic 0719

Amazon Rainforest on Fire 0719

With Far-North Temperatures Rising, Alaska Tundra Fires Proliferate 0619

Alberta Wildfires Linked to Climate Change 0619

Wildfire Smoke Is Here to Stay 0619

German Forest Fire Risk Spikes amid High Temperatures, Drought 0419

The UK Has Already Had More Wildfires in 2019 than Any Year on Record 0419

Record Australian Heat Brings Fire to a Scorched Land 0319

Wildfire Scientists Brace for Hotter, More Flammable Future 1218

Due to Wildfires, California Now Has the Most Polluted Cities in the World 1118

Mega-Fires More Frequent Because of Climate Change and Forest Management 1118

The Worst Is Yet to Come for California’s Wildfires 1118

Northern California Wildfire Threatens Homes, Closes Key Highway 0918

2018 Now Worst Fire Season on Record, as B.C. Extends State of Emergency 0818

How Wildfires Can Affect Climate Change (and Vice Versa) 0818

Wildfire Smoke Chokes Out Large Swath of Alberta 0818

Fire, Weather Data - 'The Warmer It Is, the More Fire We See.’

Sydney's Bushfire Season Now Starts in Winter 0818

How Climate Change Is Making B.C.’s Wildfire Season Hotter, Longer, Drier 0818

California Fire Explodes in Size, Is Now Largest in State History 0818

Science Says Record Heat, Fires Worsened by Climate Change 0718

‘Serious Health Effects' of Wildfire Smoke across Western US, Warm Experts 0818

California Is Burning Before Our Eyes 0718

Many Killed in Forest Fires near Athens 0718

Barents Region Is on Fire 0718

Wildfires In The U.S. Are Getting Bigger 0718

Drought Creates a Perfect Storm for Wildfires in U.S. West 0718

Why Hot Summer Nights Getting Hotter Is a Health and Wildfire Risk 0718

The West Is Burning, and It’s Barely July 0718

Thinning Clouds Increase California’s Wildfires 0618

How Surging Wildfire Smoke Is Affecting Climate and Health 0518

Climate Change, Wildfire, and the Future of Forests 0418 - Many forests do not regenerate aafter fires.  The new local climate requires different trees, or savannah or grasslands.  Forest most up mountains.

Greenland’s Biggest Fire Is a ‘Warning’ for Its Future 0418 - Black soot from fires will accelerate ice melting.

In 20 Years, Wildfires Will Be 6 Times Larger 0318

Some Forests Are Not Growing Back after Wildfires, Research Finds 1217

In California’s Wildfires, a Looming Threat to Climate Goals 1217

We Can’t Talk about the Los Angeles Fires without Talking about Climate Change 1217

How Climate Change Is Impacting the American West Right Now 1217

Change in the Air 1117 - mostly about industrial pollution, indoors.  But forest fires killed 100,000 in Indonesia in 2015, releasing more CO2 than India and Japan combined.

Breathing Fire 1117 - health impacts of smoke inhalation from recent US forest fires

Record Amazon Fires Stun Scientists; Sign of Sick, Degraded Forests 1017

Napa Fires Make San Francisco Air Worse than Beijing 1017

California's Wildfires - Record-Hot Summer, Wet Winter Create Explosive Mix 1017

A Warmer World Is Sparking More and Bigger Wildfires 1017

Cost of Fighting U.S. Wildfires Topped $2 Billion in 2017 - 0917

Fires, Heat Waves, Hurricanes - Why This Summer's Extreme Weather Is Here to Stay 0917

Extreme Wildfires Could Lead to Long-Term Lung Damage in the US 0917

Potent Mix of Record Heat and Dryness Fuels Wildfires Across the West 0917

Wildfires across US West, amid Record Heat, Force 1,000s to Flee Their Homes 0917

Deadly Tennessee Fire Could Become ‘New Normal’ 0817

Ancient Trees Reveal Relationship between Climate Change, Wildfires 0817

Ice and Fire - Large Blaze Burns in Greenland for 2 Weeks 0817

Climate Change Sets the World on Fire 0817

Bigger, Hotter, Faster 0817

Wildfires Rage On Untamed in Greece, Portugal and Corsica 0817

'Unusual' Greenland Wildfires Right Now Are Linked to Peat 0817

After France and Portugal, Spain Battles Forest Fires 0717

Heat and Drought Feed Wildfires in Italy, Threaten Beaches near Rome 0717

B.C. Wildfires Displace Nearly 40,000, as Williams Lake Evacuates 0717

Longer, Fiercer Fire Seasons the New Normal with Climate Change 0717

Climate Change Expected to Fuel Larger Forest Fires — if It Hasn't Already 0717

Led by Siberia, Earth's Boreal Forests Burn at Unprecedented Rates 0617

Wildfires Dumped a Huge Amount of Soot atop Greenland’s Ice Sheet 0617

Fires Rise in Arctic, as 'Lightning Follows the Warming’ 0617

Wildfires, Once Rare in the Great Plains, Have More than Tripled in 30 Years 0617

What a Wet Winter Means for Wildfire Season 0617

Future of Fighting Wildfires in the Era of Climate Change 0417 - not enough resources to fight most of them

Australia Battles 50 Fires in Heat Wave, Sparking Warning, Blackout Fears 0217

Chile Battles Worst Wildfires in Its Modern History 0117

Hazier Days in the High Country, Western U.S., due to Drought and Forest Fires 0117

Drought-Fueled Wildfire ‘Apocalypse' Hits Tennessee 1116

Chile Battles Raging Wildfires Fueled by Heat Wave, Winds 1116

Drought, Fires Reach Crisis Level in North Carolina 1116

Climate Change behind Surge in Western Wildfires 1016

Indonesian Islamic Council Issues Fatwa on Forest Fires 0916

Alarming Number of Fires in the Brazilian Amazon 0916

‘Smoke Waves’ Will Affect Millions in Coming Decades 0816

Wildfire Smoke Problem Intensifies with Climate Change 0816

Cruel Summer - Floods, Fires and Heat 0816

California's Wildfire Season and Air Quality to Get Worse 0816

As Peat Bogs Burn, a Climate Threat Rises 0816

Dairy Groups Blast Methane Reductions- Cows Expel Gas so They Don’t Explode 0816

Russian Wildfires Put Key Climate Change Resource at Risk 0716

Huge Swaths of Russia's Forests Are Ablaze, in Possible Record Fire Season 0716

These Peat Fires Are Huge, Hidden and Harmful.  What Can We Do? 0616

Wildfires Engulfing the West Coast Are Fueled by Climate Change 0616

Dry Amazon Could See Record Fire Season 0616

Forest Fires Can Heat Up the Whole Planet 0616 - Northern (boreal) forest fires put carbon in the air not only from standing trees, but also from peat, while they thaw permafrost, for still more carbon emissions.

Raging Wildfires in the Southwest Stretch Resources 0616

Spike in Alaska Wildfires Is Worsening Global Warming 0616

Fort McMurray Fire’s Stunning Pulse of Carbon to the Atmosphere 0516

Smoke over Sydney - Welcome to the Autumn of the Future 0516

Wildfire Fighters Warn 2016 Could Be Bad in California, Average in Other States 0516

Global Warming to Spur More Fires in Alaska, in Turn Causing More Warming 0516

Fort McMurray Blaze Set the Stage for Even Bigger, Hotter Wildfires 0516

Global Warming Cited as Wildfires Increase in Fragile Boreal Forest 0516

'Perfect Storm' of El Niño and Warming Boosted Alberta Fires 0516

Fort McMurray Wildfire Forces 1/4 of Canada’s Oil Output Off-Line 0516

Here’s the Climate Context for the Fort McMurray Wildfire 0516

U.S. Wildfires Just Set an Amazing and Troubling New Record 0116

2015 Now USA's Costliest Wildfire Season on Record 1215

Indonesia Blazes Threaten Endangered Orangutans 1115

Indonesian Fires Are Pouring Huge Amounts of Carbon into the Atmosphere 1015 - peat +.  CO2 > Germany's, Japan’s.

Alaskan Wildfires Could Make Global Warming Worse 1015.  Soils, permafrost too.

Bushfire Burns Out of Control, as Victoria Swelters in Record Early Spring Heat 1015

Tinderbox of the World - the World’s Northern Forests 1015

Study Finds Severe Blazes Less Common in Today's Forests 0915

Snowy Canada Endures Drought, Heat, Fires as Planet Gets Warmer 0815

Fires in West Have Residents Gasping on the Soot Left Behind 0915

Smoke Continues to Thicken the Air in Southern Alberta 0815

Massive Wildfires by Lake Baikal Send Soot to Arctic, Greenland 0815

Alaska's Permafrost Threatened by Intense Fires as Climate Changes 0815

How Megafires Are Remaking American Forests 0815


Stunning 5 Million Acres Have Now Burned in Alaskan Wildfires This Year 0815

Dry Days Bring Ferocious Start to Fire Season 0815

Beneath Alaskan Wildfires, a Hidden Threat- Long-Frozen Carbon's Thaw 0715

Climate Change Is Lengthening Wildfire Seasons across Globe 0715

As Alaska Burns, Anchorage Sets New Records for Heat and Lack of Snow 0715
Alaska’s vertical axis, below at right, goes to 3 million acres


Burning Olympics Rain Forest Raises Concern about Future 0715

Wildfires Threaten Thousands of Homes in Southern California 0615

Alaska Wildfires - 'Explosive' Flames Force Evacuations 0615

How Wildfires Can Worsen Climate Change 0515

Intense Wildfire Season Expected in West 0515

Will California's Ambitious Climate Goals Go Up in Smoke? 0515

Now, Every Day Is Fire Season in Drought-Era California 0415

Chile Declares Forest Fires Alert 0315

Early Start to Wildfire Season 0215

Rise in Wildfires May Resurrect Chernobyl's Radiation 0215

Climate Change Could Bring More Disease, Crop Damage, Fires to Colorado 0215

Australian Firefighters Battle Worst Bushfire in Decades 0115

Fire Season Starts Early, and Fiercely 0514

Oklahoma Is Burning 0514

Southwest US Struggles to Adapt to Year-Round Fire Season 0514

Absolutely a Link Between Climate Change and Australian Wildfires 1013

California Fights Wildfire, Expects More in Drought Emergency 0114

New South Wales Bushfires- Pollution Levels Soar 50-fold 1013

Rising Number of US Homes at Risk from Wildfires 1013

Season of Smoke: Changing Climate Leads To Bigger, Smokier Wildfires 1013

Wildfires & Air Pollution, A Hidden Hazard 1013

Why Big, Intense Wildfires Are the New Normal 0813

Yosemite Fire Example of How Droughts Amplify Wildfires 0813

Wildfire Alert Heightened as Blazes Char Western US 0813

Fires, Smoke, Floods Are Drawbacks of Alaska's Hot Summer 0813

Why Alaska's Boreal Forests Are Becoming More Flammable 0713

Once Resilient, Trees In US West Now More Vulnerable To Fires 0713 

National Farmers' Union Warns of Grass Fires, as British Heat Continues 0713 

Climate Change Forces US Forest Service to Shift Strategy on Larger Fires 0713 

Rising Temps, Shrinking Snowpack Fuel Western Wildfires 0713 

Wildfires May Have Bigger Role in Global Warming 0713

Once Trees Killed by Beetles Drop Their Needles, Flammability Drops Too 0713

Expect Bigger, Fiercer Wildfires in West 0713 

Wind-Whipped Fire Burns Near Yosemite 0613 

Singapore, Malaysia Choke as Illegal Indonesia Forest Fires Rage 0613 

Colorado Is Burning Even Worse Than Last Year 0613

Wildfire Smoke a Rising Health Concern with Climate Change 0613 

Jerry Brown Blames Climate Change for California Fires 0513

Dry Winter, Warming Trend Foretell Wildfire Danger 0513 

Fires Burn More Fiercely as Northern Forests Warm 0413 

Feds Project Climate Change Will Double Wildfire Risk in Forests 0413 

Longer US Fire Season May Be the New Normal 0213 

Bark Beetle Isn’t Wildfire Culprit 0113 

Australia Braces for Catastrophic Wildfire Day 0113 

US Forest Fire Area to Double by 2050 1212 

Top 3 Wildfire Hot Spot, SE Australia 0812

Climate Change to Bring More Wildfires Soon 0612

Northern Wildfires Threaten Runaway Climate Change 1210 

Dense Wildfire Smog Grips Moscow in Heat Wave 0810 

Lots More Yosemite Fires from Warming 1109

Australian Wildfires Kill At Least 84 People 0209

Warming Burns World 0806

Warming Drives Wildfires 0706


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A Climate Warning from the Cradle of Civilization 0723

Sandstorm Wave Sweeps Middle East, Sending 1,000s to Hospitals 0522

Iraqis Choke Under a Blanket of Dust as Sandstorms Sweep the Country 0522

A Slow-Motion Climate Disaster - Brazil's Spread of Barren Land 1221

Mesopotamia – From Cradle to Grave 1021 - From cradle of civilization 5,000 years ago, to a desert too hot for humans to survive in.

Desertification Is Turning the Earth Barren – but a Solution Is Still within Reach 0921

India’s Food Bowl Heads toward Desertification 0820

Desertification Is a Serious Threat to Southern Europe 0719 - Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus.  18% of Spain is at high risk of becoming irreversibly desert.

Slowing Climate Change Could Reverse Drying in the Subtropics 0219

The Sahara Is Growing, Thanks in Part to Climate Change 0318

1/4 of Land Will Be Drier, even Desertified, under 2°C Warming by 2050 - 0118

One Meal a Day, as Lake Chad Vanishes 0617

Sahel Countries Race against Time to Re-Green Africa's Spreading Desert 1116

Rapidly Warming Mediterranean Headed for Desertification 1016

Living in China’s Expanding Deserts 1016

In a Parched Corner of Xinjiang, Ancient Water Tunnels Are Running Dry 0916

Will the Great Salt Lake Be Reduced to Dust? 0216

China Needs More Efforts in Curbing Desertification, Despite Its Progress 1215

Desertification - the People Whose Land Is Turning to Dust 1115

Spread of Drylands Will Hit Poor Nations Hardest 1115

70 Million Nigerians Affected by Desertification, Drought 0915

Drought, Expanding Deserts and ‘Food for Jihad' Drive Mali's Conflict 0415

Study Predicts Global Warming Will See Australian Deserts Grow Bigger 0215

Great Wall of Trees Keeps China's Deserts at Bay 1214

Water Woes in Lima - a Glimpse of Our Future? 1214                                 Lima receives 2 inches of rain per year.

Can America's Desert Cities Adapt Before They Dry Out And Die? 1214    Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc.

Desertification Threatening Fertile Lands Worldwide 0814

Can Deserts Stop Global Warming?  No, But They Help 0414

Looming US Water Crisis 0713

Desertification Crisis Affecting 168 Countries 0413 

Struggling to Force the Sahara Back 0413 

When the Desert Devours the Lake 0413 

Deserts Spread Like Cancer in Middle East 0410 

Deserts Grow from 18% to 27% of China 0408  - short version of the story just below

Deserts Grow 50% in China 0308

Deserts & Troposphere Expand 0606



Amazon Deforestation Linked to West Antarctic Melt and Less Snowfall in Tibet 1023

America Is Using Up Its Groundwater like There’s No Tomorrow 0823
Falling Water Levels and Crop Yields in Kansas
Here’s Where Water Is Running Out in the World — and Why 0823 - take 1 on study

Map Water Stress in 2050, Eurasia & Africa

Map Water Stress 2050, US & Mexico

Extreme Water Stress Faced by Countries Home to 1/4 of World Population 0823 - take 2

Nations in 2050 by % Water Stress

A Climate Warning from the Cradle of Civilization 0723  The Tigris Has Less Water

Climate Inferno Threatens to Turn Athens Into Outpost of Sahara 0723

Shrinking Inland Seas Expose Salty Particulates and More 0623

Drought Is on the Verge of Becoming the Next Pandemic 0623

Day Zero for Water Threatens Uruguay’s Capital 0623

A Breakthrough Deal to Keep the Colorado River from Going Dry, for Now 0523

Water Theft Proves Lucrative in a Dangerously Dry World 0423

As Earth Warms, More ‘Flash Droughts’ Suck Soil, Plants Dry 0423

Global Fresh Water Demand Will Outstrip Supply by 40% by 2030 - 0323

Why the Badly Needed Rains in California Could Fuel Catastrophic Fires 0223

Wet Winter Won’t Fix Colorado River Woes 0223

Crisis on the Rio Grande 0123 - cracked mud riverbed all the way downstream to Albuquerque, the river's 2nd largest city and largest in New Mexico

After Comeback, Southern Iraq’s Marshes Are Now Drying Up 0123

Great Salt Lake Will Disappear in 5 Years without Massive ‘Emergency Rescue’ 0123

Fear ‘Complete Doomsday Scenario’ for Drought-Stricken Colorado River 1222

Over 600 Million Africans at Risk of Severe Droughts due to Climate Change 0922

Could the Drying Up of Europe’s Great Rivers Be the New Normal? 0922

Drifting Toward Disaster - the (2nd) Rio Grande 0922

The Heat Wave Crushing the West Previews Farmworkers’ Hot Future 0922

The World’s Rivers, Canals, and Reservoirs Are Turning to Dust 0822

China Drought Causes Yangtze to Dry Up, Sparking Hydropower Shortage 0822

Water Resources to Become Less Predictable with Climate Change 0722

How the Dust Bowl 90 Years Ago Prophesied Our Climate-Ravaged Future 0622

‘Consequences Will Be Dire’ - Chile’s Water Crisis Is Reaching Breaking Point 0622

The Vanishing Rio Grande – Warming Takes Its Toll 0622

Is My Home at Risk from Wildfire?  This Is How to Find Out 0522 - Maps of this are above, under Fires.

Report Warns London and Other World Cities Face Rising Risk of Drought 0522

California Braces for Extreme Summer Drought after Dismal Wet Season 0522

US Southwest Drought and Fires Are a Window to Our Climate Change Future 0522

West’s Megadrought Delivers Another Blow - Saving Glen Canyon Dam 0522

Record Low Water Levels Reveal Body in Barrel at Lake Mead 0522

Lake Powell Officials’ Stark Choice in West's Megadrought - Water or Electricity 0422

Droughts to Increase Human Migration at Least 200% - 0422

Mega-Drought Threatens California Power Blackouts This Summer 0422

Europe Faces a Future of Extreme Droughts 0422

Arizona’s Future Water Shock 0322

Deadly ‘Smoke Waves’ from Wildfires Set to Soar 0322

China Is Running Out of Water.  That’s Scary for Asia. 1221 - 7% of world’s watere for 20% of the people.  Large-scale diversions may have reaches their limits.  Dam-building in China deprives Thailand and Laos of water.  Desertification gobbles large chunks of China's land.  Water-related energy shortfalls have become common across China.

A Slow-Motion Climate Disaster - Brazil's Spread of Barren Land 1221

Mesopotamia – From Cradle to Grave 1021

U.N. Weather Agency Says World Ill-Prepared for Looming Water Crisis 1021

As the Climate Bakes, Turkey Faces a Future without Water 0921

A Thirstier Atmosphere - Why Fires Are Lasting Longer into the Night 0921

Cerrado Desertification - Savanna Could Collapse within 30 Years 0721

U.N. Warns Drought May Be 'the Next Pandemic’ 0621

60% of World’s Rivers Stop Flowing for at Least One Day a Year 0621

Extreme Drought and Fire Risk May Double by 2060 - 0121

More than 3 Billion People Affected by Water Shortages 1120

Australia’s Inland Rivers, Pulse of the Outback, to Be Unrecognizable by 2070 - 0920

In Parched Southwest, Warm Spring Renews Threat of ‘Megadrought’ 0720

World Population Facing Water Stress Could Double by 2050 as Climate Warms 0620

Australia's Water Is Vanishing 0620

Dust Bowl Conditions of 1930s Now More than Twice as Likely to Recur 0520

Amazon Rainforest Likely Drier, More Fire-Prone This Year 0420

Future Droughts May ‘Eclipse’ Those of the Past 0420

Global Warming Threatens to Dry Out Europe’s Crop Fields 0420

Amazon Tipping Point Puts Brazil’s Agribusiness, Energy Sector at Risk 0220

Climate Change Is Drying Up the Colorado River, Putting Millions at Risk of ‘Severe Water Shortages' 0220

India’s Ominous Future - Too Little Water, or Far Too Much 1119

Local Water Scarcity Spilling Over into Global Crisis 1119

Thirsty Future Ahead as Climate Change Explodes Plant Growth 1119

What Happens When the Amazon Forest Disappears? 1019

Billions Face Food, Water Shortages over Next 30 Years, as Nature Fails 1019

India’s Ghost Villages - Food and Water Scarcity Forcing Many to Leave 0819

Extreme Water Stress Affects 1/4 of Earth's Population 0819

Desertification Is a Serious Threat to Southern Europe 0719 - Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus.  18% of Spain is at high risk of becoming irreversibly desert.

England Could Run Short of Water within 25 Years 0319

The West’s Great River Hits Its Limits.  Will the Colorado Run Dry? 0119

Warming Winters, Dwindling Sierra Nevada Snowpack Squeeze California Water Resources 1218

Cape Town Should Brace for More Severe Droughts than It Had in 2018 - 1218

Colorado River Is Drying Up for 40 Million Americans Who Depend on It 1218

In the U.S. Southwest, ‘Drought’ Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story 0718 - “aridification” - changing toward desert

How Climate Change Is Worsening Nigeria’s Long-Running Land Conflict 0618 - aridification

Water Shortages to Be the Environmental Challenge of the Century, NASA Warns 0518

Tehran Faces Crisis, as Iran’s Water Supply Runs Low 0618

It's So Dry, Forests Across the Southwest Are Closing 0618

As Warming Continues, Hot Drought Becomes the Norm, Not an Exception 0518

Water Shortages Could Affect 5 Billion People by 2050, UN Report Warns 0318

Water Crises Could Be Coming to Your Backyard 0318

Shrinking Mountain Snowpack, Drier Summers Spell Trouble for Vancouver Water Supply 0318

Water-Stressed Beijing Exhausts Its Options 0318

Western Canada's Risk of Water Shortages Rising 0318

1/4 of Land Will Be Drier, even Desertified, under 2°C Warming by 2050 - 0118

Australia Could Suffer from Droughts, Heat Waves as the Tropical Zone Expands 0717

Drylands Will Suffer if World Reaches 2°C 0417
They expand from 40% to 56% of Earth’s land surface.

Vanishing Nile Faces a Multitude of Threats 0417 - Salination in Egypt’s delta, huge Blue Nile dam

Dead Sea Warns of Unprecedented Drought 0317

World Water Day - 1 in 4 Children Will Live with Water Scarcity by 2040 - 0317

Amazon Jungle Faces Death Spiral of Drought and Deforestation, Warn Scientists 0317

Source of Mekong, Yellow and Yangtze Rivers Drying Up 0317

Global Warming Is Shrinking Colorado River, Vital to 40 Million People 0217

La Paz Adapts to a World without Water 0217

Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis 0217

When Climate Change Starts Wars 0217 - Central Asia becomes a tinder box as water is scarcer.

How Climate Change in Central Asia Threatens to Spark Regional Conflict 0117

A Witness to Iran’s Intensifying Struggle with Climate Change 0117

Bolivian Water Crisis as Glaciers Vanish 1116

How Big Droughts, Forest Fires Could Be the New Normal in Appalachia 1116

Rapidly Warming Mediterranean Headed for Desertification 1016

Climate Change Killing East Africa’s Water Resources, UN Warns 1016

U.S. Southwest Faces 99% Risk of 'Megadroughts' due to Climate Change 1016

California's Drought Could Continue for Centuries 0916

Increased Drought Could See Londoners Queueing for Water 0916

How Can We Better Value Water, as Global Shortages Threaten Economies? 0916

What Happens to the Great Plains When the Water's Gone? 0716

Stressed Indus River Threatens Pakistan’s Water Supplies 0616

Water Scarcity Could Impact West Asian Credit Ratings 0616

Why Climate Change Matters - Water 0516

Global Water Shortages to Deliver ‘Severe Hit' to Economies, World Bank Warns 0516

Food System Shock - Climate Change's Greatest Threat to Civilization 0416

By 2050, Asia at High Risk of Severe Water Shortages 0416

Delta Drought Gives Glimpse into Bleak Future for Mighty Mekong 0416

We’re Running Out of Water, and the World’s Powers Are Very Worried 0416

Small Islands to Face a Freshwater Scarcity 0416

Will the Great Salt Lake Be Reduced to Dust? 0216

21st Century US ‘Dustbowl' Risk Assessed 0216

4 Billion People Face Severe Water Shortages in Some Months 0216

Southwest U.S. May Have Entered a ‘Drier Climate State’ 0216

World 'Faces Food Shortages and Mass Migration' Caused by Global Warming 1215

Climate Change Is Darkening Seattle’s Water Forecast 0915

Central Asia to Experience Water Crisis in 35 Years 0915

Middle East, Israel to be Water Scarce by 2040 - 0815

South Africa’s Water Security in Peril 0815

Asia’s Water Supply under Threat from Climate Change 0815

Water Insecurity Costs Global Economy Billions a Year 0415

Why Fresh Water Shortages Will Cause the Next Great Global Crisis 0315

A Thirsty, Violent World 0215

Unprecedented 21st Century Drought Risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains - Cook 0215 - PDF

US 'at Risk of Mega-Drought Future’ 0215 - summary of above

Rise in Wildfires May Resurrect Chernobyl's Radiation 0215

Scientists See Shrinking California Snowpack as a Harbinger 0115

How Climate Change Helped ISIS 1014

Drying Amazon Could Be Major Carbon Concern 1014

Is World War Water Looming? 1014

There's a Big Leak In America's Water Tower 0814

Pakistan's Largest City Thirsts for a Water Supply 0814

Growing Pains of China's Agricultural Water Needs 0614

As Mountain Snow Fails and Glaciers Melt, Pakistan Faces Water Threats 0514

Water Goes ‘Missing' with Snow Loss 0514

China’s Thirsty Coal Industry Guzzles Precious Water 0514

Peak Water and Food Scarcity 0114

With or Without $2 Billion, Water Woes Here to Stay 1113

What Happens When the World Dries Out 1113

North China Is Running Out of Water, Remedies May Be Disaster 1013

How Do We Balance Needs of Energy, Water, and Climate? 1113

In a Hot, Thirsty Energy Business, Water Is Prized 1013

Will Fracking Suck California Dry? 1013

Warming Will Worsen Water Scarcity 0913

Looming US Water Crisis 0713 - see above

California Snowpack Outlook Grim for Water Supply 1112

Water Shortages to Threaten US Security 0312

Climate Change to Reduce US Southwest Water Supply 0411

Groundwater Depletion Perilously Accelerates Worldwide 0910

UK Embodied Water Imports Threaten 3rd World 0410

Water More Vital Than Oil - Details 0209

Water More Vital Than Oil, Shortages Loom 0209 


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Atmosphere Changes

Tropic Arid Belts Expand 140 Miles 1207

Tropic Belts Widened  140 Miles - Seidel (& Fu, Randel, Reichler) 1207 - PDF

Troposphere Expanded 0606 - PDF


Warming Doesn't Dry Out Drylands.  Heat Draws in Water Clouds from Oceans. 0121

Parched Lanzhou, China Plans to Pipe Water 1,000 Km from Russia’s Lake Baikal 0317

NASA Launches Satellite to Monitor Planet’s Soil Moisture Content 0115

Lack of Drinking Water Is Killing More Nigerians Than Boko Haram 0115

Southern California Rain Will Stay the Same with Climate Change, Says Study 1214

Could Desalination Solve California’s Water Problem? 1014

Clear Skies Could Empty Rivers 1014

Climate Change Reflected in Altered Missouri River Flow, USGS Says 0814

Could a Toilet Reinvention Help Save $260 Billion Worldwide? 0314

Water Shortages Could Dry Up Shale Gas Craze 1113

Frackers Guzzle Water as Texas Goes Thirsty 0913

US Cities Quench Growing Thirst with Saltwater 0913

Looming US Water Crisis 0713

Costly Desalinization Slakes Some North China Thirst 0213

Making 50 Rainstorms in Abu Dhabi 0111

Water Scarcity & Climate Change - Investors 0209 - PDF

Browning of Earth Began in 1994 0805

Browning of Earth Began in 1994 - Fung 0805 - PDF

Warming Hits Asia Hard 0405

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