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Scenes from a Melting Planet - A Review of Climate Change Novels 0713 - 18 novels mentioned, some reviewed in a little depth

Greenhouse Gas Levels
in Graphs, over multiple time frames

Below, from IPCC 2001


CO2 Levels


        The key greenhouse-gas increases were caused by human activities.

     Compared to natural changes over the past 10,000 years, the spike in concentrations of CO2 & CH4 (methane) in the past 250 years is absolutely extraordinary.
     We know humans are responsible for the CO2 spike, because fossil CO2 lacks carbon-14, and the drop in atmospheric C-14 from the fossil CO2 additions is measurable.

CH4 & Its Concentrations

above  graph is by European Environment Agency

     For below, see also IPCC AR-4, WG1 SPM, 2007.  These are about methane (CH4) concentrations.

Below, also Methane

     CH4 levels increased much faster than CO2 levels from 1800 to 1950.  Why?  Coal? (Canary in the coal mine)


N2O Levels


especially CO2


Changes in Global Energy CO2 Emissions, 2015-30Dr. Fry’s Note: The set of 4 graphs below, from the IPCC to 2100, do a poor job of recognizing the role of legacy emissions (above).  These emissions will keep on raising global temperatures for decades, mostly by feedbacks we have set in motion: less reflection (albedo) from snow, sea ice, sulfates (from burning coal), and clouds (which are more complicated).  The direct (albedo) global warming effect of loss of sulfates, snow, northern sea ice and southern sea ice are estimated as 0.3 to 0.4°C each.  All 4 are multiplied by feedbacks from water vapor and clouds, for a total effect of a further 2 to 2.6°C (to 3.1 to 3.7°C) this century.  Later on, shrinking the area of land ice is added, comparable to losing either northern or southern sea ice.
     The set of graphs below also assume that CO2 removals exceed emissions from permafrost, which requires greater removals that one would think at first.  There is also a problem of CO2 outgassing from the oceans as they warm up, currently masked by CO2 ingassing to the oceans from the air as atmospheric CO2 concentrations increase.  This requires even further CO2 removals to long-term geological storage.  Also, increased methane emissions (see below) requires further methane and CO2 removals.


The Fluid in Your AC is 1,000s of Times Worse than CO2 for the Climate 1023

     Note below: CO2 capture and storage needs to expand at least 10 times as much after 2050.

     CO2 levels were almost as high 4.0-4.2 Million Years ago: 357-405 ppm.

Today’s CO2 level is the highest since 14.1-14.5 MY ago (430-465 ppm).






Global CO2 Emissions Still Accelerating, even as Human Ones Level Off 0516

     The increase in CO2 levels in the air is accelerating, even as human CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are leveling off.
     This suggests some combination of fading carbon sinks in the ocean and the land biosphere, with rising emissions from natural sources - permafrost, forest fires, methane hydrates, and peat fires - as well as agriculture and land use changes.



Below is Dr. Gene Fry’s projection of the future, for 6 scenarios.  See discussion of permafrost carbon and several medium to large albedo (reflectivity) changes on the this website’s home page.  As the decades pass by, human GHG emissions become overshadowed by albedo changes and natural emissions ramping up.

The graph below fails to recognize very much the effects of the albedo feedbacks we have unleashed.
Thus, its connection to 2°C is unrealistic.


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Emissions: Graphs - Historical

      A few articles deal with other (SO2, CH4, CFC, HFC) emissions, some jointly with CO2 emissions.

The average CO2 emission annual growth rate has fallen below 1% since 2013.

     Data above and below are from Carbon Tracker, with a 1.5 to 2 year reporting lag.  USDoE stopped reporting international emissions at the beginning of the Trump administration, in 2017.


1980-2019 Annual Emissions 1st, 1940-79 farther below

     Many “Western” nations’ CO2 emissions in 2019 are well down from their peaks.
Ukraine 69% from 1988      Germany 37% from 1979      Belgium 28% from 1973
UK        44% from 1971       Russia    34% from 1990       USA       14% from 2005
France  39% from 1979       Poland    30% from 1987      Mexico   12% from 2008

 Below are US CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, from 2012.  

     USDoE’s data for the USA show slightly lower emissions than Carbon Tracker’s, farther above.  For example, 5.14 GT in 2019 by USDoE, versus 5.28 by Carbon Tracker.

     2021 emissions data below is from US DoE 


     U.S. suburbs are up to 4 times more CO2 intensive per household than central cities - or rural areas.

    The graphs above are from


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Emissions: Stories - 2023

Giant Methane-to-Methanol Machines Could Curb Methane Emissions 0923

Methane from Oil and Gas Are Worse than Reported to UN, Satellites Show 0923 CH4 Emissions by Nation, Reported vs Actual 0923

How to Be Sort of Vegan — and How It Would Help the Planet 0923

Canada’s 2023 Wildfires Spewed More CO2, So Far, than Mexico Did in 2021 - 0923

EU Fossil Fuel Burning for Electricity Fell to Lowest on Record in 2023 - 0823

Extreme Texas Heat Linked to Giant Methane Releases 0823 CH4 Emissions Spike in TX Permian Basin, 3.6 Years

Australian Coal Miner's Plans May Double Its Methane Emissions, Ember Says 0823

China Emissions Hit a Record, Even with Peak Carbon in Sight 0823

Projected CO2 Emissions by Source & Year

Discounting End of Shelf-Life Produce Cuts Food Waste, Fights Climate Change 0823

Biden's Climate Law to Cut US Greenhouse Gas Emissions 57% by 2050 - 0823

The High-Stakes Race to Reduce Emissions from Cement 0623

CO2 in Earth's Air Sets New Record, Points to 7°C Hotter & 5-25 Meter SLR 0623

South Africa Beats Climate Goal as Blackouts Slash Emissions 0523

Europe’s Emissions Fall Below Lockdown Levels During Energy Crisis 0523

Federal Regulations Fail to Contain Methane Emissions from Landfills 0523

‘Mind-Boggling’ Methane Emissions from Turkmenistan Revealed 0523

11 Chinese & 1 U.S. Chemical Plant Emit Nitrous Oxide, 273 X as Potent as CO2 - 0523

Orbiting Methane ‘Speed Cameras’ Are Catching Polluters in the Act 0423

Food Production Could Add 1°C of Global Warming by 2100 - 0423

The Oil & Gas Industry Emits Way More Methane than the EPA Has Estimated 0423

US IRA is Spurring Fossil Fuel Companies to Monitor Methane Leaks from Space 0423

Global Fossil Fuel Emissions from Electricity Set to Fall 0423

CFCs, Those Major GHGs, Are Rising Again, after an International Ban 0423

Tropical Biomass Loss from Climate Change Could Increase CO2 Emissions 0123

Earth Can Warm Nearly 1°C by 2100 from Agriculture Methane Emissions Alone 0323

Pennsylvania Community in Shock, Feels Unsafe, after Record Methane Leak 0323

Global CO2 Emissions Hit a Record Even as Europe’s Decline 0323

Despite Goals, US Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue Unchecked 0223

United States Includes Dam Emissions in UN Climate Reporting for the 1st Time 0223

Scientists Now Know Why Methane Mysteriously Surged during Lockdowns 0223

U.S. Carbon Emissions Grew Again in 2022 - 0123

German CO2 Cuts Stall as Coal, Oil Use Cancel Out Renewable Gains 0123

Emissions: Stories - 2022

EU Emissions Fall amid Energy Crunch, but Gas Buildout Looms 1122

The Food Emissions ‘Solutions’ Alarming Experts after CoP27 - 1222

How Emissions from Big Meat and Dairy Are Heating Up the Planet 1122

Fixing Oil & Gas Industry Methane Leaks, a Climate Game Changer, Pays for Itself 1122

Ukraine War Causing Huge CO2 Release 1122

Turkey’s Climate Plan Points to 32% Rise in Emissions by 2030 - 1122

How the Climate Crisis Is Transforming the Arctic Permafrost 1122

Forest Fires Wipe Out California’s 2020 Record for Greenhouse Gas Reductions 1022

EPA to Regulate Methane Leaks from Oil and Gas to Fight Climate Change 1122

Canada Sets Pace on Cutting Planet-Warming Methane Emissions 1122

Even Conservative Estimates See Fossil Fuel Use Peaking Soon 1122

Climate Warming Methane Emissions Rising Faster than Ever 1022

Surging Methane 1022

EPA to Further Slash Emissions from Climate Super-Pollutants 1022

Cheapest Path for Australia's Big Methane Cuts Goes through Its Mines 1022

1st Harvest of Methane-Reducing Seaweed Asparagopsis in Western Australia 1022

Methane Emissions from Gas & Oil May Be 5 X Higher than Previously Thought 0922

Emissions, Deforestation Set to Spike under Indonesia’s Biomass Transition 0922

Duke Energy Leaks a Potent Greenhouse Gas 5 Times as Fast as Other Utilities 0922

Seaweed Feed Reduces Cow Methane Emissions, but Scaling Up Is Slow 0822

Report of an Ancient Methane Release Raises Questions for Our Climate Future 0822 - 125,000 years ago

The Climate Law's Methane Catch 0822

The Search for an A/C That Doesn’t Destroy the Planet 0822

The Trash Mountains of South Asia That Threaten Climate Change 0722

Tonga Eruption Added a Huge 10% to the Water Already in Earth’s Atmosphere 0822

Net-Zero Aviation Still Contributes to Global Warming 0722 - clouds from water vapor and aerosols, plus soot

World Pledged to Cut Methane Emissions.  But They Are Rising Instead. 0622

Cement CO2 Emissions Quietly Double in 20 Years 0622

Transportation Makes Up 1/5 of All Food System Carbon Emissions 0622

CO2 Levels Are the Highest in Human History 0622

China Coal Expansions Threaten Higher Methane Levels Worldwide 0522

Policy-makers Underestimate Methane’s Climate and Air Quality Impacts 0522

Greenhouse Gas Pollution Trapping Almost 50% More Heat than 30 Years Ago 0522

Plugging Old U.S. Oil and Gas Wells to Boost Green Jobs, Curb Emissions 0422

6 Takeaways from Washington Post Investigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0422

Methane Concentrations Jumped by Record Amount in 2021, NOAA Says 0422 up 17 ppb, vs 15.3 in 2020, to 1,896 ppb.

EU Targets Man-Made Greenhouse Gases in Climate Neutrality Push 0422 

India Set to Miss Modi’s Ambitious 2022 Renewables Goal 0322 - 153 GW now, vs 175 GW target.  But 73 GW in pipeline.

US's GSA to Impose 1st National Carbon Standard for Concrete 0322

China Will Hit 2030 Climate Goal Early, Says State-Linked Think Tank 0422

The Landfill of the Future 0322 - Everything is recycled, after waste is broken down to small molecules.  3-D printers make useful products from those molecules.  It has begun operation in northern Newfoundland.

2021 Economic Recovery Was Less Carbon Intensive than 2009’s Recovery 0222

Cutting Methane Emissions Can Stop Arctic Summer Sea Ice from Melting 0322

Coal Mining Emits More Methane than Venting & Flaring from Gas and Oil Wells 0322

China’s Energy Sector Methane Emissions Dwarf U.S. and Russia 0322

Greenhouse Gases from Oil & Gas Industry Far Exceed What Regulators Think 0222

Why Methane Is a Large and Underestimated Threat to Climate Goals 0222

Cracking Down on Methane ‘Ultra Emitters’ Can Combat Climate Change Quickly 0222

Did I Turn Off the Stove?  Yes, but Maybe Not the Gas. 0122

China to Freeze HFC-23 Production, but Lacks a System to Monitor Emissions 0122

New Data Shows Massive Methane Leaks from New Mexico Oil and Gas 0122 NM oil and gas industry has been losing vastly more of the greenhouse gas(es) than previously reported.  Enough to power all the houshholds in NM’s 2nd largest city.

Too Much Carbon Is Going into the Air to Hit Climate Goals 0122

Plant-Based Diets’ Double Whammy - Fewer Cows, Fallow Land 0122

Maersk Targets Bigger and Faster Cuts in Carbon Emissions 0122

After Bold Climate Promises, U.S. Carbon Is Rising 0122

Emissions: Stories - 2021

Terrifying Arctic Methane Levels 1221

2021 Cancelled Out Nearly All the Emissions Reductions of 2020 - 1221

Mexico’s Wheat Fields Are Releasing Dangerous Greenhouse Gas N2O 1221

EU's Greenhouse Gases Rise by Nearly 1/5 on Economic Rebound 1121

As Carbon Emissions Rise Unabated, Scientists Eye a Methane Removal Fix 1121

Countries’ Climate Pledges Are Built on Faulty Data 1121 - Actual emissions are commonly 1.5 to 3 times as much as many countries say they are.

Keeping New Climate Promises Brings 1.5°C Goal Closer—But Not in Reach 1121

Fuel Price Spikes, Covid Recovery May Push Clean Cooking Goals Out of Reach 1121

Brazil Says It Will Sign Global Pledge to Cut Methane Emissions 1121

The World Must Cut Its Emissions 7 X as Fast to Hit Climate Goals - UN 1021

Big Methane Plume Seen from Space on Day of Russian Pipe Repair 1021

CO2 Levels Set Record High in 2020, despite Pandemic Lockdowns 1021

Animal Meat Consumption Peak in 2030 - IPR Forecast 1021

Climate Pollution from Plastics to Outpace Coal Emissions in US by 2030 - 1021

Cement Makers across World Pledge Large Cut in Emissions by 2030 - 1021

More Than 30 Countries Join U.S. Pledge to Slash Methane Emissions 1021

The Cheap and Easy Climate Fix to Cool the Planet Fast  - Methane Control 1021

‘Digital Farming’ Aims to Cut Emissions, Toxic Runoff 1021

Reducing Healthcare Sector’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0921 - anesthesia: nitrous oxide, desflurane, sevoflurane.  Recycle instead of venting used gases.

Climate Change Is Literally Exploding the Ground in Siberia.  It Will Get Worse. 0921 - methane hiccups from permafrost

5 of Europe’s Airports Emit More CO2 Combined than Sweden 0921

EPA to Slash Use of Powerful Greenhouse Gases in Grocery Freezers 0921

Montreal Protocol Prevented Carbon Sink Losses 0921 - Fewer CFCs and HCFCs to warm the atmosphere

Many Measures of Earth’s Health Are at Worst Levels on Record - NOAA 0821 - Methane levels jumped by 14.8 ppb, the largest increase on record.  Mostly not from oil and gas operations.  Fear of feedbacks from natural sources.  The usual stuff about record heat, sea level rises, hurricanes, droughts, floods and forest fires.  CO2 levels set a new record, as usual.

Why Methane Is Climate’s Low-Hanging Invisible Fruit 0821 - Methane emissions generated from human activity could be cut by 45% by 2030 with readily available technology, a step that could avoid nearly 0.3°C (0.5°F) of warming by the 2040s, according to the UN global methane assessment.

If You Want to Tackle Climate Change, Start with Methane 0821

Reduce Methane or Face Climate Catastrophe, Scientists Warn 0821

Australian Wildfires Had Bigger Influence on Climate than Lockdowns 0721

U.S. Power Sector Sees Biggest 1-Year Emissions Drop in over 2 Decades 0721

Nitrous Oxide, Powerful Greenhouse Gas, Is on the Rise from Ocean Dead Zones 0721

House Votes to Reinstate Obama Methane Leak Rule for Oil, Gas Wells 0621

Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Exceed EPA Estimates 0621

Beijing Hit Peak Carbon Emissions in 2012, due to War on Pollution 0621

CO2 Reaches Highest Level In 4 Million Years 0621

Greenhouse Gases from Food Production Far Exceed Previous Estimates 0621

Despite Pandemic, CO2 Level in Atmosphere Hits Record High 0621

Covid Sent Australia’s CO2 Emissions in 2020 to Lowest Level in 30 Years 0521

Scott Morrison’s Claim Australia’s Emissions Are Falling Doesn’t Stack Up 0521

'Tree Farts' Increase Emissions in Drowning “Ghost” Forests 0521

China on Track for Peak Coal Use, Coal-Fired Capacity and Emissions by 2025 - 0521

Biden Admin Proposes Phasing Out HFC Refrigerants 0521

Why Aren’t More Companies Saving Money by Reducing Methane Emissions? 0521

China Now Exceeds Developed Nations Combined in Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0521

Reversing Warming Quickly Could Prevent Worst Climate Change Effects 0421

Senate Votes to Restore Obama’s Limits on Oil & Gas’ Methane Emissions 0421

Swift Action to Cut Methane Emissions Could Slow Earth’s Warming 30% - 0421

Halting the Vast Methane Release Is Critical for Climate, U.N. Says 0421 - oil & gas, waste and agriculture

Carbon Emissions to Soar in 2021 by 2nd Highest Rate in History 0421

Canada's Methane Emissions Are Likely Undercounted, and So, Harder to Cut 0421

CO2 in Atmosphere Has Spiked to Record-Setting New Level 0421

Quantifying the Environmental Cost of Abandoned Oil Wells 0421 - 40% of unplugged wells she tested in Colorado, Wyoming, Ohio, and Utah were emitting methane.  The EPA now estimates that abandoned US wells were spewing GHG emissions equivalent to burning more than 16 million barrels of oil a year, about 0.25% of US oil use.

China Generated over Half the World's Coal-Fired Electricity in 2020 - 0321

Congressional Democrats Aim to Reinstate Methane Rules for Oil and Gas Wells 0321

Feeding Cows Seaweed Could Slash Their Methane Emissions a Staggering 82% - 0321

The Texas Freeze Set Off a Methane Bomb 0321

Louisville Chemical Plant Damages Climate More than Every Car in the City 0321

What’s the Carbon Footprint of Lab-Grown Meat? 0321

Food Systems Are Responsible for 1/3 of Human-Caused Emissions 0321

Fossil Fuel Emissions Poised to Surpass Pre-Covid Levels 0321

Nations’ Emission Cut Pledges Are Far Too Meager to Halt Climate Change - UN 0221

1/3 of All Food in U.S. Gets Wasted.  Fixing That Could Slow Climate Change. 0221

Biden Wants to End HFC Climate Threat from Grocery Store Freezers 0221

Permian Kept Spewing Methane despite Drilling Slowdown, EDF Says 0221

New Climate Satellite Spotted Giant Methane Leak as It Happened 0221

Parts of Britain Are Already Hitting 2030 Carbon Targets 0221

UK North Sea Oil Rigs Release as Much CO2 as 1 GW Coal-Fired Power Plant 0221

Biden Moves to Dial Down America’s Soaring Methane Emissions 0121

Covid-19 Took a Bite from U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2020 - 0121

Germany Achieves Its 2020 Climate Targets, Using the Coronavirus Effect 0121

Emissions: Stories - 2020

Germany Seeks to Curb Global Emissions of N2O, a Climate Super-Pollutant 1220

Greenhouse Gases Reach New Record High, despite Covid Lockdown 1120

Major Oll and Gas Companies Join Program to Cut Methane Emissions 1120

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Set to Drop to Lowest Level since 1983 - 1120

Arizona’s Net-Zero Plan Unites Democrats and Republicans 1120

New Technology Claims to Pinpoint Even Small Methane Leaks from Space 1120

Cutting Greenhouse Gases from Food Production Is Urgent, Scientists Say 1120

Oil, Gas Lead New Mexico’s Carbon Emissions, as Renewables Sector Grows 1120

Global Emissions Likely Peaked in 2019, Report Finds 1020

Belching Cows and Endless Feedlots - Fixing Cattle’s Climate Issues 1020 - grass vs corn fed, speed up life cycle from calf to steak, N2O-CH4 trade-off, dietary supplements to reduce enteric fermentation

Does the EU’s Methane Strategy Go Far Enough? 1020

Global Methane Hot Spot Numbers Soared in 2020, despite Economic Slowdown 1020

Fertilizer Use Is Fueling Climate-Warming Nitrous Oxide Emissions 1020

EU's Farm Animals Produce More Emissions than Cars and Vans Combined 0920

Senators Agree to Slash Use of Potent Hydrofluorocarbon Greenhouse Gases 0920

Arctic Wildfires Emit 35% More CO2 to August 24, 2020 than for All of 2019 - 0820

Covid Pushes Australian Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Lowest Level since 1998 - 0820

Canada Curbs Methane Emissions That Are Bigger Problem than Thought 0820

41 States Have Cut Their Carbon Emissions while Growing Their Economies 0720

Cow Burps, Leaky Pipelines Put Earth on High-End Warming Track 0720

Global Methane Emissions Reach a Record High 0720

Better Food for World's Poor Could Hike Climate-Changing Emissions 0720

Meat and Dairy Production Emit More Nitrogen than Earth Can Cope with 0720

IEA Warns that World Won't Hit Climate Goals without Rapid Energy Innovation 0720

Pollution Set to Fall in EU This Year to the Lowest in Decades 0620

China’s CO2 Emissions in 2019 Rose the Fastest Since 2011 0620

Emissions Are Surging Back as Countries and States Reopen 0620

Study Shows Today's CO2 Levels Greater than 23 Million-Year Record 0620

'Surprisingly Rapid' Rebound in Carbon Emissions Post-Lockdown 0620

Earth’s CO2 Levels Hit Record High, despite Covid-Related Emissions Drop 0602

Global CO2 Has Risen for a Century.  That Appears to Be Over. 0620

Deforestation Boosts Brazil Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Global Emissions Fall 0520

Global Emissions Plunged Unprecedented 17% during Covid-19 Pandemic 0520

India Carbon Emissions Seen Falling 1st Time in 4 Decades 0520

Is Gas Really Better than Coal for the Climate? 0520 - Methane leaks, bigger than thought, at wells mostly offset advantages over coal during burning.

Covid-19 Drives Global CO2 Emissions Down to Levels Last Seen 10 Years Ago 0420

When the Flames Go Out, the Permian’s Methane Problem Worsens 0420

Permian Oil Fields Leak Enough Methane for 7 Million Homes 0420

Emissions Are Way Down.  That’s Not All Good News for the Environment. 0420

3 Workable Strategies for Putting a Big Dent in Methane 0420 - improve waste management, repair leaks, modify agricultural practices

Exxon Changes Its Methane Math 0420 - measures (8 new ways) and repair leaks

Japan Revises Down Emission Figures Cut by Renewables, Nuclear 0420 - down 5 years in a row, 3.9% most recently

Carbon Emissions from Fossil Fuels Could Fall 2.5 Billion Tonnes in 2020 - 0420 - from 36.8 billion tonnes

Exxon Mobil to Reduce Methane Emissions at 1,000 Permian Basin Sites 0420

Biggest Drop in CO2 Emissions since WWII Has Little Impact on Climate Change 0420

Methane Emissions Hit a New Record and Scientists Can’t Say Why 0420

U.S. Slashes Carbon Emissions Forecast, as People Stay Home 0420

Germany Cut Carbon Emissions 6.3% in 2019 - 0320

Coal Mines Emit More Methane than Oil-and-Gas Sector 0320

Long Phased-Out CFCs Still Widely Used and Warming the Climate 0320

Carbon Emissions Fall as Electricity Producers Move Away from Coal 0320

Black Carbon Levels Spike at Himalayan Glacier 0320 400-fold increase in summer, from forest fires & burning field stubble

The Coronavirus and Carbon Emissions 0220 China’s coal use dropped enough to power New York for a year.  It may hinder efforts to green the eonomy going forward.

Worst Emissions Scenario ‘Exceedingly Unlikely’ 0120

Australia’s CO2 Emissions Double due to Unprecedented Bush Fires 0120

Shocking Rise in Levels of Potent Greenhouse Gas HFC-23 - 0120

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fell Slightly in 2019 - 0120

Emissions: Stories - 2019

Ohio Natural Gas Well Blowout Leaked More Methane than 25 of EU Nations in a Year 1219

Move Over, Coal.  Gas Now Emits More CO2 in U.S. 1219

CO2 Emissions Hit a Record in 2019, Even as Coal Fades 1219

Paris Agreement Targets Need to Be 5 Times Stronger to Actually Work 1119

World’s Emissions Gap Is Growing, with No Sign of Peaking Soon, UN Warns 1119

Fossil Fuel Production on Track for Double the Safe Climate Limit 1119

New Methane Detection Technologies Can Slash Natural Gas Leaks 1019

One California Wildfire is Spewing Enough Smoke to Rival 320,000 Cars 1019

SUVs Are 2nd Biggest Cause of Emissions Rise, Figures Reveal 1019

Healthy Diet Means a Healthy Planet, Study Shows 1019

Carbon-Intensive Cement Industry Feeling the Heat 0919

Chasing the Methane Dragon That Lurks in the Deep Sea 0919

If Carbon Offsets Require Forests to Stay Standing, What Happens When the Amazon Is on Fire? 0819

Electric Vehicles Can Reduce Colorado’s Emissions More than Anything Else 0819

Fracking Is Causing Rise in Methane Emission 0819

Black Carbon (Soot) Is Warming the Planet Even Faster than CO2 - 0819

Loss of Arctic’s Reflective Sea Ice Will Advance Global Warming by 25 Years 0819

To Better Grasp Nuclear Winter, Scientists Study Arctic Wildfire Cloud 0819

Fossil Fuel Burning Leaps to New Record, Crushing Clean Energy, Climate Efforts 0719

Going Vegetarian, Controlling Land Use Are Key to Climate Crisis - IPCC Leak 0819

Arctic Wildfires Continue to Burn, Releasing Record Amounts of CO2 - 0719

Existing Fossil Fuel Plants Will Push the World past 1.5°C 0719

Booming LNG Industry Could Be as Bad for Climate as Coal 0719

Chemists Work to Cut CO2 from Ammonia Production, #1 Industrial Emitter 0619

Industrial Methane Emissions Are 100 times Higher than Reported 0619

EU CO2 Emission Significantly Decreased in 2018, Not So in Norway 0619

Latest Data Shows Steep Rises in CO2 for 7th Year 0619

CO2 Soars Far past Any Levels Seen in Last 800,000 Years 0519

Methane Being Released Faster than Ever 0519

Middle America Cuts Greenhouse Gas from the Grid, Agriculture, Transportation 0519

415 - the Most Dangerous Number 0519 -  CO2 ppm like 3 million years ago, when sea levels were 50+ feet higher (no Greenland or W Antarctic ice) & beech forests grew near the South Pole

North American Drilling Boom Threatens Big Blow to Climate Efforts 0419

IEA Challenged to Address Limits to Negative Emissions 0419

Climate Change Targets Are Slipping Out of Reach 0419

CO2 Levels at Highest for 3 Million Years – When Seas Were 20 Meters Higher 0419 - take 1 on study

The Last Time CO2 Levels Were This High, Trees Grew at the South Pole 0419 - take 2

German Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fall for the 1st Time in 4 Years 0419

Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High in 2018 - IEA 0319

UK’s Fracking Plan ‘Will Release Same CO2 as 300 Million New Cars’ 0319

Resource Extraction Responsible for Over 1/2 of World’s Carbon Emissions 0319

Shell Urges Trump White House to Tighten Methane Leak Rules 0319

Vanishing Climate Safety Window—Here’s Why 0319

Our Planet Just Set a Scary New CO2 Record 0319 - earliest month in which ppm record from previous year was broken

Aussie Emissions Keep Rising, as LNG Jump Counters Power Plant Drop 0219

CO2 Emissions Fall in 18 Countries with Strong Policies 0219: the moral - Strong policies work.

New NASA Study Confirms Methane Spike Tied to Oil and Gas 0119

Fossil Fuels, Not Wildfires, Biggest Source of Soot, a Key Arctic Climate Pollutant 0219

Climate Action Relied on Natural Gas.  Then CO2 Spiked. 0119

America's Oil Boom Is Terrible for the Climate 0119

U.S. Carbon Emissions Up as Trump Agenda Rolls Back Climate Change Work 0119

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Emissions: Stories - 2018

The Cement Industry, a Top CO2 Emitter, Pledges to Cut Its Emissions 1218

Cars and Coal Help Drive 'Strong' CO2 Rise in 2018 - 1218

Carbon Emissions from Rich Nations Set to Rise in 2018 - IEA 1218

CO2 Emissions Rising for 1st Time in 4 Years 1118

Greenhouse Gas Concentrations at New Record High 1118

No G20 Countries Are Meeting Climate Targets, Says Report 1118

China, Russia and Canada Policies Threaten 5°C Warming, US and Australia 4° - 1118

Bending the Curve Analogy for Methane and CO2 Roles in Climate Change 1018 - reduce CO2 AND CH4, etc.

Climate Change Will Get Worse.  These Investors Are Betting on It. 1018

World 'Nowhere Near on Track' to Avoid Warming beyond 1.5°C Target 0918

How to Know How Much Carbon Is Being Emitted? 0918

China Carbon Emissions in Retreat, after ‘Structural Break' in Economy 0718

These Are the Toughest Emissions to Cut, a Big Chunk of the Climate Problem 0618 - unduly pessimistic view?

US Is about to Miss a Big Obama-Era Climate Goal, as Trump Dismantles Policies 0618

CO2 Levels Break Another Record, Exceeding 411 Parts Per Million 0618

U.S. Industries Ask Trump Administration to Endorse Global Hydrofluorocarbon Deal 0618

Can the U.S. Meet Paris Climate Goals despite Trump? Yes. 0518

Avoiding Meat and Dairy Is ‘Single Biggest Way’ to Reduce Your Impact on Earth 0518

Exxon to Cut Methane Emissions in Bid to Tackle Climate Change 0518

How the ‘Carbon Budget' Is Causing Problems 0518 - many factors in wide error bars.  Un-consensus on central estimates

Unknown Source Ramps Up Ozone-Destroying CFC Production 0518

Gas Boom Fuels Australia's 3rd Straight Year of Rising Emissions 0518

Tourism's Carbon Impact 3 x Larger than Estimated 0518 - Count also activities, food & lodging at destinations.

Scientists Find New Climate ‘Feedback Loop’ in Lakes 0518

Humans Didn’t Exist the Last Time Earth Had This Much CO2 in the Air 0518

Here’s What Scott Pruitt Freezing Fuel Economy Standards Would Do 0518

Earth’s Atmosphere Just Passed 410 PPM of CO2 - 0518

Scientists Struggle to Explain a Worrying Rise in Atmospheric Methane 0418

Can the World Kick Its Fossil-Fuel Addiction Fast Enough? 0418 - drought in China, faster growth in 3rd world yield world 1.5% CO2 emissions increase in 2017.

World Agrees to Cut Shipping Emissions 50% by 2050 - 0418

Environmental Defense Fund’s Satellite Will Learn More about Methane Leaks 0418

Cement Industry Urged to Reduce ‘Invisible' Global Emissions 0418

Turning Food Waste to Animal Feed Could Take Chunk from Livestock Emissions 0418

Wyoming Judge Rules Oil and Gas Firms Need Not Comply with Methane Emissions Rule 0418

California Bans Climate-Warming HFCs in New Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration 0318

China Has Met Its 2020 Carbon Target 3 Years Early 0318

Global Emissions Rose in 2017, but U.S. and China Both Made Progress 0318

Last Year Dashed Hopes for a Climate Change Turnaround 0318

World's Happiest Country Also Has No Carbon Emissions 0318

Decade-Long Study Helps 21 Million Chinese Farmers Cut Fertilizer Use, GHGs 0318

When Bogs Burn, the Environment Takes a Hit 0318    

Countries Are Falling Short on Their Modest Climate-Change Promises from Paris 0218

Methane Leaks Measured at Pennsylvania Oil, Gas Sites Are 5 x Reported 0218

Cars and Trucks Are America’s Biggest CO2 Emitters for the 2nd Year in a Row 0118

Emissions: Stories - 2017

9 Northeast States Accelerate Carbon Pollution Reduction 1217

Trump Will Suspend a Rule to Limit a Pollutant Far Worse than CO2 - 1217

Across the World, if You Eat for Your Health, You'll Help the Planet 1217 - biggest factor: less meat means less CO2

Fossil CO2 Emissions to Reach All-Time High in 2017 and 2018 - 1117

Switching to Organic Farming Could Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1117

Carbon Emissions Had Leveled Off.  Now They're Rising Again 1117

UN Warns of ‘Unacceptable' Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap 1017

Global Atmospheric CO2 Levels in 2016 Were Highest in 3-5 Million Years 1017

Carbon Intensity of Global Economy Falls, but Not Fast Enough 1017

Global Carbon Emissions Stood Still in 2016 - 0917

Exxon Promises to Cut Methane Leaks from U.S. Shale Oil and Gas Operations 0917

Big Oil Becomes Greener with Progress in Cutting Pollution 0917

USDoE Forecasts Global Emissions Growth, Thwarting Paris Pact 0917

Better Technology to Look for Methane Leaks 0917

Record Drop in Aussie Electric Emissions Offset by Rises in Other Sectors 0917

Germany Set to Miss 2020 Climate Goals by Far 0917

Breakthrough on Nitrogen Generation to Impact Climate-Change Research 0817 - nitrous oxide - N2O

It’s Time to Start Talking about “Negative” CO2 Emissions 0817

Massive El Niño Sent Greenhouse-Gas Emissions Soaring 0817

Australia's Carbon Pollution Soars, Government Data Shows 0817

Methane Seeps Out as Arctic Permafrost Starts to Resemble Swiss Cheese 0717

Growth in Greenhouse Gas Levels Spiked in 2016, Federal Scientists Report 0717

Mexico’s Methane Emissions Threaten the Environment 0717

US May Still Meet Paris Accord Targets, UN Chief Says 0717

U.S.-China Beef Deal Puts Higher Emissions on the Menu 0617

U.S. Power Plant Emissions Fall to Near 1990 Levels 0617

Global Energy Use Stumbles for 3rd year - BP 0617

2nd Biggest Jump in Annual CO2 Levels Reported 0617

China, India to Reach Climate Goals Years Early, as U.S. Likely to Fall Far Short 0517

World Lags on Clean Energy Goals 0517

Obama Sees New Front in Climate Change Battle - Agriculture 0517

Thawing Alaska Permafrost Sends Autumn CO2 Emissions Surging 0517

Trump's Climate Cuts Could Result in Half-Billion Extra Tons of CO2 in the Air 0417

Converting Coal Would Help China's Smog at Climate's Expense 0417

Will Methane Reductions Continue under Trump? 0417

After Years of Soaring Growth, Asia's Fuel Demand Falters 0417

Electricity’s Carbon Footprint in U.S. Shrinks, Sets Record 0417

The Climate Could Hit a State Unseen in 50 Million Years 0417 - based mostly on continued human CO2 emissions

Renewables Cut Europe's Carbon Emissions by 10% in 2015, Says EEA 0417

Trump Repeal of Climate Rules Means U.S. Paris Target Now May Be Out of Reach 0317
     - But maybe not,  We’re already 56% of the way there, in 55% of the time so far.

Less Beef, etc. Dropped Americans' Dietary Carbon Emissions 9% in 9 Years 0317

February Was 2nd Hottest on Record, despite Flat Global CO2 Emissions 0317

CO2 Levels Are Now Highest since 3 to 5 Million Years Ago 1016

Energy Carbon Emissions in 2016 Flat for 3rd year - IEA 0317

Airplanes Flying on Biofuels Emit Fewer Climate-Warming Particles 0317

CO2 Level in the Air Is Rising at the Fastest Rate Ever Recorded 0317

Coal Collapse Drives Down UK Carbon Emissions to 1894 Level 0317

Australia's Carbon Emissions Jump, as Coal-Fired Power Ramps Up 0217

Climate-Friendlier Air Conditioning Chemicals Hard to Find 0217

The One Greenhouse Gas That's On the Rise - HFCs 0217

America’s Climate Pollution is Falling, EPA Report Says 0217

Electric Cars and Cheap Solar ‘Could Halt Fossil Fuel Growth by 2020’ - 0217

Power Sector Emissions Drop below Transportation Ones for 1st time in 40 Years 0117

Methane May Not Last Long in the Air, but It Drives Sea Level Rise for Centuries 0117 - (So does CO2, of course.)

1 Year from Today, We’ll Have Blown the World’s Entire Carbon Budget 0117 - Actually, we blew thru it about 1970.  The article’s view of the carbon budget, and future warming, is based on neglecting non-GHG feedbacks and effects.  Most notable are albedo (reflectivity) changes from less sulfur, sea ice, snow, clouds, and land ice.  Also notable are (1) feedbacks from warming from those abedo changes increasing atmospheric levels of H2O, the #1 greenhouse gas, and (2) delayed surface warming as the deep ocean warms over centuries, until equilibrium is re-establlished with the surface and top of the atmosphere.  The pre-civilization climate record is clear that these “long-term” effects are large, larger than (about 2 x) the short-term effects of human greenhouse gases alone.

Climate Change Devastation in the Ruins of Aleppo - High CO2 Concrete 0117

Exxon Predicts Energy Demand Up 25% by 2040 - 0117

U.S. on Track to Become Net Energy Exporter by 2026 - 0117

Carpooling Apps Could Slash Congestion, Fuel Use, and Emissions 0117

Side Effect of California's Drought - More CO2, Less Hydro


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Emissions: Stories - 2016

China Fines 605 Power Plants $47 Million for Environmental Breaches 1216

China Energy Consumption Up 1.4% in 2016 - 1216

It’s Time to Double Down on Humankind’s Methane Emissions 1216

IEA Cuts Coal Demand Forecast for 5th Year in a Row 1216

Atmospheric Levels of Methane, that Potent Greenhouse Gas, Are Spiking 1216

IEA Cuts Coal Growth Outlook in Half, as China Peaks 1116

Global Carbon Growth Stalls, as US Coal Continues to Slump 1116

Deforestation Forces Up Brazil’s Carbon Emissions 1116

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Set to Bust Global Climate Pact in 2030 - U.N. 1116

Sewage Plants Are Overlooked Source of CO2 - 1116

Global Carbon Intensity Falls, on Declining Coal Use 1116

Australia's Coal Seam Gas Emissions May Be Vastly Underestimated 1016

Methane Riddle - What Is Causing the Rise in Emissions? 1016 - tropics, esp. rice & swamps, after floods

Scientists Find 500 More U.S. Seabed Methane Vents 1016

Nations Agree to Landmark Deal to Cut HFCs, Potent Greenhouse Gases 1016

Record Warmth Helps Shrink U.S. Carbon Emissions 1016

Emerging Climate Accord Could Push A/C Out of Sweltering India’s Reach 1016

Global Demand for Energy Will Peak in 2030, Says World Energy Council 1016

191 Countries Strike Deal to Cut Aircraft Emissions 1016

Methane Leaks Declining, Even as Natural Gas Production Grows 1016

Scientists May Have Solved Key Mystery about Earth’s Methane Emissions 0916 - gas & oil wells - fracking

Natural Gas’ CO2 Emissions in US Will Surpass Coal’s in 2016 – EIA 0816

China May Be Entering “Post-Coal Growth.”  But Don’t Get Too Excited. 0816

China's Coal Use May Have Peaked in 2013-2014 - 0816

As Peat Bogs Burn, a Climate Threat Rises 0816

2015 Set Frenzy of Climate Records 0816 - CO2 passed 400 ppm, with biggest annual rise (3.1 ppm) on record

China's Coal Peak Hailed as Turning Point in Climate Change Battle 0716

Efficiency, Clean Energy Put Dent in US CO2 Emissions 0716 - lowest since 1987

Negative Emissions Key to Meeting 2°C Threshold 0716 - bio-energy with carbon capture and storage.  Just cutting emissions under the Paris agreement may not be enough to keep global warming from blasting past 2°C. - NCAR study

Leaking Coal Seam Gas Fields May Blow Hole in Emissions Goals 0716

Warmer Winters Play Important Role in EU Emissions Drop 0616

Cars Buck Downward Trend of EU Carbon Emissions 0616

China's Plan to Cut Meat Consumption by 50% Cheered by Climate Campaigners 0616

Climate Impacts from Farming Are Getting Worse 0616

CO2 Levels in Atmosphere Forecast to Shatter Milestone 0616

World Carbon Emissions Stopped Growing in 2015, Says BP 0616

World's CO2 Concentration Teetering on the Point of No Return 0516 - Passing 400 ppm on a 1-way journey up.

New York Bill Would Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 - 0516

Feeding Antibiotics to Farm Animals May Worsen Climate Change 0516
     Methanogen gut bacteria survive them better than other gut bacteria.

Crocodiles and Palm Trees in the Arctic?  New Report Suggests Yes. 0516 - Take 1 on study

Burning All Fossil Fuels Could Yield Global Warmth Not Seen in 65 Million Years 0516 - Take 2 on study

World Could Warm by Massive 10°C, if All Fossil Fuels Are Burned 0516 - Take 3 on study

Global Warming to Spur More Fires in Alaska, in Turn Causing More Warming 0516

EPA Begins Crackdown on Methane Emissions 0516

Bakken Oil Field Leaks 275,000 Tons of Methane Yearly 0516

Where Are Climate Goals in EIA Energy Outlook?  It’s Complicated 0516

CO2 Emissions from US Energy Sector Fall 12% since 2005 - 0516

Why We’re Still So Incredibly Confused about Methane’s Role in Global Warming 0516

World Governments Vow to End Fossil Fuel Era, at UN Climate Signing Ceremony 0416

Australia’s Air Pollution Increases 69%, as Coal Named Top Polluter 0416

China’s Carbon Emissions May Have Peaked, but It’s Hazy 0416

Rapid Decline of Coal Use Leads to 4% Drop in UK Emissions 0316

IEA Reveals World CO2 Emissions Stalled in 2015 - 0316

Too Early to Hail Dip in China's CO2, despite Coal Use Fall 0316

China's Polluted Hebei Promises Clean-up for 2022 Winter Games 0316

Carbon Emissions Rate Highest in at Least 66 Million Years, since Dinosaurs 0316

There’s Hope!  Global CO2 Emissions Stall for 2nd Year, while Economy Grows. 0316

Atmospheric CO2 Levels Show a Startling Increase 0316

China Could Be Way ahead of Schedule to Peak Carbon Emissions by 2030 - 0316

Obama Seeks Tighter Rules on Methane Emissions from Oil, Gas Drillers 0316

Mystery of the Global Methane Rise - Asian Agriculture or U.S. Fracking? 0316

China Sets Cap for Energy Consumption for 1st Time 0316

Making Concrete Green - Re-inventing the World's Most Used Synthetic Material 0316

US Utilities Cut Coal Use, amid Clean Power Plan Fight 0316

2nd Year of China Coal Cuts Might Bring Its Emissions Peak Closer 0316

Cheap Natural Gas Leads to More Petrochemical Plants and Pollution 0216

Study Calls For Leaner ‘Carbon Budget’ to Slow Warming 0216

California Gas Leak Was Worst Greenhouse-Gas Disaster in US History 0216

U.S. Energy Industry Emits More Methane than Thought - EPA Chief 0216

20 States Ask Supreme Court to Block EPA’s Mercury Air Pollution Rule 0216

Greenhouse Gas Cuts May Prevent 295,000 US Deaths by 2030 - 0216

UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions Drop 8% - 0216

Australian Emissions Rising toward Historical Highs, Won’t Peak before 2030 - 0216

Are Current Policies Enough to Hit US Climate Goals?  Wonks Say No. 0116

BLM Rule to Cut Back Methane Waste Draws Quick Fire 0116

False Emissions Reporting Undermines China’s Pollution Fight 0116

Indonesia’s Fires Blamed for Potent Greenhouse Gases 0116

Rice Growers on the Front Lines of U.S. Carbon Markets 0116

China's Coal-Burning in Significant Decline, Figures Show 0116

False Emissions Reporting Undermines China's Pollution Fight 0116

Southeast Asia Burns Up the Ranks of Global Polluters 0116 - % increase exceeds South Asia’s, & China’s even more

SoCalGas Ordered to Offset the Climate Damage from Its Methane Leak 0116

ConocoPhillips Slashed Methane Emissions 23% in 2014 - 0116

State of Emergency at California’s Porter Ranch, amid Massive Methane Leak 0116


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Emissions: Stories - 2015

Australia's Carbon Emissions Jump in 2015 - 1215

Paris Climate Goals Mean Emissions Need to Drop Below Zero 1215

Critical Mass of States Will Reach Emissions Peak by 2030 under Climate Deal 1215

Global Emissions to Fall for 1st Time during a Period of Economic Growth 1215 - take 1 on study

Carbon Emissions 'to Stall or Even Decline' This Year 1215                                 - take 2 on study

2400 Coal-Fired Power Plants Planned Despite Climate-Friendly Pledges 1215

Experts Cite Looming Risk from Industrial Coolants, Methane 1215

Better Manure Management to Help Cut EU Farm Emissions by 2025 - 1215

CO2 Levels Hit Record High for 30th Year in a Row - WMO 1115

Global Emissions Nearly Stall after a Decade of Rapid Growth 1115 - Dutch agency says 2014 CO2 was 0.5% > 2013’s. Contrast with IEA (~0.0%).

China’s Official SO2 Emissions Last Year Should Be Revised 55-60% Higher 1115
- Only power plant emissions were counted.

CO2 Hits 400 PPM Milestone, Fueling Worries about Climate Change 1115

China Burns Much More Coal Than Reported, Complicating Climate Talks 1115 -
     up to 17% more, as many factories didn’t report, going back to 2000.

Volkswagen Says 800,000 Cars May Have False CO2 Levels 1115

Indonesia's Peat Fires Make It World’s 4th-Largest Carbon Emitter 1015

Environmentalists, Energy Companies Lobby on Coming Methane Rule 1015

Study Targets Methane Leaks Between Underground Wells 1015

Europe's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fall to Record Low 1015

How Indonesia’s Gigantic Fires Are Making Global Warming Worse 1015 - Emissions exceed Germany’s or Japan’s.

ITF Calls for Global Rules for Ship Operators to Cut Emissions 1015

EU Climate Chief Hails Global Progress on Emissions 1015

China's Economic Shift to Aid Climate Fight but Packs a Commodity Punch 1015 -
     5-Year Plan may ban new coal plants.  Coal GWh down 9% for 1st 7 months.  Lack of transmission limits solar & wind.

Indonesian Forest Fires on Track to Emit More CO2 than UK 1015

India Leads Asia's Dash for Coal, as Emissions Blow East 1015

Cheap Goods from China Have High Carbon Cost 1015

California Air Board Aims to Cut Methane, Black Carbon, Refrigerant Emissions 1015

Chasm between Car CO2 Test Results and Real World 0915

Fading Coal Industry in China May Offer Chance to Aid Climate 0915

Chinese Cities Pledge Early Carbon Emissions Peak under Deal with U.S. 0915

Chinese Coal Data Cast Doubt on Historic Stalling of World CO2 - 0915
2.9% fewer tons of coal, but 0.6% more tons of CO2 from it.  Recent coal has higher carbon concentration (& more energy).

Paris Talks Won’t Hit Global Warming Target, UN Warns 0915

Study Predicts All Antarctic Ice to Melt if All Fossil Fuels Are Burned 0915

Replacing Old Gas Pipes Reduces Leaks 0915

Join the 4‰ Initiative Soils for Food Security and Climate 0915

Australia's Carbon Emissions Extend Rebound, Led by Coal-Fired Power 0915

Canada Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Electricity by 22% In 5 Years 0915

International Efforts to Cut Carbon Pollution Won't Be Enough 0815

Australia's Pollution Level Seen Rising Beyond Abbott's Target 0815

Russian Carbon-Credit Scheme Increased Greenhouse-Gas Emissions 0815

Assuming ’Wrong Type of Coal' Way Overestimated China's CO2 Emissions 0815

Your Meat-Eating Habit Is Killing More Than Just Cows 0815

Carbon Pollution From U.S. Power Plants Hits 27-Year Low 0815

Australia’s Electricity CO2 Emissions Leapt in July, Most in 10 Years 0815

Methane Leaks May Greatly Exceed Estimates, Report Says 0815

Emissions Underestimated from Fertilizing Crops 0715

Study Gets a Handle on US Gas Leaks - 80 Billion Cubic Feet 0715

Recession, Not Natural Gas, Drove Drop in US Emissions - Study 0715

New Mexico Dems Call for Tough New Methane Rule 0715

Demand for ‘Sustainable' Food Has Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0715
     Industrial scale “organic” farms cut corners, aren’t so organic.

States Cut Power Plant CO2 Emissions Ahead of New EPA Rule 0715

Warming Leads to Longer Flights, More Emissions 0715

North Texas Methane Emissions Underestimated 50% by EPA 0715

New Coal Plants ‘Most Urgent' Threat to the Planet, Warns OECD Head 0715

Waste Recycling Is a Key to Global Climate Protection 0615

Enough Natural Gas Is Leaking to Negate Climate Benefits 0615

Is Gas a Weapon in the Fight against Climate Change? 0615

China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Start to Fall within 10 Years 0615 - They fell 6% from 2013 to 2015.

How Europe’s Climate Policies Have Led to More Trees Being Cut Down in the US 0615

These 10 Billion Tons of Coal Could Erase Obama's Climate Change Progress 0515

Report - U.S. Can Make Good on Climate Pledge — Barely 0515

China's CO2 Emissions Have Been Plummeting Lately.  What's Going On? 0515 - war on coal? under-reporting?

CO2 Levels Rise Fast and High 0515

Over January-April, from 2014, China Cut Coal Use and CO2 as Much as UK Uses 0515 = 5% of China’s CO2

Australia’s New Coal Frontier - Mega Mines, Mega Emissions 0515

CO2 Levels Reach Global Milestone 0515 - 400 ppm

Current Carbon Pledges Won't Stop Dangerous Global Warming - Lord Stern 0515

Study Finds Low Cost to Reduce Methane Emissions 0415

Here’s What China Closing Coal-Power Plants Means for Emissions 0415

Japan's CO2 Emissions Hit 2nd-Highest on Record 0415

US Pledges a 26-28% Carbon Emissions Cut by 2025 - 0315

China’s Coal Consumption & CO2 Emissions Drop In 2014 - 0315

Global Energy-Related CO2 Emissions Stalled in 2014 - 0315

Global CO2 Emissions ‘Stalled' in 2014 - 0315

China's Coal Usage Targeted in New Energy Plan 0315

Carbon Emissions Stop Growing Globally 0315

Byron Bay Is 1st Regional Australian City to Commit to Zero Emissions 0315

Global CO2 Emissions ‘Stalled' in 2014 - 0315

UK Carbon Emissions Fell 9% in 2014 - 0315

China's ‘War' on Air Pollution May Release More CO2, with Scrubbers 0315

Is 'Net-Zero' Carbon Goal to Rescue the Climate Plausible? 0215

BP - Huge Rise in Energy Demand at Odds with Climate Change Fight 0215

Study Finds Relatively Low Methane Emissions from 3 Major US Gas Fields 0215

Brazil Climate Change Plan Backfires, Doubling Steel Emissions 0215

EU Energy Consumption Level Falls to 20-Year Low 0215

World Can Cut Carbon Emissions and Live Well 0115

U.N. Asks Countries for Climate Plans after Record Warm 2014 - 0115

China Cuts Energy Intensity by 4.8% in 2014 - 0115

2015 Begins With CO2 Above 400 PPM Mark 0115

Climate Mission Impossible - Scientists Say Fossil Fuels Must Go Untapped 0115

Australia’s Power Sector Emissions Jump as Carbon Tax Ends 0115


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Emissions: Stories - 2014

9 Reasons Not to Be Depressed about the Planet 1214

Australia Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fall to Record Low, Due to Carbon Tax 1214

China to Slow Down New Coal-to-Gas Projects a Lot, to Cut CO2 Emissions 1214

Global Coal Demand Growth to Slow in Next 5 Years, due to China, IEA Says 1214 - take #1 on IEA projections

Coal Demand Set to Break 9 Billion Tonne Barrier This Decade 1214 -                        take #2 on IEA projections

How Canada's Climate Change Record Compares to the Rest of the World 1214

Exxon Issues Energy Reality Check as UN Debates Emissions 1214

Germany's Planned CO2 Cuts to Dampen EU Demand for Certificates 1214

New South Wales EPA Study to Drill Down into Methane Emissions 1214

Russia May Cut CO2 Emissions 25-30% by 2030.   What Will India Do? 1114

Canada’s Oil Sands Emissions Extremely Low, Mistakenly Says IEA Chief Economist 1114

US Can Slash Its Fossil Fuel Emissions 85% By 2050 - 1114

Promised Carbon Emissions Cuts Not Enough to Prevent Warming 1114

Japan CO2 Emissions Worst on Record 1114

After Climate Pact, IEA Warns Fossil Fuel Trends Are Dire 1114

CO2 Is Worse Climate Pollution than CH4, Soot - 1114

China's Coal Use Is Actually Falling Now, for the 1st Time This Century 1014

Ships Will Bring Your iPhone from China, Plus Lots of Black Carbon. 1014

US Oil Exports Would Worsen Global Warming, GAO Auditors Say 1014

Powering up the Poor Shouldn't Hurt the Climate 1014

Scientists Refute Lower Emissions Claim for Fracking 1014

New Study Explains Why Fracking Won't Solve Climate Change 1014

US Considers Climate Change Plan That Would Mandate Emission Cuts 1014

Canada to Badly Miss 2020 Emissions-Cut Target 1014

China's Coal Imports Drop for 1st Time Since It Became Net Coal Importer 0914

Fracking’s Methane Emissions Fell 70% from 2011 to 2013 - 0914

US CO2 Emissions Up, Despite Obama Plans 0914

Emissions From India Will Increase, Official Says 0914

Earth Has 30 Years Before Carbon Budget Is Blown 0914

China Tops Europe for First Time in per-Capita CO2 Pollution 0914

US Sees 38% Jump in Global Oil Use by 2040 - 0914

Australia’s Carbon Emissions from Electricity Rise after Carbon Price Repeal 0914

China Pledges Emissions Cuts, Peak ASAP 0914

EPA May Force Drillers to Cut Methane Leaks, Chief Says  0914

GigaTons of Emissions from Power Plants Are Already Locked In, Study Says 0814

Greenhouse Gas Levels Rising at Fastest Rate Since 1984 - 0914

China's 'War on Pollution' Sees Coal Use Drop for First Time in a Century 0814

Cheap Airfare Swamps Industry's Emissions Cuts 0814

Air Quality Gains Could Be Eroded by Drought, Climate Change 0414

Eating Less Beef Seen Way for Farming to Reduce Carbon Emissions 0414

Air Pollution Linked to 7 Million (11% of) Deaths a Year Globally 0314

Growth in China’s Carbon Emissions Halved 0314

China Looks for Blue-Sky Solutions, as Smog Worsens 0214


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Emissions: Stories - 2013 & Earlier

U.S. Methane Emissions Exceeded Estimates 1113

Arctic Storms, Warming Mean More Methane Released 1113

Australia, Japan Likely to Offset Climate Gains in US, China 1113

Global CO2 Emissions to Reach 36 Billion Tonnes in 2013 - 1113

Golden Energy Age for Australia Will Cost the World Dearly 1113

Telling Secrets to Stop Flaring Natural Gas in U.S. Fracking Boom 1113

2 Australian Coal Mines Alone Will Emit More GHGs Than 52 Countries 1113

Annual CO2 Levels at Record High 1113

Emerging Economies Nearing Half of Global Warming Emissions 1013

Report Suggests Slowdown in CO2 Emissions Rise 1013

Carbon Cut-off Point Is 27 Years Away 1013

Could China’s Carbon Emissions Peak Sooner Than Expected?  1013

Trillion-Ton Cap - Allocating the World's Carbon Emissions 1013

Nepal Tackles Methane Emissions by Recycling Trash 1013

China Must Do Its Bit to Combat Climate Change, Says Ma Jun 1013

Without Nuclear Power, Japan CO2 Emissions Rise 1013

Expect Peak Coal in China by 2020 - Citibank 0913

Fossil Fuels Need to Stay Unburned to Meet Climate Target 0913

IPCC - Financial Markets Are the Only Hope to Stop Global Warming 0913

IPCC Endorses Ceiling on Global Emissions 0913

Halfway Point Already Reached Before Emissions Danger Zone 0913

What Happens When the US Isn’t the Biggest Gas Guzzler? 0913

The East is Grey 0813  - available on several other pages

Merkel’s Green Shift Backfires as German Pollution Jumps 0713

EU Committee Backs Ban on Potent Coolant GHGs 0613

China's Shijiazhuang Proposes Vehicle Restrictions to Reduce Smog 0613

Obama Readies Power Plant CO2 Emissions Limits 0613

Rich Chinese Export Pollution to Poorer China Regions 0613

World CO2 Emissions Rose 1.4% in 2012 - 0613

Global CO2 Levels Set to Pass 400 ppm Milestone 0413

EPA Methane Report Further Divides Fracking Camps 0413 

Industrialized Nations' Greenhouse Gas Emissions Dipped in 2011 - 0413 

China Had 68% of CO2 Growth 2000-10, India 8% - 0413

Emissions from Australia’s Power Sector Drop to Decade-Low 0413

CO2's Climb Speeds Up, But Many Still Play Ostrich 0313

EU Court Rebuffs Poland over CO2 Emissions 0313 

Scientists in US Report Big CO2 Jump for World 0313 

US Carbon Emissions Lowest Since 1994 - 0213 

China and Australia Top List of Carbon Bombs 0113 

China Reduced CO2 Intensity 3.5% in 2012 - 0113

Car Emissions Kills Millions in China & India 1212

China Lowers Carbon Intensity in 2012 - 1212

EU to Exceed Kyoto Emissions Reduction Goal 1012

Natural Gas Boom Drops US CO2 Emissions to 1992 Levels 0812

US Energy Demand to Slow to 2035 - 0612

Global CO2 Emissions Hit Record in 2011 - 0512

US CO2 to Stay Below 2005 Levels 0112

2010 World CO2 Emissions - Peters 0112 - PDF

Global Carbon Emissions Reach Record 10 Billion Tons 1211

Global GHG Emissions Rebounded in 2010 - 0811

2010 Emissions Assure Dangerous Climate Change 0511

     Thus, Total Warming by 2100 will be substantially more than shown in the diagram above: about 5 and 4°C.

RCP [Representative Concentration Pathways] Emission Scenarios - van Vuuren 0511 - PDF, 27 pp

More Warming Even if Emissions Stop 0211

CO2 Emissions Dip In 2009, Rise in 2010 - 1110 

US CO2 Fell 7% in 2009 - 0810

Global CO2 Emissions Fell 1.3% in 2009 - 0810

World GHGs Grew in 2007, 7th Year in a Row 1009

6% Fall in US CO2 for 2009 - 1009

US SO2 Emissions History 2004 - PDF, 36 pp

US GHG Summary 1990-2002 - 2004 - PDF, 24 pp


Offsets (not part of Cap & Trade, e.g., Corp's plant trees to offset Air Travel)

Tree Plantations Try to Offset Our Carbon Pollution. Here’s the Problem. 1023 - emphasis on lack of additionality, would have happened anyway.  Also tree species in plantations are wrong for most or all of the plantation land types.

Canada’s Explosive Wildfires Have Damaged a Forest Carbon Offset Project 0623

Ancient Amazon Charcoal Seen as Next Big Thing in Carbon Markets 0623

Chevron’s Carbon Offsets Are Mostly Junk and Some May Harm 0523

Deforestation Inc. - How 'Green' Firms Prevent Climate Action 0323

Finance Is Failing the World’s Best Defense against Climate Change 0223

A $39 Trillion Investor Alliance Gives Warning on Carbon Offsets 0223

Investor Group Bans Carbon Removal from CO2 Reduction Plans 0123

Africa Has a Major New Carbon Market Initiative 0123

More than 90% of Rainforest Carbon Offsets by Biggest Provider Are Worthless 0123

Capturing Carbon with Giant Algae Ponds in the Middle of the Desert 1122

Selling a Cleaner, Affordable Cooking Fuel, Ethanol, for Kenyan Homes 1122

Multi-Million $ Forest Regeneration Carbon Credits Yielded Fewer Trees 1122

Why the $100 per Ton Target for Carbon Removal May Be ‘Pure Fantasy' 1022

Airlines Are Misleading Flyers with Carbon-Neutral Claims 1022

Wildfires Are Destroying California's Forest Carbon Credit Reserves 0822

Cleaning Up Airline Travel Is Going to Be Really Expensive 0622

Let’s Not Pretend Planting Trees Is a Permanent Climate Solution 0622

In an Increasingly Warmer World, Trees Are Not a Climate Change Cure-All 0522

Companies Can Soon Start Paying the Bahamas to Store Carbon in the Ocean 0522

Qantas Places Burden of Cleaning Up Aviation on Sustainable Fuel 0322

Should You Buy Carbon Offsets for Your Air Travel? 0122

CoP26 Finally Set Rules on Carbon Markets. What Does It Mean? 1121

We Need a Bigger Planet to Fix the Climate with Trees 1121

Net Zero Commitments from Companies in Hard-to-Fix Sectors 1021

Will Russia’s Forests Be an Asset or an Obstacle in Climate Fight? 0721

Planting Trees “Doesn't Make Any Sense" in Fight against Climate Change 0721

Only 4-5% of Corn Belt Farmers Are Planting Crops to Store Carbon 0621

5 Things to Know about the Global Race to Net Zero 0621

The Fastest Ways Aviation Could Cut Emissions 0521

One of Canada’s Biggest Carbon Sinks Is Circling the Drain 0521

Shipping Now Faces the Highest Price on Carbon for Any Global Industry 0521

A Climate “Solution” Actually Adds Millions of Tons of CO2 to the Atmosphere 0421

Delta to Spend $30 Million to Offset Most of Its 2020 Impact on Climate 0321

Businesses Aim to Pull Greenhouse Gases from the Air 0121

United Airlines Turns to CO2 Removal Technology to Offset Emissions 1220

Are Carbon Markets for Farmers Worth the Hype? 0920

Why ‘Carbon Offsets’ Don’t Do All That They Promise 0820

Is Carbon Farming a Climate Boon or Boondoggle? 0620

Is Carbon Sequestration on Farms Actually Working to Fight Climate Change? 0420

Spanish Oil & Gas Company Vows to Become a Net-Zero Carbon Emitter 1219

If Carbon Offsets Require Forests to Stay Standing, What Happens When the Amazon Is on Fire? 0819

Stripe Inc. Says Offsets Aren’t Enough; It’s Time to Pay for Negative Emissions 0819

Scientists Zero in on Trees as a Surprisingly Large Source of Methane 0619

Why Carbon Credits for Forest Preservation may Be Worse than Nothing 0519

Lyft - “We are now a fully carbon-neutral company.” 0918

Grasslands May Be More Reliable Carbon Sinks than Forests in California 0718

This “Carbon Removal Marketplace” Will Make Buying Offsets Easier 0618

Hawaii Just Passed a Law to Make the State Carbon Neutral by 2045 - 0618

Climate Scientists Unlock Secrets of ‘Blue Carbon’ 0118

California - Taking the Economic Temperature 10 Years after A.B. 32 - 0916

Rice Growers on the Front Lines of U.S. Carbon Markets 0116

Forest Dieback Could Undermine U.S. Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions 1115

Rice Farmers Now Eligible for Carbon Offset Payments 0615

Could Forests Help States Offset Coal Plant Emissions under EPA Rule? Probably Not 0115

U.N. Carbon Offset Market to Be 'in a Coma' for Years 1113

Environmentalists Look to Carbon Markets to Slow Grassland Conversion 1113

California Air Rules Allow Business to Pay Someone Else to Slash Emissions 0813

Mangrove Conservation Is Economic 0812

Carbon Credit Scam 0812

How Much Carbon Does a Tropical Tree Sequester? 0710 - The average tropical tree will sequester ~25 kg, or 55 lbs, of carbon per year.  A hectare 

Climate Bill Impact on Agriculture Gets Clearer 1209

Services of Coral Reefs, Forests Worth Trillions 1109

Carbon Offset Markets to Grow 4x by 2015 - 1109

Storing Carbon in Forest Soils 0308

Global Warming & Agriculture 0307


GO TO PPM. .Emissions: Graphs. .Stories 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. .Investors. .Companies. .Public Opinion. .Solar-Rad-Mgmt. Misc.


Fossil Fuel Profits Can Easily Cover Climate Losses 1022

Half of World’s Fossil Fuel Assets Could Be Worthless by 2036 - 1121

What Climate Neutrality Will Cost Germany 0921

G.M.’s Electric Car Push Could Put China in the Driver’s Seat 0221

Coronavirus Crisis Could Cause $25 Trillion Fossil Fuel Industry Collapse 0620

The Green New Deal Is Cheaper than Climate Change 0919

The Climate Crisis Is Our 3rd World War.  It Needs a Bold Response. 0619

Renewable Energy Jobs in UK Plunge by 1/3 - 0519

Climate and Economic Risks ‘Threaten 2008-Style Systemic Collapse' 0219

Carbon Markets Pay Off for These States as New Businesses, Jobs Spring Up 0418

As Climate Costs Grow, Some See a Money-Making Opportunity 0418

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Are a Staggering $5 Trillion per Year 0817

Obama Emissions Rules Could Yield $300 Billion Annually by 2030 - 0817

Climate Policies Could Boost Economic Growth by 5%, OECD Says 0517

Renewable Energy Powers Jobs for Almost 10 Million People 0517

While Ohio Coal Employment Falls, Solar Jobs Double in Cleveland Area 0317

Clean Energy Is Now as Big as Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in the US 0317

There Are Now Twice as Many Solar Jobs as Coal Jobs in the US 0217

A Climate Change Economist Sounds the Alarm 0117

Cost of Global Warming ‘Is Worse than I Feared’ - Nicholas Stern 1116

10 Years On from the Stern Report - Low-Carbon Future Is ‘Only One Available’ 1016

More Coal Plants Will Deepen Poverty - Not Cut It, Researchers Warn 1016

Climate Change May Trigger Next Financial Crisis, Bank of England’s Fisher Says 1016

Global Economy Could ‘Self-Destruct' if World Carries On Burning Fossil Fuels 1016

California - Taking the Economic Temperature 10 Years after A.B. 32 - 0916

$8 Trillion Disagreement over Cost to Rid America of Fossil Fuel

Clean Energy Groups See Opportunities in Clinton's Jobs Plan 0716

The Coal Industry Collapsed—Is Oil Next? 0716

Coal’s Price Seen Surging, as China Production Cuts Collide With La Niña 0716

Canada's Energy Superpower Status Threatened, as World Shifts off Fossil Fuel 0516

Global Water Shortages to Deliver ‘Severe Hit' to Economies, World Bank Warns 0516  7-14% GDP losses, by region

An Oilman’s $7 Billion Course in the Economics of Drilling and Climate Change 0316

By Fighting Rooftop Solar, Utilities Set Themselves Up for Worse to Come 0216

Switch to Clean Energy Can Be Fast and Cheap 0116

Exxon Sees a World with Less Carbon, with Higher-Cost Emissions 0116

Climate Change Disaster Is Biggest Threat to Global Economy in 2016 - Experts 0116

Arch Coal, 2nd Largest Coal Miner in US, Files for Bankruptcy 0116

Cut Global Emissions by Cutting Fossil-Fuel Subsidies 1215

Paris Climate Accord Is a Big, Big Deal (2.8¢/kWh Wind & 4.2 Solar) 1215

Climate Change Action Won't Kill the Economy after All 1215

Big Oil, Make Way for Big Solar - the Winners and Losers in Paris 1215

Rich Nations' Fossil Fuel Subsidies Exceed Climate Aid by 40 to 1 - 1215

Solar Power May Be Cheaper than Coal in India by 2020 - 1115

Poor Nations Need Support to Cut Emissions from Farming 1115

Warning - Oil Company Defaults Are Coming 1115

Why a Paris Climate Agreement Could Actually Be Very Good for the U.S. 1115

How to Stop Deforestation?  Make ‘Good Stuff' Cheaper 0915

Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Won't Slow Global Economic Growth 0915

Enormous Social Cost of Cheap Coal 0915

US and Australian Taxpayers Pay Billions a Year to Fund Coal 0915

Climate Benefits from Electric Car Equals $425, Study Says 0915 - < $0 in coal states.  Car battery’s cabin heat problem.

These Clean Energy Investments Could Save the World’s Cities $ Trillions 0915

This Ohio Utility Has Plan to Save Coal Power - Force Customers to Buy It 0915

$190 Trillion Spending to Slow Warming, vs $192 Trillion for Business as Usual 0815

Developing Nations Need $133 Billion Geothermal Investment by 2030 - 0815

Why Wind and Solar Are Already Better Value than Fossil Fuels 0815

The Huge Hidden Costs of Our Fossil-Fueled Economy 0815

Carbon Caps Help Northeast Economy 0715

Al Gore Says Climate Change Fight Will Spur Global Economic Growth 0715

Energy Taxes Are Misaligned with Environmental Impacts of Energy Use 0615

Former BP Boss, Tony Hayward, Calls for an End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies 0515

$5.3 Trillion in Coal, Oil, Gas Subsidies Exceed Public Health Spending 0515

New Climate Deal Seen Aiding GDP, Lacking Sanctions - U.N. Chief 0515

Climate Change Is a 'Fundamental Threat', World Bank Says 0415

Renewable Energy Surge Revives Europe's Power Trade 0415

Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables 0415

Oil Industry Has Few Climate Skeptics, Favors Carbon Tax 0415

US Coal Industry Lost Nearly 50,000 Jobs in Just 5 Years 0415         

Limiting Climate Change Could Have Huge Economic Benefits 0315

The New Optimism of Al Gore 0315

Report Just Shot Down Key Argument Against Pres. Obama’s Climate Plans 0215 - no shortage of gas pipeline capacity

One Upside of Cheap Oil - Countries Are Ditching Their Fossil-Fuel Subsidies 0115

Seize the Day - Tax Carbon, End Fossil Fuel Subsidies 0115

There Are About as Many US Solar Jobs as Coal Ones 0115

Too Dirty For The USA - High-Pollution Fuels Exported 0115

9 Reasons Not to Be Depressed about the Planet 1214

South American Commodity Boom Drives Deforestation and Land Conflicts 1214

Canada’s Green Energy Sector Jobs Surpass Total Oil Sands Employment 1214

Energy Efficiency, Renewables Are Lowest Risk/Cost Utility Investments 1214

Stringent Emission Rules Change the Way Energy Is Delivered 1114

Keystone Left Behind as Canadian Oil Pours into U.S. 1114

China Must Change Economy to Meet Climate Targets 1114

$550 Billion Fossil Fuels Subsidies Hurt Renewables 1114

Economic Benefits of Preventing Global Warming Open New Front in Debate 0914

Challenging the Economics of Climate Solutions 0914

The Benefits of Easing Climate Change 0914

Government Auditors Say 'Social Cost of Carbon' Is by the Book 0814

How Ignoring Climate Change Could Sink the U.S. Economy - Rubin 0714

The Coming Climate Crash - Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession - Paulson 0614

Climate Change to Hit Sovereign Creditworthiness - S&P 0514

U.S. Electricity Prices May Be Going Up for Good 0414

Climate Costs 'May Prove Much Higher’ 0414

Costs of Climate Change Steep, But Tough to Tally 0314

Extreme Weather In Canada in 2013 Cost Insurers Billions 0114

Cool Head on Global Warming 1113

'Liconomics'- China's Green Revolution Arrives 0813

Microwave Oven Rule Shows Obama’s Climate Policies 0613

Rise in Carbon Costs Used to Analyze Rules 0613 

US Carbon Price Backed by Independent Office 0513 

Firms Own Unburnable Fossil Fuels 0413 - summary of the report below

Unburnable Carbon: Wasted Capital and Stranded Assets - Grantham Inst. 0413 - PDF, 40 pages

Obama Budget Promises Action on Climate Change 0413 

Asia's Soaring Energy Use Poses Major Economic, Climate, Health Risks 0413 

IMF - Get Rid of $1.9 Trillion Fossil Fuel Subsidies 0313

New York State Sees Climate Change as Risk to Bondholders 0313 

Climate Risk to Nest Egg 0313 

Billionaire Plans Effort to Calculate Cost of Climate Inaction 0313 

Climate Action Could Halve Energy Firms' Net Worth 0213 

Curbing Climate Change Will Cost Only $700 Billion a Year 0113

Carbon Price Hits New Low in EU 0113

Climate Change May Wipe Out Pensions Industry 0113 

Carbon Bubble Looms for Fossil Fuel Industry 1012 

Tackling Climate Change Offers Economic Benefits 0412 

Environmental Impacts Cost 41% of Earnings 0212

Carbon Markets Grew 68% in 2009 - 0110

Outsourcing CO2 1209

Carbon Offset Markets to Grow 4 x by 2015 1109 

Carbon Market Worth $59 Billion in Jan-Jun 2008 - 0708




GO TO GHG Levels. .Emissions: Graphs. .Stories 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. .Economics. .Companies. .Public Opinion. .Solar-Rad-Mgmt. Misc.


Green Bank Fees Overtake Fossil Fuel Bank Fees for 2nd Straight Year 1023

World Bank Spent Billions of Dollars Backing Fossil Fuels in 2022 - 0923

Wealthy Oil Nation Lays Groundwork for ‘Eye-Popping’ Climate Fund 0823

Church of England Divests from Fossil Fuels after Oil Companies Fail on Climate 0623

IMF Currency-Rate Guarantees Can Attract More Green Investment to Poor Nations 0623

Insurers' Climate Alliance Loses Nearly Half iIs Members after More Quit 0523

Why World Bank Head’s Resignation Is Good News for Climate Crisis Fight 0223

A $39 Trillion Investor Alliance Gives Warning on Carbon Offsets 0223

Investor Group Bans Carbon Removal from CO2 Reduction Plans 0123

Global Low-Carbon Energy Investment Surges Past $1 Trillion for 1st Time 0123

How the World Bank Can Help Save the Planet 0123

Green Lending Tops Fossil Fuel for 1st Time, as Big Oil Gets Cash Elsewhere 0123

Mark Carney Sees ‘Wall of Opportunity’ for Energy Investors 1122

2/3 of US Money for Fossil Fuel Pours into Africa, despite Climate Goals 1022

Clean Energy Transition Gains Speed, despite Global Tumult 1022

Investors Commit $7.1 Trillion of Assets in Pursuit of 1.5°C Climate Goal 0922

Princeton to Cut Holdings in Publicly Traded Fossil-Fuel Companies 0922

Investors with $39 Trillion Urge Government to Plan Fossil Fuel Phase Out 0922

Carbon-Removal Industry Draws Billions to Fight Climate Change 0622

Barclays Says Climate Disaster May Collapse Major Currencies 0622

Heat Wave in India Poses Risks for Nation’s Credit, Moody’s Says 0522

Banks Bet Big on Coal in Indonesia, Bucking Global Shift Away from Fossil Fuel 0522

Religious Leaders Urge Banks to Stop Financing Drivers of Climate Change 0522

Indonesian Coal Billionaire Thohir to Use Profit Boom to Begin Green Shift 0422

China’s Banks Are the Last Big Players in Coal Company Financing 0422

Something Is Acting a Lot like a Carbon Price in Our Economy.  It’s Called Risk. 0322

India’s Clean Energy Got More Money from Loans Than Coal for 3rd Year 1221

Adopt Net-Zero Goal or See Debt Costs Spiral, Australia Warned 1121

Good Business 1121 - Go green, avoid stranded fossil fuel assets.

How Your 401(k) Is Helping Destroy the Amazon Rainforest 1121

Half of World’s Fossil Fuel Assets Could Be Worthless by 2036 - 1121

Carney Tells Net-Zero Investors They Won’t Face Lower Returns 1121

Carney Unveils $130 Trillion in Climate Finance Commitments 1121

The Divestment Movement’s Big Month 1021

Investors Managing $6.6 Trillion Call for Funding Carbon Removal 0921

A $15 Billion Trade for South Africa - Debt Relief for Green Energy $ 0921

Banks Warn They’re Not Ready for European Central Bank’s Historic Climate Test 0921

Harvard Commits to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0921

Insurance Industry to Limit Fossil Fuel Exposure amid Growing Climate Threat 0821

Debt in a Warm Climate - Coronavirus and Carbon Set Scene for Default 0821

EU Deal Forces Investors to Shift Gears on Climate Threat 0721

Fed Chair Powell Warns of ‘Profound Challenges' Posed by Climate Change 0621

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to Build New Kind of Nuclear Reactor in Wyoming 0621

Asian Development Bank Plans Exit from Coal Finance 0521

Coal Financing Costs Surge as Investors Opt for Renewable Energy 0421 - Required returns for wind and solar projects are at least 10% to 11%.  For oil and LNG, they are at least 14 to 21%.  For coal, they are at least 40%, to justify the rising risk that a high-polluting project might be left stranded as governments ramp up their climate action ambitions.

JPMorgan Pledges $2.5 Trillion during 2020s toward Climate Change 0421

Global Warming Could Cut over 60 Countries' Credit Ratings by 2030 - 0321

World Bank Revises Climate Policy, but Doesn’t Halt Fossil Fuel Funding 0321

Climate Change Poses ‘Existential Threat’ to Financial Markets - Janet Yellen 0321

3 Ways that Biden Could Green the Financial System 0321

Rutgers to Drop Fossil Fuel Investments in Battle against Climate Change 0321

Elon Musk Pledges $100 Million to Carbon Capture Contest 0221

Norway’s Trillion-Dollar Wealth Fund Sold Off Its Last Fossil Fuel Investments 0121

Microsoft Climate Fund Backs Climeworks Effort to Suck Up Carbon 0121

Davos - Green Transition Is a $50-Trillion Investment Opportunity 0121

Investors See Green Returns as Renewable Energy Rises 0121

BlackRock’s Fink Says Companies, Governments Must Team Up on Climate Change 0121

Renewables, Storage Stocks Soar, as Democrat-led Congress Improves Environment for Green Investments 0121

New York’s $226 Billion Pension Fund Is Dropping Fossil Fuel Stocks 1220

Malaysian Bank to Phase Out Coal Finance 1220

Federal Reserve Warns of Climate Risks, in Historic 1st 1120

Markets Are Divesting You from Fossil Fuels 1020

Philanthropies Flow Funds to Climate Technologies 1020

Cambridge University Makes $4.5 Billion Fossil-Fuel Divestment Promise 1020

US Wildfires Could Spark Financial Crisis, Advisory Panel Finds 0920 - take 2 on report

Wall Street Watchdog Calls for Carbon Pricing, Better Prep for Climate Change 0920 - take 1 on CFTC report

Investors Are Sending the Oil Industry Signals, but Is Oil Giant Exxon Listening? 0820

Major Investment Firm Dumps Exxon, Chevron and Rio Tinto Stock 0820

Boris Johnson Poised to Stop UK Funding Overseas Fossil Fuel Projects 0820

The Pandemic Has Accelerated Climate Action from Banks 0820

Deutsche Bank Says It Will No Longer Invest in Fracking or Arctic Oil 0720

John Kerry Backs New Carbon-Price ETF in Climate Change Fight 0720

Climate Change Poses ‘Systemic Threat’ to the Economy, Big Investors Warn 0720

Australia’s #2 Pension Fund Divests from Thermal Coal 0720

Australian Banks Undermine Paris Agreement with $7 Billion in Fossil Fuel Loans 0720

Conference of Mayors Resolution Urges Fossil Fuel Divestiture 0720

George Washington University to Fully Divest from Fossil Fuels by 2025 - 0620

3 Years and $3 Trillion Could Shift the Climate Change Narrative 0620

World Has 6 Months to Avert Climate Crisis, Says IEA’s Energy Expert 0620

Global New Clean Energy Investment Totaled $282 Billion Last Year 0620

Companies Worth $2 Trillion Are Calling for a Green Recovery 0520

IMF Warns Investors - You're Not Ready for Climate Change 0520

Chevron’s Investors Defy Board in Demanding Climate Disclosures 0520

Global Investors Say Rich Nations Must Make Pandemic Recovery Plans Green 0520

Wall Street Is Halting Financing for Arctic-Oil Drilling 0420

For Big Oil, This Crisis Will Be Different, and It May Be Irreversible 0420

Green Utilities Are Proving a Safe Haven in Market Rout 0420

As Investors and Insurers Back Away, the Economics of Coal Turn Toxic 0320

British Billionaire Hohn Launches Campaign to Starve Coal Plants of Finance 0320

World's Financial Firms Risk $1 Trillion Losses if Slow to Act on Climate Change 0220

JP Morgan Economists Warn Climate Crisis Is Threat to Human Race 0220

Fires and Climate Fears Rattle Australia's Giant Coal Lobby 0220

Global Financial Giants Swear Off Funding Very Dirty Tar Sands Oil 0220

Fossil Fuels Aren’t Even a Very Good Investment 0220

Credit Suisse, Others Back Initiative to Factor CO2 Cuts into Shipping Finance 0220

U.S. Clean Energy Investment Hits New Record, despite Trump Administration 0120

The Next Investing Trend Is Climate Restoration 0120

BlackRock Will Put Climate Change at Center of Investment Strategy 0120

Fed Officials Increasingly Warn that Climate Change Could Damage the Economy 0120

Bank of England to Stress-Test Financial System against Climate Change Risks 1219

Climate Change Could Wipe $2.3 Trillion off Global Stocks 1219

Climate Change Poses Risk to Financial System, Bank of Canada Governor Says 1119

EU Bank to Stop Fossil Fuel Lending 1119

World's Energy Watchdog Is Undermining Climate Change Battle, Critics Say 1119 - Its futures are how current policies play out, with current technology.  Expected policies, especially to deal with climate change, and new technology are nmot included. 

Wall Street Increasingly Weighs Risk from Climate Change 1119

Stopping Global Warming Will Cost $50 Trillion - Morgan Stanley Report 1019 - renewables $14 T, EVs $11 T, CCS $2.5 T, hydrogen $20 T, biofuels $2.7 T.

What Climate Change Could Do to Cities' Power to Borrow Money 1019

Major Investors to Ask Companies to Be Carbon Neutral by 2050 - 1019 - They represent $35 trillion in assets.

Businesses Would Gain $2.1 Trillion by Embracing Low-Carbon Tech 0619

Development Banks' Climate Funding at All-Time High in 2018 - 0619

The Heads of the World’s Largest Fossil-Fuel Companies Are Finally Taking Lower Carbon Emissions Seriously — Thanks to Pushy Investors 0519

The Bank of Canada Declared Climate Change a Financial Risk.  Now What? 0519

Climate-Action Delay May Cost Investors More than $1 Trillion 0519

Fed Is Preparing for Economic Damage from Climate Change - Powell to Congress 0519

Report Finds World Bank’s Coal Divestment Pledge Not Stringent Enough 0419

Official Warning to Banks - Get Serious about Climate Change or Risk Going Bust 0419

Climate Change Could Spur Financial Crisis – Federal Reserve Bank of SF 0319

Banks Pumped $1.9 Trillion into Fossil Fuels since the Paris Climate Deal 0319

Energy Analysts Forecast 'the End of Coal' in Asia, as Japanese Investors Back Renewables 0319

A Future without Fossil Fuels? - Investors View 0319 - by Bill McKibben

Norway’s Giant Oil Fund Takes 1st Step Out of Petroleum 0319

Wall Street Is More Than Willing to Fund the Green New Deal 0219

Investors Join Calls for a Food Revolution to Fight Climate Change 0119

The Next Financial Crisis Could Be Caused by Climate Change 0119

'A List' Climate Change Firms Outperform on Stock Market 0119

Tackle Climate or Face Financial Crash, Say World's Biggest Investors 1218

More than 1,000 Institutions Pledge to Withdraw Investment from Fossil Fuels 1218

World Bank to Invest $200 Billion to Combat Climate Change 1218

Climate Change Is Getting So Real, Investors Are Converting to a Carbon Price 1018

Climate Change Will Get Worse.  These Investors Are Betting on It. 1018

Fossil Fuel Divestment Funds Rise to $6 Trillion 0918

Ireland Moves to Divest From Fossil Fuels 0718

Church of England to Withdraw Funds from Polluting Firms that Don’t Tackle Climate Change 0718

Norway Wealth Fund Nears Blacklisting Greenhouse Gas Emitters 0618

Disclosing Climate-Related Financial Information Is a Game Changer 0618

British Lawmakers Want Big Companies to Report Their Climate-Change Risks 0618

“Stranded” Fossil Fuel Assets May Prompt $4 Trillion Crisis 0618

Big investors Urge G7 to Step Up Climate Action, Shift from Coal 0618

Powerful Investors Push Big Companies to Plan for Climate Change 0518

3 Dozen Shareholder Climate Resolutions Target Oil, Gas, Power Companies 0318

Apparently, We Can Let the Stock Market Fight Climate Change 0318

Banks Told They're Lagging on Response to Climate Risks 0218

Edinburgh University Divests from All Fossil Fuels 0218

BlackRock's $6 Trillion and the Social Purpose of Corporations 0118

Moody Investors Service Announcement on Climate Change Risks 1217

World Bank to End Financial Support for Oil and Gas Exploration 1217

The 'Kodak Moment' for Coal - Why the Adani Mine Could Be a Financial Disaster 1117 - switch from film to digital

Lloyd’s of London to Divest from Coal 1117

Growing Number of Global Insurance Firms Divesting from Fossil Fuels 1117

Shunning Fossil Fuels, 40 Catholic Groups Seek Divestment and Climate Action 1017

Climate Change Risk Prompts NZ Super Fund to Sell Shares in Oil, Gas Firms 0817

Investors Slowly Start to Push Climate Change up Their Agenda 0617

Exxon Investors Want a Bank-Style Stress Test for Climate Change  0617

ExxonMobil Shareholders Force It to Analyze and Disclose Climate Risks 0517

Company Climate Risk Disclosure Could Become Mandatory in a Few Years 0517

Investors Worth $20 Trillion Call for Climate Change Action 0517

Harvard ‘Pausing' Investments in Some Fossil Fuels 0417

Most Global Investors Recognize Financial Risk of Climate Change 0417

China Solar, Wind to Attract $780 Billion Investment by 2030 - 0417

Tesla Passes Ford in Market Value, as Investors Bet on the Future 0417

U.S. Solar Soared in 2016, but Investors Still Leery 0317

Norway's Wealth Fund May Blacklist Firms over Emissions, Corruption Risk 0317

Big Australian Banks Invest $7 Billion More in Fossil Fuels than Renewables 0317

The Investor Climate Bombshell Aussie Politicians Didn't Touch 0217

Investors, Insurers Urge G20 to Ditch Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2020, Go Green 0217

Health Fund HCF Divests from Fossil Fuels, Saying Industry Harms Members 0217

Deutsche Bank Pulls Out of Coal Projects to Meet Paris Climate Pledge 0117

EU Says It Will Remain Top Investor against Climate Change 0117

Davos Elite Focus on Climate Change, Ignoring Trump’s Skepticism 0117

Trump May Not Like Alternative Energy, but Investors Should 0117

Renewables Investment in UK to Fall 95% over Next 3 Years 0117

Fossil Fuel Divestments Now Represent $5.2 Trillion 1216

EU Requires Pension Funds to Assess Climate Change Risks 1116

Suit Says ExxonMobil Should Have Cut Oil Reserves, Based on Climate Change 1116

Environmentalists Get Dose of Good News - Investors Have Spoken 1116

Billionaire Richard Branson on Donald Trump - Focus on Climate Change 1116

Trump Win Boosts Coal, Hits Renewable Stocks 1116

Investors Call for Moratorium on Arctic High Seas Oil & Gas Activity 1116

Here’s How the Drought Is Impacting Investment Markets 1016

Investors Threaten Car Industry on Climate 1016

Scramble for Green Yield in Europe Has Big Power Beating Banks 1016

Oil, Gas Investments Fell 25% in 2015 - 0916

Global Investment in Energy Falls, but Renewables Remain Strong 0916

Low-Carbon Investing in Vogue after Paris Climate Talks 0716

European Offshore Wind Investment Hits €14 Billion in 2016 - 0716

Insurers, Banks, and Pension Funds Could All Be Hurt by Climate Change 0716

Catholic Orders Take Their Lead from the Pope and Divest from Fossil Fuels 0616

Fossil Fuel Investments Growing Riskier for Insurers, Report Warns 0516

Exxon Shareholders Take Only ‘Small Step Forward' on Climate 0516

Climate Change Puts 1.3 Billion People, $158 Trillion at Risk, Says World Bank 0516

‘Climate Risk’ Shareholder Proposals Gaining Steam 0516

Global Water Shortages to Deliver ‘Severe Hit' to Economies, World Bank Warns 0516  7-14% GDP losses, by region

Half of Leading Investors Ignoring Climate Change 0516

World Bank to Spend 28% of Investments on Climate Change Projects 0416

Climate Fraud Investigation of Exxon Draws Attention of 18 Attorneys General 0316

Coal Power Glut Puts $US1 Trillion of Investment at Risk 0316

Peabody Coal's Bankruptcy Would Be Rocket Fuel to End Fossil Fuel  Investment 0316

China Leads, as Green Energy Investment Plans Hit Record High 0316

Rockefeller Family Charity to End All Fossil Fuel Investments 0316

S.E.C. Orders Exxon Mobil Shareholder Vote on Climate Data 0316

As Coal’s Future Grows Murkier, Banks Pull Financing 0316

An Oilman’s $7 Billion Course in the Economics of Drilling and Climate Change 0316

New York Pension Fund Passed Up $5 Billion by Not Divesting from Fossil Fuels 0316

Shareholder Climate Resolutions Reach New High 0316

JPMorgan, to Combat Climate Change, Won't Back New Coal Mines 0316

Warren Buffett Delivers Cold-Blooded View of Global Warming to Shareholders 0216

Have We Reached the Tipping Point for Investing in Renewable Energy? 0216

Fund Managers Who Ignore Climate Risk ‘Could Face Legal Action' 0216

California Teachers' Pension Fund to Divest U.S. Coal Assets 0216

Tidal Lagoon Technology Gets Multi-Million £ Boost 0216

How Investors Are Waking Up to Climate Risk 0116

Paris Climate Deal Seen Costing $12.1 Trillion Over 25 Years 0116

Australian Coal Mines Are One of Riskiest Investments in the World 0116

Copenhagen Set to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0116

Solar and Wind Just Did the Unthinkable 0116
     In 2015, $ invested & MW added exceeded those for fossil fuels, despite plunging, bargain prices for fossil fuels.

Investors Renew Pressure for Stronger Climate Stance 0116

Wind, Solar Power Soaring, in Spite of Bargain Prices for Fossil Fuels 0116

Experts Predict Renewable Investment Boom, as Congress Renews Tax Credits 1215

Paris Climate Pact Sinks Coal Stocks, Lifts Renewable Energy 1215

Australia’s Westpac Bank Won’t Rule Out Coal Project Investments 'if They Fit Our Criteria' 1215

Rich Countries Agree to Slash Export Subsidies for Coal Plants 1115

Climate Risk Could Undermine Investments, Report Warns 1115

Peabody [Coal] Energy Agrees to Greater Disclosures of Financial Risks 1115

Analysts Expect Bankruptcy for Arch Coal, Reflecting Industry Woes 1115

Paris Climate Deal to Ignite $90 Trillion Energy Revolution 1015

Australian Academy of Science Divests from Fossil Fuel Companies 1015

ANZ 'Will Not Finance' Dirty Coal Plants, Pledges $10 Billion for Clean Energy 1015

World Bank Pledges Extra $29 Billion to Poor Nations to Fight Climate Change 1015

Citigroup, Citing Climate Change, Will Reduce Coal Financing 1015

Bank of England's Governor Mark Carney Warns of Climate Change Risk 0915

Divestment Efforts Starting to Hit Canada’s Coal and Oil Firms 0915

Natural Disasters Pose Ratings Threat - S&P 0915

California Passes Bill to Divest Largest Pension Funds from Coal 0915

More Banks, Corporations & Brokers Value Stocks & Companies That Protect the Environment 0815

Canadian Medical Association Divesting Fossil Fuel Holdings 0815

365 Companies and Investors Support the EPA Clean Power Plan 0715

Investors Could Lose $4.2 Trillion from Climate Change Impacts 0715

Episcopal Church Votes to Divest from Fossil Fuel Holdings 0715

French (& Other) Banks Won’t Invest in Bangladesh’s Rampal Coal Plant 0615

Coal Crash - How Pension Funds Face Huge Risk from Climate Change 0615

Exxon, Chevron Stockholders Say ‘No' to Adding Climate Experts to Boards 0515

Norway Fund’s Dumping of Coal Could Trigger Large Divestment Wave 0515

Axa, France’s Largest Insurer, to Shed Coal Shares 0515

Leading Health Charities Should Divest from Fossil Fuels, Say Climate Scientists 0515

Members of 3 Danish Pension Funds Vote to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0515

Al Gore's Business Partner Warns Investors of Fossil Fuel Risks 0515

Coal Investments Are Increasingly Risky, Says Bank of America 0515

World Needs to Triple Its Investments in Clean Energy Innovation 0515

Swarthmore College to Keep Fossil Fuel Funds 0515

Church of England’s Coal, Tar Sands Divestment Influences Climate Change Fight 0515

China Solar Expansion Needs Billions from Wary Investors 0415

Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables 0415

G20 - Fossil Fuel Fears Could Hammer Global Financial System 0415

UK’s Prince Charles on Brink of Ending All Fossil Fuel Investments 0415

Former Shell Boss - Fossil Fuel Industry Must ‘Change Profoundly’ 0415

Investors’ Climate Change ‘Gamble’ Exposed 0415

Carbon Reserves Held by Top Fossil Fuel Companies Soar 0415

Renewable Energy Surge Revives Europe's Power Trade 0415

In Historic Move, BP's Shareholders Adopt Global Warming Resolution 0415

Australia's Renewable Energy Investment Grinds to a Halt 0415

Fossil Fuel-Free Funds Outperformed Conventional Ones, Analysis Shows 0415   -  13% vs 11.8% since 2010

Syracuse University to Drop Fossil Fuel Stocks From Endowment 0315 

UN Green Climate Fund Can Be Spent on Coal-Fired Power Generation 0315

Use Financial Levers to Fight Climate Change - Dhaka Editorial 0315

Rockefeller Brothers Fund - it Is Our Moral Duty to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0315

New Online Platform Tracks Corporate Actions in Tropical Forests 0315

$0.5 Trillion Green Bond Market, Led by China, Looks for a Regulator 0315

US Episcopal Church Says Climate Change Denial Is Immoral. 0315

When Legally Liable, Coal Companies Don't Dispute Global Warming 0315

London Mayor Told to Divest £4.8 Billion Pension Fund from Fossil Fuels 0315

Governor Mark Carney Defends Bank of England over Climate Change Study 0315

Oslo Divests from Coal Companies 0315

China’s Bursting Coal Bubble Raises Fear of Stranded Assets 0315

Shell & BP Call for Carbon Price & Financiers Divest from Fossil Fuels 0215
      Some oil companies (at least Chevron, Exxon and Shell) use carbon prices of $60 and $80/ton as shadow prices in decision-making.

Citigroup Sets Aside $100 Billion for Green Initiatives 0215

Big Oil’s Groundhog Day - Will It See Looming Shadows? 0215

Apple Deal, Tax Change Could Spark Corporate Solar Stampede 0215

Fossil Fuel Lobby Goes on the Offensive Against Divestment Movement 0215

World's Biggest Sovereign Wealth Fund Dumps Dozens of Coal Companies 0215

Shell Urges Shareholders to Accept Climate Resolution 0115

Nordea (Big Nordic Bank) Divests Coal Shares – Canary in Coal Mine? 0115

Modi’s Clean-Energy Goals Face Funding, Political Hurdles 0115

Rooftop Solar Adds $15,000 Premium to Home Values 0115

Stanford Professors Urge Withdrawal from Fossil Fuel Investments 0115

Climate Mission Impossible - Scientists Say Fossil Fuels Must Go Untapped 0115

9 Reasons Not to Be Depressed about the Planet 1214

Financing Climate Safety 1214

Largest Swedish Pension Fund Divests from Fossil Fuel 1214

2014 - Riding a Rocket, Divestment Movement Gains Momentum 1214

California Governor Brown’s Plan - Divest from Coal to Fight Global Warming 1214

Church of England Challenges BP and Shell over Global Warming 1214

Oil Investors on Brink of Losing $Trillions in Assets - That Road Runner Moment 1214

Norway Wealth Fund Targets $3 Billion in Green Technology Stakes 1214

Bank of England to Examine Financial Risks Linked to Fossil Fuels 1114

World Bank to Focus Future Investment on Clean Energy 1114

Major Investors Worried about Companies' Readiness for Climate Change 1114

Solyndra Program, Vilified by Republicans, Turns a Profit 1114

Churches Go Green by Shedding Fossil Fuel Holdings 1014

Glasgow University to Sell Its Fossil Fuel Investments 1014

Big Business Climate Change Movement Grows in Size and Heft 0914

Top 5 Takeaways From the United Nations Climate Summit 0914

Big Oil’s Heirs join Call for Action as Climate Summit Opens 0914

Experts, Activists Push Philanthropies to Drop Coal, Oil, Gas Investments 0914

A Mere $1 Trillion Annual Investment Goal Puts Climate Solutions within Reach 0914

This Approach to Climate Change Doesn't Involve Obama, the Senate or the UN 0814

Wall Street Warned About $91 Billion of High-Risk Oil Megaprojects 0814

Shareholder Resolutions Prompt Multinationals to Set Greenhouse Gas Targets 0814

Nations Vulnerable to Climate Change Face Credit Rating Hit, Warns S&P 0714

Tobacco and Fossil Fuels Lose Out, as Investors Opt for More Ethical Industries 0714

Risky Business - Bloomberg, Paulson, Steyer et al. 0614 - PDF, 56 pp

Stanford Divesting Coal Helps Students Seeking Domino Effect 0514

Climate Change to Hit Sovereign Creditworthiness - S&P 0514

Lloyd's Calls on Insurers to Take into Account Climate-Change Risk 0514

Carbon Bubble Threatens Stock Markets, Say MPs 0314

Get Your Cash Out of Fossil Fuel Backed Funds - UN Climate Chief 0114

Coal Seen as New Tobacco, Sparking Investor Backlash 1113

Energy Change Means Peril for Investors 1113

Wall Street Demands Answers from Producers on Unburnable Carbon 1013

Heat Is On, as Costs of Tackling Global Warming Set to Soar 0913

World Bank Aids New Coal Project Abroad, Defying Its Policy 0913

Washington’s Top Firms Silent On Climate Risks Despite SEC Rule 0913

Should You Divest from Coal and Oil? 0913

World Bank Pilots Climate Insurance 0913

Banks Put a Price on Earth's Life Support 0813

Students Press Schools to Drop Fossil Fuel Stocks 0813

Fund Managers Say Climate Change Influences Investments Worth $14 Trillion 0813

Gamble on Carbon Asset Bubble & the Climate Could Trigger New Financial Crisis 0813 

US Investors Show Climate Clout 0713

Insurance Industry, Republicans Split on Climate Change 0713

United Church of Christ to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0713


Investors: Carbon Asset Bubble

Half of World’s Fossil Fuel Assets Could Be Worthless by 2036 - 1121

1 Year from Today, We’ll Have Blown the World’s Entire Carbon Budget 0117 - Actually, we blew thru it about 1970.  The article’s view of the carbon budget, and future warming, is based on neglecting non-GHG feedbacks and effects.  Most notable are albedo (reflectivity) changes from less sulfur, sea ice, snow, clouds, and land ice.  Also notable are (1) feedbacksdue to warming from those abedo changes increasing atmospheric levels of H2O, the #1 greenhouse gas, and (2) delayed surface warming as the deep ocean warms over centuries, until equilibrium is re-establlished with the surface and top of the atmosphere.  The pre-civilization climate record is clear that these “long-term” effects are large, larger than (about 2 x) the short-term effects from human-emitted greenhouse gases alone.

The Carbon Bubble - Why Investors Can No Longer Ignore Climate Risks 1016

Existing Coal, Oil and Gas Fields Will Blow Carbon Budget 0916

A New Debate over Pricing the Risks of Climate Change 0916

Galilee Basin Coal Must Be Left in Ground as a ‘Priority’ – New Report 0916

Study Predicts All Antarctic Ice to Melt if All Fossil Fuels Are Burned 0915

Firms Own Unburnable Fossil Fuels 0413 - summary of the report below

Unburnable Carbon: Wasted Capital and Stranded Assets - Grantham Inst. 0413 - PDF, 40 pp.  Also above, in Economics.          Dr. Fry’s note: The actual remaining carbon budget is far less than zero.  Climate models available in 2013 neglected or greatly underestimated the effects of albedo changes (ice and snow melting, cloud changes, loss of sulfates, etc.)  Thus, they greatly underestimated how much Earth’s surface would warm in years to come.

     The graphs above show that proven reserves and especially potential carbon reserves are more than 2-4 times as large as the generally accepted carbon budget to hold global warming even to 3°C.*  There is no chance (right) of keeping the probability of warming less than 1.5°C below 20%, and only a modest chance (future burning would be only 40% as much as we've burned already) of keeping it below 50%.  Burning all our proven carbon reserves is a recipe warming of well over 5°C, which some call a doomsday scenario.
     * [this website’s author’s note: The ability to meet a 3°C target neglects positive feedback effects from albedo changes as sulfates in the air are phased out and as sea ice and ice sheets (and snow cover) melt and mostly vanish - except for much of East Antarctica.  It must be supplemented by removing most CO2 that humans have put in the air.]

     The table at right shows the riskiness in some stock exchanges from a carbon asset bubble.

Investor Group Calls for Water Utilities to Be More Open about Climate Risks 0413

Investors Seek Ways to Profit from Global Warming 0313

Carbon Disclosure Raises Stock Prices 0712

$20 Trillion from Investors Call for GHG Targets 1011 

High Carbon Emitters ‘Are Valued Lower’ 0411 

SEC May Require Climate Change Disclosure 1009

SEC Looks at Climate Disclosure 0709, ditto

SEC Votes for More Climate Risk Disclosure 0109, ditto

Institutional Investors Urge Climate Agreement 1108

NYMEX Starts Trading Emissions Contracts 0308

Water Worries: Companies for Scarce Water - Citi 0108 - PDF- pdf, 50 pp

Climate Consequences & Companies to Invest In, Update - Citi 0407 - PDF, 45 pp

Capturing the Gains from Carbon Storage - JP Morgan 0407 - PDF, 24 pp

The Business of Climate Change - Lehman Bros 0207 - PDF, 145 pp - "Going Green Gets the Green”.
     This is an especially good summary of climate change and its impacts, to date (2007) and future.



GO TO PPM. .Emissions: Graphs. .Stories 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. .Economics. .Investors. .Public Opinion. .Solar-Rad-Mgmt. Misc.

Companies & Other Organizations

Green Mountain Power Proposes Home Energy Storage for All Vermonters 1023

UAE Oil Giant Doubles Carbon Capture Target Ahead of COP Summit 1023

Giant Methane-to-Methanol Machines Could Curb Methane Emissions 0923

Can the U.S. Make Solar Panels? First Solar Thinks So. 0926

Xcel Colorado’s $15 Billion Plan - Double Renewables, Add Gas & Energy Storage 0923

How an Oil Giant Took Control of Biden's Billion-Dollar Bet on Carbon Capture 0823

Once Opposed to Climate Action, Utilities and Businesses Are Making Changes 0823

G.M. Will Add Backup Power Function to Its Electric Vehicles 0823

Tesla Seeks to Build 18-Wheeler Truck-Charging Route from Texas to California 0823

Chevy Bolt EV Returns from Near-Death as GM Prepares New Model 0723

AES Indiana Plans 200-MW/800-MWh Energy Storage at Retiring Coal Plant 0723

DTE Electric to Speed Michigan Coal Retirements, Renewable & Energy Storage 0723

Exxon to Buy Denbury for $4.9 Billion, in CO2 Pipeline Push 0723

Ford Gets $9.2 Billion Battery Plant Loan to Compete with China’s EV Dominance 0623

Volkswagen’s EV Battery Effort Keeps Its Executives Up at Night 0623

GM Will Join Tesla's EV Charging Network, as US Industry Tesla Standard Nears 0623

US Battery Recycling Pioneer Inks $1 Billion Kentucky Cathode Deal 0623

When Higher Ed Takes Climate Change Seriously 0623

Tata to Build $1.6 Billion Indian EV Battery Plant 0623

Ford to Gain Access to 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in 2024 - 0523

Chevron’s Carbon Offsets Are Mostly Junk and Some May Harm 0523

Fossil Fuel Firms Owe Climate Reparations of $209 Billion a Year, Says Study 0523

Big Polluters’ Share Prices Fall after Climate Lawsuits 0523

Frontier Carbon Removal Fund Just Inked a $53 Million Deal 0523

Waymo Plans to Expand Self-Driving Taxi Service in Arizona and San Francisco 0523

BYD’S $11,450 EV Hatchback Is Set to Reshape China’s 1st-Car Market 0423

PacifiCorp Plans 7.4 GW of Storage by 2029, 20 GW of Wind and Solar by 2032 - 0423

Chamber of Commerce, API and SEIA Lead Letter Urging 2023 Permitting Reform 0323

BYD’s Net Income Jumps More than 400% on EV Sales Surge 0323

Tesla Overcomes Australia’s EV Hostility with Surge in Sales 0323

Tesla’s Vision of EVs without Rare Earths Will Spur Magnet Race 0323

Billions Pumped into Korea Battery City, with China in Its Sights 0323

Volkswagen to Build Battery Plant in Canada to Fast-Track Expansion 0323

Tesla to Build Northern Mexico EV Plant 0223

Elon Musk Really Wants Tesla to Make Home Heat Pumps 0323

Nissan Speeds Up Electric Transition Plans with New Targets 0223

Tesla Undercuts Average US Car by Almost $5,000, in EV Shakeout 0223

Tesla to Open Up a Portion of Its Charging Network to All EVs 0223

Ford Is Investing $3.5 Billion in EV Battery Plant with Chinese Firm 0223

Exxon Retreats from Major Climate Effort to Make Biofuels from Algae 0223

Amazon’s Self-Driving Car Shuttles People on Public Roads for the 1st Time 0223

Tesla’a Q4 Storage Deployments Rise 152% to 2.5 GWh 0123

Xcel to Install Multi-Day Storage at Retired Coal Plant Sites, Eyes Green Hydrogen 0123

Harvard Medical School Votes to Embed Climate Change in Its Curriculum 0123

Tesla Slashes Prices Up to 20%, in Broad Bid to Boost Sales 0123

Exxon Accurately Predicted Global Warming from 1970s, but Still Cast Doubt on Climate Science 0123

Korean Solar Company Plans to Build $2.5 Billion Plant in Georgia 0123

Mercedes-Benz Plans to Build U.S. Electric Car Charging Network 0123

Startup Offers Stratospheric Geo-engineering as a Service 1222

Volkswagen Will Make Only Electric Cars in Europe within 10 Years 1022

Fossil Fuel Profits Can Easily Cover Climate Losses 1022

Tesla Cuts Prices in China Following Signs of Softening Demand 1022

Nasdaq Targets Boom in Market for Carbon Removal in Coming Years 1022

3 Big Direct Carbon Capture Deals to Know 1022

Tesla’s Record Sales After Shanghai Upgrade Lead China EV Surge 1022

Calpine & Blue Planet Transform Captured Carbon into High-Grade Limestone 0922

American Petroleum Institute Weighs Clean Fuel Standard after Backing Carbon Tax 1022

Air Canada Orders 30 Electric-Hybrid Aircraft for Takeoff in 2028 - 0922

Exxon’s Houston Carbon Capture Plan Just Got Massive Support from Congress 0922

Amtrak Aims for Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2045 - 0922

Duke Energy Leaks a Potent Greenhouse Gas 5 Times as Fast as Other Utilities 0922

Hertz Plans to Buy 175,000 Electric Vehicles from GM Over 5 Years 0922

New Law Helps U.S. Firm Launch Wyoming Direct Air Carbon Capture Project 0922

Patent Ruling Slams GE’s Wind Turbine Business and US Offshore Wind Industry 0922

More Investors in Vertical Farms as Droughts Worsen 0922

Honda, LG Announce $4.4 Billion US Battery Factory for EVs 0822

India Plans to Become Green Hydrogen Giant to Cut Energy Imports 0922

First Solar to Spend up to $1.2 Billion to Expand U.S. Solar Panel Production 0822

European CO2 Storage Project Signs ‘Milestone' Deal 0822

Honda, LG Announce $4.4 Billion US Battery Factory for EVs 0822

Tesla and Nikola Big Rigs Race for Up to $40,000 US Incentives 0822

UPS Drivers Push for Air Conditioning as Temperatures Soar - ‘People are dropping weekly.’ 0822

Big Oil Sees Record Profits 0822

Ford Will Use New Battery Tech to Help It Build 600,000 EVs per Year 0722

Climeworks Predicts CO2 Removal Cost Drop to Below $250 / Tonne by 2030 - 0722

Postal Service Takes U-Turn, Plans EV Surge 0722

Chinese Oil Giant Brings Forward Its Key Carbon Deadlines 0622

Startup That Sucks CO2 from the Air Is Building a Big Plant in Iceland 0622 - Climeworks

U.S. Steel Backs Snatching CO2 from the Air and Storing It in Concrete 0622

NextEra Energy, with FPL, Targets Zero Carbon Emissions by 2045 - 0622

The New Chevrolet Bolt Will Be the Cheapest Electric Vehicle in the US 0622

Climate Pressure from Employees, Shareholders Rattles Big Oil 0522

Ford Beats Tesla to the Punch with 1st Electric F-150 Delivery 0522

Microsoft, Salesforce Add $300 Million to Carbon Removal’s Growing Cash Pile 0522

Exxon Must Go to Trial over Alleged Climate Crimes, Court Rules 0522

Religious Leaders Urge Banks to Stop Financing Drivers of Climate Change 0522

Chevron Joins Project to Store Carbon Emissions Off Texas Coast 0522

On Earth Day, UMass Amherst Unveils Major Renewable Energy Overhaul 0422

Honda to Spend $40 Billion on EV Push, Plans 30 Models 0422

Climeworks Raises $650 Million in Largest Round for Carbon Removal Startup 0422

The Landfill of the Future 0322 - Everything is recycled, after waste is broken down to small molecules.  3-D printers make useful products from those molecules. 3F has begun operation in northern Newfoundland.

Automakers Side with EPA in Court Case over Car Emission Rules 0322

Qantas Places Burden of Cleaning Up Aviation on Sustainable Fuel 0322

Amazon Led Companies Buying over 30 GigaWatts of Renewable Energy in 2021 - 0322

Mercedes Opens a Battery Plant in Alabama, Part of a Southern Wave 0322

Coal to Solar 0322 - Peabody Energy, formerly Peabody Coal, plans to put small solar farms on sites of former coal mines.  They already have zoning and electric substations with transmission lines.

Georgia Power Takes Next Step in Shutting Coal Plants 0122

Steelmaker SSAB Plans to Cut Carbon Far Faster than Before 0122

GM’s $6.5 Billion EV Truck Blitz Wins Michigan Incentives 0122

China’s Geely Is Going Solar at Car Factories, as Part of Clean-Energy Push 0122

Exxon Sets 2050 Goal of Net-Zero Non-Customer Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0122

Car Advertising Finally Goes Electric 0122

Idaho Power to Accelerate Coal Retirements, Add 3.8 GW Clean Energy 0122

Goldman Sachs’s Record-Setting Investment in Long-Duration Energy Storage 0122

Maersk Targets Bigger and Faster Cuts in Carbon Emissions 0122

Chrysler Aims to Be All Electric by 2028 - 0122

Ford Surges to 20-Year High on Optimism Over Electric F-150 - 0122 - With 200,000 non-binding reservations, Ford will raise its F-150 Lightningproduction capacity to 150,000 per year.

Tesla Smashes Quarterly Delivery Record with 308,600 Cars - 0122 - more than 936,000 Tesla EVs sold for the year

Music Industry Unites to Pledge Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 - 1221

Uber Drivers to Buy Electric Motorcycles from Kenya’s Opibus 1221

Cement Makers’ Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality 1221

Toyota Will Spend $1.3 Billion on a N.C. Electric Car Battery Plant 1221

Key U.S. Business Lobby Likes Biden’s Climate Plan, Rejects Tax Hikes 1221

BP Plans Green Hydrogen Base in U.K. 1121

Canadian Steelmakers Embrace ‘Green Steel' as Carbon Taxes Set to Rise 1121

Monarch Tractor Raises $61 Million for Its Fleet of Electric Tractors 1121

GM to Install 4,000 Electric Car Charging Stations across Canada 1021

Amazon, Ikea, Other Big Companies Commit to Zero-Emission Shipping by 2040 - 2021

Hertz Will Rent Out 100,000 Teslas, Move Helps TSLA Top $1 Trillion Value 1021

GM Targets Doubling Revenue, Leading US in Electric Vehicle Sales 1021

Net Zero Commitments from Companies in Hard-to-Fix Sectors 1021 - iron & steel, cement, aviation, McDonald's

GM Sets Earlier Deadline for All-Renewable Energy 1021

Ford Making Its Biggest Manufacturing Investment Ever, to Build EV Factories 0921

Mercedes-Benz Plans $8.2 Billion European Battery Venture 0921

Duke Explores Shutting Coal-Fired Plants by 2030 in South Carolina Plans 0921

Inside First Solar’s Ohio Factory That Makes Solar Panels 0921

Pacificorp’s IRP Includes 6.7 GW Storage, 5.6 GW solar, Plus Fossil Fuels 0921

Tech Giant Amazon Rolls Out Amazon Rainforest Carbon Offset Project 0921

Shell to Install 50,000 U.K. On-Street EV Chargers by 2025 - 0821

Zurich Insurance Boss Wants Carbon Tax to Punish Polluters 0821

US Automakers Pledge Huge Increase in Electric Vehicles 0821

Industry Looks to Shape Democrats’ Clean Energy Plans 0721 - clean energy standard, carbon pricing, methane regulation.  Most talk in this story is fossil fuel and electric companies’ desires for what to avoid, some about waht to include.

Mercedes-Benz Will Shift Its Focus to Electric Vehicles by 2025 - 0721

ExxonMobil Gambles on Algae Biofuel 0721

Amazon Becomes Top US Corporate Renewable Energy Buyer 0621

National Grid Is 1st Big US Utility to Commit to 100% Electric Vehicles by 2030 - 0621

ExxonMobil Lobbyists Filmed Saying Its Support for Carbon Tax Is a PR Ploy 0621

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Official Warned of Climate Danger in 1989 - 0621

Volkswagen to Stop Making Combustion Engine Cars by 2035 in Europe 0621

G.M. Will Increase Electric Vehicles Investment 30%, Build More Battery Plants 0621

Volvo Cars to Explore Use of Fossil-Fuel Free Steel 0621

A U.S. Solar Company Will Build a New Factory in Ohio 0621

G.M. Agrees to Tighter Federal Restrictions to Combat Climate Change 0621

Developer Pulls Plug on Keystone XL Oil Pipeline 0621

Shell Says Court Ruling on CO2 Emissions Will Speed Up Its Plans to Cut Them 0621

Automakers Start to Figure Out the Climate Future 0621

Exxon Board to Get a 3rd Activist Pushing Cleaner Energy 0621

PG&E, BMW Smart-Charging Pilot Highlights Electric Vehicles as Grid Resource 0621

BP Buys String of US Solar Farms for £155 Million, in Clean Energy Drive 0621

How Tesla Is Quietly Expanding Its Energy Storage Business 0521

Closing All of Southern Company’s Georgia Coal Plants ‘on the Table’ 0521

2 or 3 Exxon Board Members Lose Seats in Climate Fight 0521

Court Orders Shell to Slash CO2 Emissions in Landmark Climate Ruling 0521

Ford Plans $30 Billion Electric Vehicle Investment by 2025 - 0521

Ford’s Electric F-150 Pickup Aims to Be the Model T of E.V.s 0521

Ford Plans to Develop and Produce Electric Vehicle Batteries 0421

U.S. Steel Announces Goal to Reach Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 - 0421

Fossil Fuel Industries React Carefully to Biden’s Emissions Pledge 0421 - The president of the Americvan Petroleum Institute called on the Biden administration to impose a price on carbon and invest in innovation.

Ikea to Invest £3.4 Billion in Renewable Energy by 2030 - 0421

ExxonMobil Pitches $100 Billion Texas Carbon Capture, Storage Project to Biden 0421 - By 2030, it would capture 50 million tons of CO2 every year from the refineries and petrochemical plants that line the Houston Ship Channel.

Facebook’s 100% Renewable Energy - 6+ GW of Wind & Solar + 0.72  of Storage 0421

300 Executives Ask Biden to Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions 50% by 2030 - 0421 - led by Google, Apple, WalMart, Unilever and General Electric

PayPal Pledges to Achieve Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2040 - 0421

Duke and Other Utilities See $ Signs in Becoming EV Experts 0321

China in Climate Denial?  US Railroads Reverse Course on Warming. 0321

US Oil and Gas Industry Says It Will Support Carbon Pricing 0321

Volkswagen Quickly Catching Up to Tesla 0321

HSBC Plans to Phase Out Coal Financing by 2040 - 0321

Oil Giants Prepare to Put Carbon Back in the Ground 0321

Delta to Spend $30 Million to Offset Most of Its 2020 Impact on Climate 0321

How FedEx Plans to Become Carbon Neutral by 2040 - 0321

Exxon Mobil’s Chief Says It Is ‘Supportive’ of Zero-Emission Goals 0321

Top Oil and Gas Lobbying Group Close to Backing a Carbon Tax 0321

Dominion Proposes Ending Its South Carolina Coal Generation by 2030 - 0221

Volvo Plans to Sell Only Electric Cars by 2030 - 0321

American Petroleum Institute Expected to Endorse Carbon Pricing 0321

Carbon Capture Coalition Statement on the Reintroduction of the Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act 0221

Large Food Companies Look to Lock Carbon in Soils to Meet Emission Goals 0221

Oil Giants Win Offshore Wind Leases in Britain 0221

Massive Losses Should Be a Warning to Big Oil that Its Bonanza Is Over 0221

Tesla Prioritizes Solar Installation Cost Cuts, Storage Integration 0121

Toyota, Fiat Chrysler Drop Support for Trump Barring California Emissions Rules 0221

Iron Ore Miner Is Developing All-Electric Heavy Truck for Arctic Roads 0121

Northern Norway Battery Maker Plans Giga-Factory, New York Stock Listing 0121

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Build Biggest Zero-Carbon Steel Plant 1220

Chevron Invests in Carbon Capture and Utilization Startup Blue Planet 0121

Will Machines That Scrub CO2 from the Air Halt Climate Change? 0121 - Companies led by Climeworks and Carbon Engineering are working on direct air capture.

General Motors to Eliminate Gasoline, Diesel Light-Duty Cars & SUVs by 2035 - 0121

Our Approach to Climate Change - the Chamber of Commerce’s Position 0121 - a big change from prevous position.  To start, "The climate is changing and humans are contributing to these changes.” … “acknowledge the the costs of of action and inaction….  We believe that durable climate policy must be made by Congress, and that it should encourage innovation and investment to ensure significant emissions reductions, while avoiding economic harm for businesses, consumers and disadvantaged communities.  This policy should include well designed market mechanisms that are transparent and not distorted by overlapping regulations.  U.S. climate policy should recognize the urgent need for action, while maintaining the national and international competitiveness of U.S. industry and ensuring consistency with free enterprise and free trade principles….  It will be largely up to the business community to develop, finance, build, and operate … resilient, lower-carbon infrastructure.  1,000s of businesses already are taking action in their own operations, and along their value chains, by investing in technology solutions and enhancing their efficiency."

Pennsylvania’s CO2-Cutting Plan Comments Show Industry Divided 0121 - Revenue from the sale of carbon credits must be used to curb air pollution.  The Chamber, Manufacturers Association, Coal Alliance, Consol Energy (coal mining giant), and Keystone-Conemaugh (coal power producer) oppose the Plan.  But Shell, Westinghouse, and BP support it, as do some power producers with natural gas plants.  So does Talen, which operates nuclear, coal, and gas power plants.  "Other nuclear and renewable energy companies are also firmly behind the proposal.  It promises to help carbon-free power sources, by raising wholesale energy prices, while making their fossil fuel competitors pay a premium for emitting carbon….  Trade organizations and dozens of businesses in the state’s growing renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors wrote to support the program, which will likely drive investment toward their industries."

Toyota-Backed Paris Venture Targets 10,000 Hydrogen Taxis by 2024 - 0121

Businesses Aim to Pull Greenhouse Gases from the Air 0121 - at least 7 companies mentioned, including Climeworks and Carbon engineering.

France’s Total Quits Leading U.S. Oil Lobby API Over Climate Differences 0121

Home Solar Is Growing, but Big Installers Are Still Losing Money 0121

A Race to Become the Tesla of Delivery Trucks and Vans 1220

United Airlines Turns to CO2 Removal Technology to Offset Emissions 1220

Number of Companies Taking Strong Climate Action Rose 46% This Year 1220

Amazon, GM, Walmart, Others Call Climate Action a Business Imperative 1220

Exxon Mobil Cuts Billions in Capital Spending, as Oil and Gas Prices Remain Low 1120

Major Oll and Gas Companies Join Program to Cut Methane Emissions 1120

GM Pulls Support from Trump Attack on California Auto Power 1120

Big Business Group Forms to Urge Switch to Electric Vehicles 1120

G.M. Accelerates Its Ambitions for Electric Vehicles 1120

What Donald Trump Taught the Electric-Car Industry 1120

Power Companies Pledge Carbon Neutrality by 2050.  What about Natural Gas? 1120

Occidental Is 1st U.S. Oil Major to Target Net Zero Emissions 1120

Shell Wants Biden to Reverse Methane Emissions Rollback 1120

Georgetown University to Power Campus with Solar Plants 1020

Tesla, with Record Q3 Solar and Storage Deployments, Promises to Reinvent Batteries 1020

Poland’s Largest Utility Announces Pivot from Coal to Renewables 1020

Exxon’s Energy Market-Value Crown Passes to Wind & Solar Developer NextEra 1020

Automakers' Risky Bet - EVs Are Better than Gas Cars 1020

National Grid US Sees Hydrogen as Lynchpin, Targets Net Zero Carbon by 2050 - 1020

Net Zero by 2050 Has Quickly Become the New Normal for the Largest US Utilities 1020

U.K.’s National Health Service Targets Net Zero Emissions by 2040 - 1020

Walmart Says It Will Reach Zero Emissions by 2040 – without Using Offsets 0920

Facebook Fights against Climate Change Misinformation on Its Own Platform 0920

Biogen Puts $250 Million Toward Goal of Going Fossil Fuel-Free by 2040 - 0920

BP’s $1.1 Billion Deal Marks 1st Step into Offshore Wind 0920

Uber Pledges to Go All-Electric, but It Doesn't Own the Cars 0920

Saudi Aramco Says Profit Fell 73% as Demand for Oil Shrank 0820

BP Reports a Huge Loss and Vows to Increase Renewable Investment 0820

Test a Tesla or Buy a Bolt, with Help From Your Electric Company 0720

Apple Sets Climate Goals for 2030, Joining Amazon and Microsoft 0720

SMUD Aims for Carbon Neutrality by 2030 in New Climate Emergency Declaration 0720 - Sacramento utility

Burger King Addresses Climate Change by Changing Cows' Diets 0720

BP and Shell Write Off Billions in Assets, Citing Covid-19 and Climate Change 0720

PG&E Gets on Board with All-Electric New Buildings in California 0620

New England Power Generators Pushing for a Carbon Tax 0620

Amazon to Start $2 Billion Fund to Back Climate Technologies 0620

Wells Fargo to Buy 150 MegaWatts of Solar Energy from Shell 0620

Lyft Commits to 100% Electric Vehicles by 2030 - 0620

General Mills Starts Michigan Program to Cut Dairy Emissions 0620

BP Writes Off Billions as Covid Redraws Rules of Oil Demand 0620

Unilever Investing $1.1 Billion in a New Climate Fund, Aims for Net Zero by 2039 - 0620

Chevron May Need to Pay $100 Million for Failing to Capture Carbon Emissions 0620

Mootral’s Garlicky Supplements Solve Cow Methane Burps 0520

Big Oil Posts Big Losses during Coronavirus Crisis 0520

Chesapeake Energy Led Fracking into Pennsylvania, Now to File for Bankruptcy 0420

Shell Sets Bolder Emissions Goal Even as Virus Hits Oil 0420

Philippines’ Oldest Conglomerate to Get Out of Coal by 2030 - 0420

Exxon Changes Its Methane Math 0420 - measures (8 new ways) and repair leaks

Exxon Mobil to Reduce Methane Emissions at 1,000 Permian Basin Sites 0420

Wind Giant Iberdrola Throws Its Weight Behind Floating Offshore Market 0320

Barclays Sets 2050 ‘Net Zero' Carbon Goal after Investor Pressure 0320

GM's New Electric Car Battery Tops Tesla's 0320 - 400 mile range, $100/kWh “soon”

BMW, Daimler Aim to Cut Emissions 20% This Year with New Electric Models 0320

Horizon Will Become the 1st ‘Carbon Positive’ National Dairy in the U.S. 0320

Italian Oil Giant Eni Sees Oil Peak Just 6 Years Away 0220

World’s Richest Man Commits $10 Billion to Fight Climate Change 0220

To Tackle Climate Change, English Bishops Look to God and Cathedral Heating 0220

BP, a Top Oil & Gas Company, Says It Is Turning over a Green Leaf 0220

UPS Orders 10,000 Electric Delivery Trucks, Plans Test of Self-Driving Vans 0220

Harvard Faculty Votes Overwhelmingly to Divest Endowment from Fossil Fuels 0220

Arizona’s Biggest Utility to Get All Its Electricity Carbon-Free by 2050 - 0120

Microsoft Aims to Erase Its Carbon Footprint from the Atmosphere 0120

PepsiCo’s US Operations Will Use 100% Renewable Electricity in 2020 - 0120

Tesla Deliveries Set a Record and Extend Red-Hot Run for Shares 0120

Cargill to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 30% from Its Entire Supply Chain 1219

Spanish Oil & Gas Company Vows to Become a Net-Zero Carbon Emitter 1219

2 of Largest Coal-Burning Utilities in US Ditch Pro-Coal Trade Group 1219

Ikea Steps up Drive to Become Carbon Neutral with Extra €200 Million 1119

Ford Electric Vehicle Chief Sees More Products, Sales Growth 1119

GM Selling Shuttered Ohio Factory to Electric Truck Maker 1119

America's Largest Private Coal Miner Files for Bankruptcy 1019

General Motors Sides with Trump in Emissions Fight, Splitting the Industry 1019

Former Exxon Scientists Tell Congress of Its Climate Research before Exxon Turned to Denial 1019

UK Universities in Landmark Deal to Buy Energy Direct from Wind Farms 1019

From the Rooftops, Big Box Stores Are Embracing Solar 1019

DTE Pledges Carbon-Free Power by 2050, Banking on Utility-Scale Storage, Small Nuclear, CCS 0919

How Xcel Plans to Ice Coal, Cut Carbon, and Charge Cars 1019

PacifiCorp to Quicken Move Away from Coal-Fired Power 1019

Amazon Corp. and the All-Electric Future of Fleet Vehicles 0919

Tesla Is Developing a Battery That Can Last 1 Million Miles 0919

50+ Banks Pledge to Measure Climate Impacts of Investments 0919

Some Corporations Step Up Climate Action, as Government Policies Stall 0919

Oil Giants, Under Fire from Climate Activists and Investors, Mount a Defense 0919

Google Just Made the Largest Ever Corporate Purchase of Renewable Energy 0919

The Shift to Electric Vehicles Propels a Strike Against GM 0919

Duke Energy Aims to Achieve Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 - 0919

Carbon Engineering to Double Capacity at Its Direct Air Capture Plant 0919

Large Companies across the U.S. Oppose Climate Change Regulation Rollbacks 0919 - wellhead methane, light bulbs, car MPG, Clean Power Plan

Ikea Just Invested in 2 Giant Solar Farms 0919

Bolsonaro’s Beef with the Amazon Forces US Meat Industry to Change 0919 - Could Amazon fires lead to boycott of Brazil products?

Oil and Gas Companies Are Undermining Climate Goals 0919 - developing new deposits to 2030 and beyond

Corporate Heavyweights Split with Trump on Energy Regulatory Rollbacks 0819

GOP Lobbyists Help Brazil Recruit U.S. Companies to Exploit the Amazon 0819

Stripe Inc. Says Offsets Aren’t Enough; It’s Time to Pay for Negative Emissions 0819

Climate Change Becomes an Issue for Ratings Agencies 0819

4 Big Automakers Strike a Deal With California, Rejecting Trump Pollution Rule 0719

Moody’s Buys Climate Data Firm, Signaling New Scrutiny of Climate Risks 0719

Ford Teases All-Electric F-150 Pickup Truck by Pulling a Million-Pound Train 0719

Dozens of Universities Are Declaring a Climate Emergency 0719

PNM Proposes Gas, Solar+Storage Mix as Cheapest Option to Replace San Juan 0719

Major US Coal Company Files for Bankruptcy, Putting over 1,000 Jobs at Risk 0719

U.S. Oil Companies Find Energy Independence Isn’t So Profitable 0619

TVA 20-year Plan Includes Up to 14 GW New Solar, 5.3 GW Storage 0719

Los Angeles Gets Record Solar + Storage Deal at 1.997 + 1.3¢ / kWh 0719

CEOs of Major Companies Call on U.S. Congress to Set a Price on Carbon 0519

A Major U.S. Utility Is Closing Its Coal-Fired Power Plants a Decade Early 0519

Walmart Is Slashing the CO2 of 1,000s of Suppliers 0519

Cloud Peak Energy Voluntarily Files for Bankruptcy 0519

TVA’s Biggest Cities Pressure It to Boost Renewable Energy; One Weighs Leaving 0519

Close Coal Plants to Save Money Is Indiana Utility's Plan 0419

Skeptical Southern Co. CEO’s Pay in Atlanta Now Linked to CO2 Reductions 0419

Big Automakers Grudgingly Buy into EVs.  Oil Majors Still Lag Behind. 0419

Finnish Businesses Set Up ‘World's 1st' Market for CO2 Removal Certificates 0419

Green Mountain Power Announces 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030 Goal 0419

Apple Takes Step to Curb CO2 Emissions from Its Supply Chain 0419

Utilities See Profits in Electric Vehicle Charging, but Growing Competition 0419

Shell Quits Trade Group over Climate-Change Positions 0419

Climate Change Activists Worry Saudi Arabia’s National Oil Company 0419

Florida Utility to Close Natural Gas Plants, Build Massive Solar-Powered Battery 0319

Toyota Is Only Automaker to Lose Ground on Fuel Economy 0319

AT&T, Hit by Higher Natural Disaster Bills, Unveils 30-Year Climate Change Model 0319

Why Climate Change Is Rotary’s Business 0319

Rocky Mountain Power’s 600 Batteries for Apartments, EV Charging Hub, More 0319

New Facility Aims to Capture 40 Million Trees’ Worth of CO2 Every Year 0319

Solar and Wind Firms Call the 'Green New Deal’ Too Extreme 0319

On the World Stage, Canadian Oil Majors Promote a Carbon Tax 0319

Shell Urges Trump White House to Tighten Methane Leak Rules 0319

BHP Invests US$6 Million in Emissions Reduction Company, Carbon Engineering 0319

General Mills Has a Plan to Regenerate 1 Million Acres of Farmland 0319

BP Will Link Bonuses for 36,000 Workers to Climate Targets 0219

Big California Utilities Pursue Subscriptions, Time-of-Use Rates to Drive More EVs 0119

Oil Giants Fight Skeptic Reputation with ‘Practical' Fix for CO2 - 0119

Corporate America Is Getting Ready to Monetize Climate Change 0119

Oil Industry Makes Landmark Investment in CO2 Air Capture 0119

Exxon Mobil Opposes Weakening Obama-Era Emissions Rules in Letter to EPA 1218

2 US Electric Utilities Promise to Go 100% Carbon-Free, Say It’s Cheaper 1218

How One Company Pulls Carbon from the Air, to Avert Climate Catastrophe 1218

Companies Seriously Underestimate How Climate Change Will Affect Business 1218

Shell Is 1st Energy Company to Link Executive Pay and Carbon Emissions 1218

GM Plant Closure in Oshawa Part of Its Shift to Electric, Self-Driving Autos 1118

Tesla Sales Soaring, Competition Failing 1018

ExxonMobil Gives $1 Million to Promote a Carbon Tax-and-Dividend Plan 1018

General Motors Will Soon Use Wind Power to Build Pickups and SUVs 1018

One of Oldest Coal Companies in US Files for Bankruptcy 1018

ExxonMobil Agrees to Join Oil and Gas Climate Change Alliance 0918

Lyft - “We are now a fully carbon-neutral company.” 0918

What’s with Exxon’s Big Algae Push? 0818

Oil Giant BP Met with Greens for 3 Years on Climate Policy 0918

Facebook Will Power Itself with 100% Renewable Energy by 2020 - 0818

Sucking Carbon from Air, Swiss Firm Wins New Funds for Climate Fix 0818

Inside Levi’s Ambitious Plan to Cut Its Carbon Footprint 0718

Molson Coors Steps Up Climate Fight 0718

National Grid Targets 80% Carbon Cut across Buildings, Transport, Power 0618

U.S. Industries Ask Trump Administration to Endorse Global Hydrofluorocarbon Deal 0618

A Year after Paris Pullout, U.S. Companies Are Driving a Renewables Boom 0618

Exxon to Cut Methane Emissions in Bid to Tackle Climate Change 0518

Shell Faces Shareholder Challenge over Climate Change Approach 0518

Automakers Talk Up an Electric Future, but Push Weaker Fuel Standards 0518

Major Automakers Urge Trump Not to Freeze Fuel Economy Targets 0518

Google Joins Apple in Condemning the Repeal of the Clean Power Plan 0418

Which U.S. Industries Are Setting the Strongest Climate Goals? 0418 - Food has big lead, then transport and technology.

Environmental Defense Fund’s Satellite Will Learn More about Methane Leaks 0418

Do You Want to Sell Your Products at REI?  Then Be Kind to the Planet. 0418

Apple Now Runs on 100% Green Energy; Here’s How It Got There 0418

Shell Foresaw Climate Dangers in 1988 and Understood Big Oil’s Big Role 0418

Coal Generator That Trump Tried to Save Files for Bankruptcy 0418

Duke Energy’s Climate Report Charts Path to Reduce Coal Use by 2030 - 0318

Shell’s Radical Scenario for What It Would Take to Halt Climate Change 0318

McDonald’s to Cut Its Carbon Footprint Enough to Actually Matter 0318

Global Energy Giants Forced to Adapt to Rise of Renewables 0318

How General Electric Gambled on Fossil Fuel Power and Lost 0218

Consumers Energy to Stop Burning Coal by 2040 - 0218

Utilities (EEI), NRDC to Regulators - Clean Energy Is Inevitable 0218

Exxon Reports on Climate Risk and Sees Almost None 0218

Exxon Sees Global Oil Demand Plunging by 2040 under Climate Regulations 0218

Duke Energy’s Shared Solar Proposal - Not Perfect, but Huge Potential 0118

Green Logo for Budweiser, as Brewer Taps into U.S. Wind Power 0118

Ford to Invest $11 Billion, for 40 Hybrid and Fully Electric Vehicles by 2022 - 0118

GM’s Latest Car Gives Up Steering Wheels, Pedals — and Human Control 0118

UPS Orders 125 Tesla Big-Rig Trucks 1217

Solar Companies Go Door-to-Door in Battle With Tesla 1217

Microsoft Investing $50 Million in Climate-Change Program 1217

Exxon Climate U-Turn - Investors Should Do Their Homework 1217

China Construction Bank Won't Grant Loan for Adani Coal Mine Project 1217 - Adani now turned down by 25 banks for huge coal project in Australia.  CCB is world’s 2nd largest bank.

Xcel Learns to Forecast Wind, Then Shuts Coal Plants 1217

Corporations Make Big Climate Promises, Only to Retreat after a Few Years 1117

Tesla Wins 100-Day Bet to Build 129 MWh Battery in Australia 1117

Toyota Clings to Hydrogen Bet while Electric Sales Soar 1117

For Oil Giant Shell, Service Station Means Electric Cars Too 1117

Tesla Reveals Battery-Powered Semi-Truck 1117

SoCal Edison Looks to Decarbonize Grid, Transportation in New Climate Plan 1117

Tesla Reportedly Reaches Agreement to Build Car Factory in Shanghai 1017

This Startup Turns CO2 Pollution into Fish Feed 1017

Google Will Hit 100% Renewable Energy This Year 1017

General Motors Is Going All Electric 1017

Ameren Missouri Makes Timely, Welcome Commitment to Renewable Energy 0917

Exxon Promises to Cut Methane Leaks from U.S. Shale Oil and Gas Operations 0917

10 Giant Companies Commit to Electric Vehicles - Message for Auto Industry 0917

GM, Disney, Shell 1,200 Other Companies Taking Steps to Fight Climate Change 0917

VW to Build Electric Versions of All 300 Models by 2030 - 0917

Mars, the Chocolate Giant, Pledges $1 Billion to Fight Climate Change 0917

Big Energy Backs Hydrogen Power Storage 0917

Big Oil Follows Silicon Valley Into Backing Green Energy Firms 0817

This Is How Big Oil Will Die 0517

Tesla Finishes 1st Solar Roofs—Including Elon’s House 0817

Toyota and Mazda Join Forces on Electric Vehicles.  Is It the End for Gas Cars? 0817

Industry to EPA - We Want Clean Power Plan ‘Fixed, Not Just Gone' 0817

Shell CEO Says His Next Car Will Be Electric 0717

Volkswagen to Assemble Electric Cars in Rwanda 0717

Flow Battery Developer ViZn Energy to Pair Solar and Storage for 4¢/kWh 0717

Shell Plans to Spend $1 Billion a Year on Clean Energy by 2020 - 0717

Companies Have to Open Up about Climate Risks - Shell CEO 0717

Ranking Oil Companies by Climate Risk - Exxon Is near the Top 0617

Exxon Says Scientists Boost Lipid Content from Algae in Lab Study 0617

Apple Issues $1 Billion Green Bond after Trump's Paris Climate Exit 0617

ExxonMobil Shareholders Force It to Analyze and Disclose Climate Risks 0517

UK's Biggest Solar Company Makes Deals Worth £3 Billion Globally 0517

Industry Group Wants to Pull Out of Kids' Climate Case 0517

Trends in Fortune 500 Companies’ Use of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency 0417

Batteries Could Be Tesla’s Secret Weapon 0417

Tesla Passes Ford in Market Value, as Investors Bet on the Future 0417

'Climate Change Is Real' - Companies Challenge Trump's Reversal of Policy

Statoil to Cut Greenhouse Emissions 20% by 2030 - 0317

Shell CEO Urges Switch to Clean Energy and Plans Hefty Renewable Spending 0317

Shell Cuts Debt With $7.25 Billion Sale of Canada Oil Sands 0317

Climate Changing Faster than at Any Time since End of Ice Age - Shell 1991 - 0217

Exxon Wipes Oil Sands Reserves from Its Books 0217

Big Indiana Utilities Try to Tilt Solar Energy Market in Their Favor 0217 - axe net metering

Climate Action, Clean Energy Key to U.S. Prosperity, Business Leaders Tell Trump 0117

Record Number of Oil, Gas Firms Go Bust, as Renewable Energy Revolution Bites 0117

Tillerson Led Exxon’s Shift on Climate Change; Some Say ‘It Was All P.R.’ 1216

Why Is Corporate America Picking Wind Power over Solar? 1216

Google Says It Will Hit 100% Renewable Energy Next Year 1216

Shell Ties Bonuses to Reinforced Emissions Strategy 1216

Michigan's Biggest Electric Provider Phasing Out Coal, despite Trump 1116

Toyota to Start Mass Production of Electric Cars, as Restrictions Loom 1116

In Shift Away from Diesel, Volkswagen Embraces Electric 1116

Suit Says ExxonMobil Should Have Cut Oil Reserves, Based on Climate Change 1116

CEOs, Leaders Urge Trump to Stand by Climate Pact 1116 - 360+ companies (12 Fortune 500), investors, mainly American

Oil Majors Join Forces in Climate Push with Renewable Energy Fund 1116

Con Ed Says Plan to Install Rooftop Solar Panels Will Aid Poor New Yorkers 1016

Tesla Unveils Residential Solar Roof and New Powerwall Battery 1016

Oil Industry Must Back Workable Climate Policies 1016

Scramble for Green Yield in Europe Has Big Power Beating Banks 1016

New Lawsuit Will Escalate Exxon's Climate Change Troubles 0916

A New Debate over Pricing the Risks of Climate Change 0916

Coal CEO - Drop Climate Debate, Focus on Coal's Role in Emissions Reduction 0916

Insurers Call on G20 to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2020 - 0816

In Corporate March to Clean Energy, Utilities Not Required 0816

Apple Can Sell Power, as Tech Giants Boost Energy Investments 0816

Tesla and SolarCity Boards Approve Acquisition 0816

Elon Musk Reveals Part 2 of his 'Master Plan' for Tesla 0716

Puget Sound Energy Agrees to Shut Part of Montana Coal-Power Plant 0716

Why Exxon Mobil Is Now Lobbying for a Carbon Tax 0616

Moody’s Calls for Rapid Paris Climate Deal Approval 0616

Pacific G&E Says Clean Energy Will Replace Power from Its Last Nuclear Plant 0616

Tesla Wants to Buy SolarCity 0616

Wind Farm Owner, Danish Dong Energy, Floats for £10 Billion IPO 0616

Exelon to Shut Nuclear Plants, as Legislation Hopes Fade 0616

Exelon Presses for Help with Nukes at State, Federal Levels 0516

Exxon Shareholders Take Only ‘Small Step Forward' on Climate 0516

U.S. Utilities Boost Investments in Wind, Solar Power 0516 - Duke, Southern & Berkshire Hataway Energy.
Wholesale, wind averages 2.9¢/kWh, solar 5.7.  Coal and gas 3.5.

Oil Major Buys Battery Maker, with Grid Storage in Mind 0516

Iowa Wind Boom Highlights Transformation in Midwest 0516 - MidAmerican plans 100% wind for all its customers.

U.S. Oil Industry Bankruptcy Wave Nears Size of Telecom Bust 0516

Corporations Move to Curb Global Warming 0416

Peabody, Global Coal Mining Leader, Files for Bankruptcy 0416

Why Companies like Google and Walmart Are Buying So Much Wind Power 0416

Ikea Tries to Power Its Business on 100% Renewable Energy 0416

100s of UK Churches Set to Go Green, Switch to Renewable Energy 0316

How America’s Big Data Centers Are Going Green 0316

Duke Energy Signs Deal to Turn Pig Poop Into Electricity 0316

Peabody Energy Flags Bankruptcy Risk, after Skipping Interest Payment 0316

Get Your Bonus?  Nah, I Missed My Climate Target. 0316

US Utilities Cut Coal Use, amid Clean Power Plan Fight 0316

Business Leaders Urge Brussels to Tighten Carbon Market 0216

Apple Issues $1.5 Billion in Green Bonds in 1st Sale 0216

BP CEO Urges Global Carbon Price to Meet Paris Climate Change Goals 0216

A Small New England College Goes 100% Solar 0216

AGL Exits NSW, Queensland Coal Seam Gas 0216

ExxonMobil’s Profits Plunge, while BP Cites Low Oil Prices in $3.3 Billion Loss 0216 - Chevron posts a loss too.

Exxon Sees a World with Less Carbon, with Higher-Cost Emissions 0116

North Carolina Clean-Energy Revenue in 2015 Soared over Year Before 0116

In the Heart of Coal Country, Calls for Carbon Trading 0116

SoCalGas Ordered to Offset the Climate Damage from Its Methane Leak 0116

Arch Coal, 2nd Largest Coal Miner in US, Files for Bankruptcy 0116

ConocoPhillips Slashed Methane Emissions 23% in 2014 - 0116

Xcel CEO Leans on Midwest Wind Power to Close Gap with Coal, Gas 1215

How 19 Big-Name Corporations Plan to Make Money Off the Climate Crisis 1215 - many different ways

Exxon's Oil Industry Peers Knew About Climate Dangers in the 1970s, Too 1215

Big Oil, Make Way for Big Solar - the Winners and Losers in Paris 1215

NRG, National Grid, Others Commit in Paris to Science-Based Carbon Targets 1215

Kellogg, Sony and Others Sign Up to Emissions Goals 1215

Vermont Utility Teams with Tesla to Offer Home Battery Installment Plan 1215

PG&E Contracts for 75 MW of Energy Storage, on Its Way to 580 MW of Storage Capacity 1215

Coalition of Business Leaders Challenges 2°C Target, Seeks 1.5°C - 1215

Oil, Coal Come to Climate Table with Significantly Fewer Bargaining Chips 1215

Solar Company Making a Profit from Poor Africans 1215

NRG Is Testing Vehicle-to-Grid Integration 1215

Monsanto Pledges to Be Carbon Neutral by 2021 - 1215

Obama, Gates Announce Clean Energy Research Investment by 20 Nations & 28 Investors 1115

Unilever to Stop Using Coal for Energy within 5 Years 1115

AEP CEO Sees Transmission Opportunity in Clean Power Plan 1115

Beyond What Exxon Knew, Refineries Face Flooding Dangers 1115

Peabody [Coal] Energy Agrees to Greater Disclosures of Financial Risks 1115

Texas Utility Offers a Nighttime Special - Free Electricity 1115

Apple, Google, Microsoft Among Best Companies Protecting Climate 1115

Analysts Expect Bankruptcy for Arch Coal, Reflecting Industry Woes 1115

Warning - Oil Company Defaults Are Coming 1115

More Oil Companies Could Join Exxon Mobil as Focus of Climate Investigations 1115

Volkswagen Says 800,000 Cars May Have False CO2 Levels 1115

Shell Halts Carmon Creek Oil Sands Project in Alberta, Canada 1015

Coal Not Coming Back, Appalachian Power President Says 1015

Oil, Coal Companies Risk Plague of Lawsuits, as Climate Change Tide Turns 1015

Apple Cleaning Up Its Act in China with More Renewable Energy 1015

Google Pumps Funds into Africa’s Biggest Wind Farm 1015

Shipping Industry Protests Call for Tax on Emissions.  Airplane Emissions Soar. 1015

Major Oil Producers Back ‘Effective' Deal at Paris Climate Summit 1015

New Palm Oil Council Would Drop “No Deforestation" Pledge – Indonesia 1015

Oil CEOs Differ on Carbon Strategy, Highlighting Industry Divide 1015

Electricity Firm CEOs Urge Clear Policies for Low-Carbon Shift 1015

With Market on Their Side, Electric Utilities Skip Fight against Carbon Rule 1015

Food Giants Align For Climate Action 1015

Shell Has Frozen Its Arctic Oil Drilling.  But It's Still Hungry for Fossil Fuels. 0915

9 Massive US Companies Pledge To Go 100% Renewable 0915

Ranks of Companies with Internal CO2 Price Almost Triples in a Year 0915

Exxon’s 1982 In-House Climate Models Confirmed Global Warming Consensus 0915

Fossil Fuel CEOs Bonus Pay, for More Fuel Reserves, Helps Sink the Climate 0915

General Mills Sets Ambitious Goal for Greenhouse Gas Cuts 0815

365 Companies and Investors Support the EPA Clean Power Plan 0715

U.S. Private Sector Vows to Ante up on Climate Finance 0715

Exxon Knew of Climate Change in 1981, But Funded Deniers for 27 More Years 0715

Which Oil and Gas Companies Are Leaking the Most Methane? 0615

Google to Convert Alabama Coal Plant into Renewable-Powered Data Center 0615

Weather Channel Confronts Republicans on Climate Change 0615

IKEA Pledges €1 Billion to Help Slow Climate Change 0615

Big Oil's Plan to Become Big Gas 0615

Exxon, Chevron Stockholders Say ‘No' to Adding Climate Experts to Boards 0515

Wal-Mart Makes Big Renewable Push with Utilities 0515

NGOs Urge Companies to Set Emission Targets to Limit Warming to 2°C - 0515

Yale to impose Carbon Tax on Itself, Led by the Man Who Helped Invent It 0415

McDonald's to Axe Deforestation from Its Global Supply Chain 0415

Company Bosses Pledge Emission Cuts, Call for Strong Paris Climate Deal 0415

Apple Digs In on Green with China Solar, US Forest Projects 0415

In Historic Move, BP's Shareholders Adopt Global Warming Resolution 0415

Why Corporate America Is Reluctant to Take a Stand on Climate Action 0415

Companies Begin to Teach Climate Advocates How to Reduce CO2 - 0215

Manufacturers Decry EPA's Clean Power Plan, Threaten to Take Flight 0215

World's Biggest PR Firm Calls It Quits with American Oil Lobby 0215

Shell & BP Call for Carbon Price, Financiers Divest from Fossil Fuels 0215

Ameren (St. Louis+ Electric Utility) Report Outlines Issues with Carbon Rules 0215

Apple Deal, Tax Change Could Spark Corporate Solar Stampede 0215

Why Google's Future Growth is in Energy 0115

Xcel to Double Down on Renewable Energy in Minnesota 0115

Global Group of Catholic Bishops Call for End to Fossil Fuels 1214

Stuck Earning $1 a Day?  Exxon Wants to Be Your New Best Friend 1214

National Grid Joins 200 Companies to Support EPA’s Carbon Regulations 1214

Amazon and Google Change Places on Going Green 1114

Chevrolet Supports Grassland Preservation Program 1114

Cutting CO2 Emissions Is Just Business as Usual at Some Major Companies 1014

Businesses Go Green, with Little Faith in U.N. Climate Plan 1014

Competition, Not Science, Drives Climate Action 1014

Companies Woefully Unprepared for Climate Events - S&P 1014

Big Business Climate Change Movement Grows in Size and Heft 0914

Oil Companies Quietly Prepare for a Future of Carbon Pricing 0914

World's Top PR Companies Rule Out Working with Climate Deniers 0814

General Mills Is Tackling Climate Change, a Threat to Its Bottom Line 0714

Major US Companies - We Want More Renewable Energy 0714

Utilities Fear a “Death Spiral.”  They Shouldn’t. 0614

Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change 0114

Is Google Becoming an Energy Company? 0114

No Climate-Change Deniers to Be Found in the Re-insurance Business 1113

Just 90 Companies Caused 2/3 of Man-Made Global Warming Emissions 1113

Veterans Who Saw Fossil-Fuel Drawbacks in Combat Lead Clean Energy Charge 1113

Companies That Are Doing The Most (and Least) About Climate 0913

Companies Take a Closer Look at Investing in Climate Change Resilience 0713

How Companies Can Bridge the Gigaton Gap and Make Money 0613 

64 Companies Follow Wal-Mart's Effort to Reduce Supplier Emissions 0513 

Business Groups Lower Local Emissions without Mentioning Climate Change 0513 

Wal-Mart Bets Aggressively on Renewable Energy 0413

Apple Makes Renewable Energy Push with Solar 0313 

Wall Street Begins to Grapple with Climate Change 0313

Business Warned to Prepare for Catastrophic Impacts 1112


Companies in Politics (to Harm Climate)

Big Business Lobbies against Heat Protections for Workers, as US Boils 0723

Big Business Is Bankrolling an Effort to Kill the Democratic Climate Bill 1021

Big Oil Is Going All-Out to Fight Climate Rules in Build Back Better 1021

Exxon Suspended from Climate Advocacy Group It Helped Form 0921

Christian Leaders Unite to Issue Stark Warning over Climate Crisis 0921

Automakers, Fearing Prolonged Regulatory Uncertainty, Tell Trump to Cut a Deal with California on Emissions 0619

Bloomberg Pledges $500 Million to Close Coal-Fired Power Plants 0619

Exxon Mobil Leaves Conservative Group ALEC after Climate Change Dispute 0718

Shipping Executive - ‘We Have Deliberately Misled Public on Climate’ 1017

These Companies Are Most Influential in Climate Policy Debates 0917

Energy CEOs Tell Pruitt They Want Carbon Regulation 0617

Exxon Mobil Lends Its Support to a Carbon Tax Proposal 0617

Paris Pullout Pits Chamber Against Some of Its Biggest Members 0617

Top CEOs Tell the CEO President "You're Wrong on Paris" 0617

Largest US Companies Sign Full-Page Ad Urging US to Stay in Paris Agreement 0517

Tech and Oil Giants Want Trump to Keep the Paris Climate Agreement 0417

Republican Cracks Emerge in Trump's Coal-Heavy Energy Plan 0417

U.S. Coal Companies Ask Trump to Stick with Paris Climate Deal 0417

Guess Who’s for a Carbon Tax Now - Big Oil CEOs 0417

Automakers Sue to Overturn Obama EPA's Emission Rules 0317

Automakers Urge New EPA Chief to Withdraw Obama Car Fuel-Efficiency Rules 0217

Trump Plan to Scrap Paris Climate Change Pact Faces Skepticism from Corporations, GOP Moderates 0217

Australian Oil & Gas Lobby Spent Millions Opposing Climate Action 0416

Exxon's Oil Industry Peers Knew About Climate Dangers in the 1970s, Too 1215

Shipping Industry Protests Call for Tax on Emissions.  Airplane Emissions Soar. 1015

Major Oil Producers Back ‘Effective' Deal at Paris Climate Summit 1015

Oil CEOs Differ on Carbon Strategy, Highlighting Industry Divide 1015

Electricity Firm CEOs Urge Clear Policies for Low-Carbon Shift 1015

With Market on Their Side, Electric Utilities Skip Fight against Carbon Rule 1015

13 of 28 Biggest Fossil Fuel Companies Support an International Climate Pact 0915

This Ohio Utility Has Plan to Save Coal Power - Force Customers to Buy It 0915

Giant Coal Company Bankruptcy Reveals Secret Ties to Climate Denial, GOP Dark Money Groups 0815

In Stunning Reversal, ‘Big Oil’ Asks for World Carbon Price 0615
     Shadow carbon prices ($/ton) by big oil companies in 2013 included $40 at BP and Shell, $60-80 (in 2030 & 2040) at ExxonMobil, $34 at France’s Total, and $6-45 at ConocoPhillips.  I don’t know the numbers for Chevron, Italy's Eni, Norway’s Statoil, or Britain's BG Group.

Carbon Pricing Letter from Oil Giants 0615

Oil Giants Band Together to Add Voice to Climate Debate 0515

Former BP Boss, Tony Hayward, Calls for an End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies 0515

Oil Industry Has Few Climate Skeptics, Favors Carbon Tax 0515

Unilever Boss Urges World Leaders to Reduce Carbon Output 0515

High-Profile CEOs Call for Zero Emissions Goal in Paris Climate Deal 0215

Large Oil Company Bolts From ALEC 0914

Google, GE and Others Contribute to Climate-Change Deniers in Congress 0914

Australian Coal Industry Report Warns Against Leaving Carbon in the Ground 0613

Exxon's Rex Tillerson Sees Climate Change as Risk Management Problem 0613 

Carbon Credit Scam 0812 

Exxon CEO Says Engineer Way Out of Climate Chaos 0612 

200 Companies Call for Tougher Climate Action 1011 

ALEC Exposed 0711, also available on Government page

Big Oil Spends $175M to Kill Climate Bill 0810 

ConocoPhillips, BP + Leave USCAP 0210 

US Chamber of Commerce Renews Fight vs Climate Action 0110 

Apple Is 4th to Leave Chamber of Commerce 1009

Business Blitz Seeks Fast Passage of Senate Climate Bill 1009 


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Public Opinion

Religion and Race Shape Views on Cause of Climate Change 1023

US % Say Climate Change Is Human-Caused, by Religion

After Summer’s Extreme Weather, More Americans See Climate Change Culprit 0923

% of Americans Affected by Climate ∆ Rose a Lot over Summer 2023

Most Americans Underestimate the Popularity of Policies to Protect the Climate 0623

Do Humans Cause Climate Change? Even Now, Only 1 in 2 Americans Say Yes. 0523

US Support for Nuclear Power Soars to Highest Level in a Decade 0523

Poll - Religious Americans Less Worried about Climate Change 1122

Which Elected Leaders Should Do More on Climate?  Here’s What Americans Say. 0722

Republicans Want Climate Solutions — Just Not from Biden 0722

House Republicans to Introduce Climate Change Strategy with Eye on Mid-Terms 0622

Climate Worries Galvanize a New Pro-Nuclear Movement in the U.S. 0522

Americans Overwhelmingly Support 6 Biden Proposals to Fight Climate Change 0422

Climate Change Is Seen as Most Worrying Threat to World Security 0222

World to China - Time to Step Up on Climate 0222

Growing Alarm in the U.S. about Climate Change 0122

Right-Wing Climate Denial Is Waning, but Its Replacement Might Be Scarier 1121

American Physical Society Now Stresses Reality and Urgency on Climate Change 1121

GOP Green Groups Want Climate Action, but Not Reconciliation 1121

Are US Republicans Finally Waking Up to the Climate Crisis? 0921

People around the World Increasingly See Climate Change as Personal Threat 0921

4 in 10 Young People Fear Having Children due to Climate Crisis 0921

UK Over-50s Want Climate Crisis Addressed, ‘Even if It Leads to High Prices’ 0821

Climate Change Is Top Federal Election Issue for B.C. Voters 0821

Nearly Half of Americans Say Climate Change Has Become a Bigger Threat 0721

Small Majority in 16 Countries Believe There’s Still Time to Avert Climate Disaster 0721

How US Attitudes on Climate Change Differ by Generation, Party, Other Factors 0521

Majority of Australians Favor Banning New Coal Mines 0521 and more

Climate Crisis Is Not a Partisan Issue, Young Republican Tells His Party 0521

Evangelicals Are Losing Their Climate Skepticism 0421 - 28% of white evangelicals attributed global warming to human activity.  Last October, by contrast, 44%.

Top Economists Warn U.S. Against Underestimating Climate Damage 0221

Most Democrats, Republicans Want Government to Prioritize Climate Change 0121

Republicans Are Coming around to Climate Change, Poll Shows 1220

Majority of EU Citizens Back Climate-Focused Recovery 1220

Most Catholics Concerned about Climate Change, Poll Finds 1020

2nd Trump Term Would Be 'Game Over' for Climate - Top Scientist Michael Mann 1020

Most US 2020 Voters Strongly Favor Climate Action 0920

Battleground State Voters Strongly Prefer Biden to Trump on Climate 0920

Facebook Fights against Climate Change Misinformation on Its Own Platform 0920

Latino Voters Care Deeply about Climate, Are Going to Be Key in 2020 - 0620

Most Americans Think Government Should Do More to Combat Climate Change 0620

Americans See Climate as a Concern, Even Amid Coronavirus Crisis 0520

In State after State, Climate Change Is a Key Issue for Democratic Voters 0220

Much More of US Is Alarmed about Climate Change 0120 - “Alarmed" has tripled to 31% in 5 years.  “Dismissive” + “Doubtful” is down from 25% to 25%.

Global Warming's 6 Americas - 5-Year Trend

Americans Broadly Accept Climate Science, but Many Are Fuzzy on the Details 1219

Poll - Young Republicans Break with Party on Climate Change 1119

Americans Would Rather Reduce Oil and Gas Exploration than ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ 1019

Americans Increasingly See Climate Change as a Crisis, Poll Shows 0919 - 76% of Democrats 18-38 know that humans are causing climate change.  And 77% of Republicans that age agree.

Climate Change Is Bridging the Political Divide among Young Americans 0919

2/3 of Young Republicans Fear for Environment, amid Large Surge in GOP Climate Change Concern 0819

Climate Could Be an Electoral Time Bomb, Republican Strategists Fear 0819

Americans See Cyberattacks, Climate Change as Biggest Threats to U.S. 0719

Christians Care about Climate Change if It's about Saving 'God's Creation’ 0719

70% of Americans Support a Nationwide Solar Rooftop Mandate 0719

New Poll Shows Trump’s Handling of Climate Change Is Deeply Unpopular 0719

Cato Closes Its Climate Shop; Pat Michaels Is Out 0519

Top GOP Pollster Finds Overwhelming Support for Carbon Tax by Millennial Republicans 0519

What Changed My Mind about Climate Change? 0519 - risk management, wth possible worst-case scenarios

America’s Denial of Climate Change Is Heating Up - Global Survey 0519

The Votes Are In – Climate Change Is #1 - 0519

Most Teachers Don't Teach Climate Change, but 4 In 5 Parents Wish They Did 0419

Nearly Half of Young Americans Believe Climate Change is Creating a Crisis Requiring Urgent Action 0419

The Young Republicans Breaking with Their Party over Climate Change 0419

44% of Americans ‘Worry a Great Deal about Global Warming’ 0319

America Cares About Climate Change Again 0319

God and the Earth - Evangelical Take on Climate Change 0319

As the Climate Changes, Are We All Boiling Frogs? 0219

Climate Change, ISIS, Cyberattacks Seen as World's Top Threats in a New Poll 0219

Climate Change Worried Americans Lots Less before Trump Took Office 0219

Majority of Americans Unwilling to Pay $10 a Month to Address Climate Change 0119

More Americans Than Ever Believe in Climate Change 0119

How to Win Public Support for a Global Carbon Tax 0119 - results of 5-nation survey

Republicans, Democrats Are Now Both More Concerned about Climate Change 0119

Americans Show Growing Support for Climate Action 1218

Nearly 2/3 of Republicans Now Acknowledge Climate Change 1118

In North Carolina, Hurricanes Convince Republicans that Climate Change Is Real 1018

Republicans Are Slowly Warming to Climate Change.  But Is it Already Too Late? 0918
     Why?  See 2 maps below, the top one by county, the bottom one by Congressional District.

Utilities’ Problem - the Public Wants 100% Renewable Energy, and Quick 0918

UK Fears on Climate Change Hit Highest Level in a Decade, after Heat Wave 0918

World Is Finally Waking Up to Climate Change, Says ‘Hothouse Earth' Author 0818

Yale Poll Shows Nationwide Support for Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax 0818

Heat Wave Makes Man-Made Climate Change Real for Americans 0718

Why These Young Republicans See Hope in Climate Action 0618

Global Warming, Now Brought to You by Your Local TV Weathercaster 0618

Americans Think Climate Change Should Be NASA’s Top Priority, Not Sending Astronauts to Mars 0618

Climate Change Course Aims to Persuade Evangelicals to Go Green 0518

Climate Change in the American Mind - March 2018 - 0518

Despite Trump, More Republicans Grasp that Climate Change Is Our Fault 0518

As Climate Change Zaps Snow, Winter Sport Fans Try to Change Washington 0418

Majority of Australians Support Phasing Out Coal Power by 2030 - 0318

Partisan Split on Climate Grows, Even as U.S. Fears Are on the Rise, Poll Finds 0318

Millennials’ Climate Views Could Sway 10 House Elections This November 0316

College Republicans Are Here to Fix Climate Change! 0218

Linking Extreme Weather to Climate Change Could Help Curb Carbon Emissions 0118

Research Shows that Certain Facts Can Still Change Conservatives’ Minds 1217

Battered by Extreme Weather, Americans Worry More about Climate Change 1117

Americans Want a Tax on Carbon Pollution, but How to Get One? 1017
How to use tax proceeds? Favorites are support solar & wind; infrastructure; help coal miners; reduce debt 

Most Americans Want Government to Fight Climate Change 1017

1 in 5 Australians Believe Global Warming Is a Hoax 0917

Right-Wing Media Could Not Be More Wrong about 1.5°C Carbon Budget Paper 0917

Katharine Hayhoe Is Successfully Convincing Doubtful Evangelicals about Climate Change 0817

The Republicans Trying to Fight Climate Denial in Their Own Party 0817

ISIS, Global Warming Considered Top Security Threats by Most of the World 0817

In Chile, Many Regard Climate Change as the Greatest External Threat 0717

Americans Know the Climate Is Changing.  Do They Care? 0617

8 in 10 People Now See Climate Change as a “Catastrophic Risk” 0517

Pruitt’s CO2 Comments Prompt Voicemail Jam, Rebuke from Scientists 0317

Only 1/4 of Trump Voters Believe in Human-Caused Climate Change 0217

Americans' Concern over Climate Change Hits Record Levels 0117

90% of Rural Australians Say Climate Change Already Affects Their Lives 0117

Republicans and Democrats Alike Want More Clean Energy 1216

Trump Wants to Dump Paris Climate Deal, but 71% of Americans Support It 1116

America’s TV Meteorologists Say Climate Change Symptoms Are Rampant, Undeniable 1116

Dangers & Opportunities of Climate Change for the Rich & Powerful 1116 - Satire?  Plan for the US' (heartland of personal wealth accumulation) “successful and entrepreneurs” to use foreign elites to manage global population reduction to 1 billion by 2100, due to climate change, while preserving their privileged positions and with new opportunities for profit making.

'Overwhelming Majority' Back US Climate Action - Sec. John Kerry 1116

Nigeria's Own "Inconvenient Truth” Movie Brings Home Climate Threats 1116

Americans Appear Willing to Pay for a Carbon Tax Policy 0916 - weighted average of $0 to $50+ per month = $15-20

Poll Shows Majority of Scots Favor Renewable Energy 0916

Rio Opening Ceremony Put Climate Change Front and Center 0816

Fewer Americans Doubt Climate Change – but Confidence Is Up on Both Sides 0816

Climate Change Will Drive Voter Turnout – Steyer 0716

Number of Americans 'Alarmed' by Climate Change Rises in Latest Poll 0716

Food Shortages and Sea Level Rise Top US Voters' Climate Change Concerns 0716

Want to Help Fight Climate Change?  Start with Reproductive Rights. 0516 - Climate change hits women and children harder.  Women are more concerned, and personally.  Fewer people can mean fewer emissions.

Most Australian Voters Support Transition to 100% Renewable Energy 0516

Why This Could Finally Be the Election Where Climate Change Matters 0516

Half of U.S. Conservatives Say Climate Change Is Real 0416

Republicans Are Warming Up to Renewable Energy 0416

75% of Americans Concerned about Climate Change 0416

96% of American Meteorological Society Members Think Climate Is Changing 0316

Record Number of Americans See Global Warming as Threat 0316

Welcome to the Climate Emergency.  You’re about 20 Years Late. 0316 - shift in Australian opinion

Climate Change Is Less Politicized among Minority Groups 0316 - US

Leonardo DiCaprio Uses Oscar Speech to Speak Out on Climate Change 0216

Vast Majority of Americans Backs Climate Change Action - U of Texas Poll 0216

Science Teachers’ Grasp of Climate Change Is Found Lacking 0216

US Chamber of Commerce Official - Businesses Will Flee Climate Deal 0216

After Paris Accord, Most U.S. Republicans Back Action on Climate 1215

Why So Many Americans Are Skeptical about Climate Change 1115

China's Greenhouse Gases Don't Seem to Trouble Most of Its Citizens 1115

Being a Woman, or Catholic, Affects How You Feel About Climate Change 1115

Americans, Even Republicans, Have Never Been So Sure About Climate Change 1015

Many Conservative Republicans Believe Climate Change Is a Real Threat 0915

Why Conservatives Must Fight Climate Change - Taylor 0915

Arguing about Climate Change Won’t Change Minds - Hayhoe 0915

58% in Houston Agree with Pope that Warming’s Mainly Man-Made 0615

Americans Are Again Getting More Worried About the Climate 0615

Survey Reveals Countries Where Citizens Don’t Want Climate Change Action 0615

Not All Republicans Think Alike About Global Warming 0515

The Conservative Case for Taxing Carbon Pollution 0515

Oil Industry Has Few Climate Skeptics, Favors Carbon Tax 0515

These Arguments Convinced a Libertarian to Support Aggressive Climate Action 0515

What Do Conservative Policy Intellectuals Think about Climate Change? 0515

More & More Conservative Thinkers Back Carbon Tax.  Will Politicians Follow? 0515

Millennials Seem No More Concerned about Warming than Their Elder Americans 0415

Conservatives Don't Think Global Warming Will Happen in Their Lifetimes 0415

Broadcast Meteorologists Increasingly Convinced Man Is Changing Climate 0415

Estimated % of adults who think global warming is happening, human-caused, solutions, etc. 2014

Poll Finds 72% of Americans Support an International Climate Agreement 0315

Different Tack Needed for Climate Change Skeptics, Study Says 0215

The Difficult Art of Communicating Climate Change to Farmers 0115

Survey Finds Doctors Concerned about Health Impacts of Climate Change 0115

Activists Say Obama Action on Methane Emissions ‘Misses 90% of Pollution’ 0115

Climate Coverage Returns to Its 2009 Peak 0115

Poll - Half of Republicans Back Limits on Carbon 1214

83% of Americans Say Climate Is Changing 1214

Canadians Want Action on Reducing Greenhouse Gases, Poll Shows 1114

Neither Rain nor Snow nor Heat Sways Views on Climate Science 1114

US Poll Finds Most Back Limits on Coal Emissions, Even if Power Prices Rise 1114

Surveys Show Huge Gap between Farmers, Ag Scientists on Warming 1114

Young Voters Like Pro-Environment Candidates, But May Not Show Up To Vote 1014

The ‘Nitty Gritty, Nuts-and-Bolts, Rubber-Hits-the-Road' Side of Climate Change 1014

Southerners Think Differently about Energy Impact – Poll 0814

71% of Florida Voters Concerned about Climate Change, 80% Back EPA Carbon Action Plan 0714

Climate Change Gets More Air Time On Some TV News Shows 0714

Will Public Opinion Shift with New Evidence of Climate Change? 0514

Right-Leaning Group Sees Climate Change Creating Wealth, Other Benefits 0314

Denying Climate Change Isn't Skepticism – It's 'Motivated Reasoning' 0214

Americans Back Greenhouse Gas Cuts from Power Plants 1113

How Do You Get People to Give a Damn About Climate Change? 1013

L.A. Times Cuts Off Climate-Change Deniers 1013

Talking about Climate Change?  Not Much. 0813

Why Don't Farmers Believe in Climate Change? 0713

Climate Research Nearly Unanimous on Human Causes 0513 

US Public Anxious on Climate, to a Point 0513

Over Half of Americans Link Extreme Weather to Climate Change 0513 

Climate Change: It's Real and It's Here, Expert Says 0413 

Farmers' Beliefs about Climate Change 0413 

Climate Hawks Go on Offense Against Skeptics 0413

Republican Views on Climate Change 0413 - PDF

Poll Question Wording Shifts Public Views on Global Warming 0313

Farmers Think Kansas Drought Is Part of Natural Cycle 0213

Americans Who See World Warming Rises to 78% 1212

36% of US Public See End Times in Weather Extremes 1212

Belief in Climate Change Climbs 1012 

Is Climate Change the Sleeper Issue of 2012? 1012 

Climate Skepticism Trumps Heat Wave 0812 

More Americans Believe Earth is Warming 0911 

Climate Skeptics Rally 0510


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Solar Radiation Management (Geo-Engineering)

     For Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), which some also view as geo-engineering, see Carbon + & - pages.

     To explain the graph below, natural CO2 removal by rock weathering is about 1 billion tons (GT or PgC) per year.  That speeds up with higher temperatures, but not enough to fully offset larger pulses.  But still, it is a roughly fixed amount, while the size of pulses is variable.

     A pulse of 1 billion tons is comparable to natural removal rates, so the % remaining after a few years is low.  On the other hand, a pulse (e.g., human emissions since 1900) is far more than the natural removal rate, so most of it will remain in the air after many years. 

     In the right-hand chart, CO2 removal is 2,900 GT from the big pulse over 1,000 years, while it is 85 GT for the smaller pulse.

PgC means billion metric tonnes of carbon.

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) in the North Warms Ocean at Antarctic Ice Shelves, but SAI in the South Cools Them 0623

Experts Call for Global Moratorium on Efforts to Geo-Engineer Climate 0923

What You Need to Know about Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth 0823 - emphasis on most developed method, imitating volcanoes by injecting aerosols into the stratosphere

Solar Geo-Engineering — Climate Solution or Pandora's Box? 0723

Chinese Scientists Are Trying to Shield Melting Glaciers From the Sun 0723

White House Cautiously Opens Door to Blocking Sun’s Rays to Cool Earth 0723

EU Looks into Blocking Out the Sun, as Climate Efforts Falter 0623

How Does Albedo Affect Climate? 0423

Spies Worry that a Sun-Blocking ‘Climate Solution’ Could Trigger War 0223

Study Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth before Climate Change Gets Much Worse, Urge 60 Scientists 0223

Why Billionaires Are Obsessed with Blocking Out the Sun 0223

George Soros Sees Arctic Threat to Civilization Survival, Wants Geo-Engineering 0223

Solar Radiation Management – Key Climate Solution or Path to Catastrophe? 0223

Simple Graph Shows Why We Must Study Ways to Reflect Sunlight to Cool Earth 0123


Startup Offers Stratospheric Geo-engineering as a Service 1222

Can Geoengineering Fix the Climate? 100s of Scientists Say Not So Fast. 1222

At right, observe that the dark forest (mesic savanna) reflects less sunlight than the semi-arid savanna or the aird savanna.  The more arid conditions will have a net cooling effect, other things equal.  

White House Pushes Ahead Research to Cool Earth by Reflecting Back Sunlight 1022

What Could We Do Specifically to Cool the Arctic? 0822

2 methods reviewed: stratospheric aerosol injection and marine cloud brightening

Can This Ice-Making Submarine Save The Arctic? 0622

Dimming the Sun Could Expose 1 Billion More People to Malaria 0422 - by decreasing the area that is too hot for malaria

Weird Ideas to Fix the Climate Crisis Might Be All We Have 1021

What’s the Least Bad Way to Cool the Planet?1021

Opponents of Geo-Engineering Misunderstand Humanity’s Choices 0621

National Academy of Scientists Supports Reflecting the Sun’s Rays 0321

We Must Start Refreezing the Arctic Ocean Very Soon to Save Our Megacities 0121

As Earth Warms Faster, Scientists Eye Solar Radiation Management to Cool Off 0121

As Climate Disasters Pile Up, Solar Radiation Management Plan Gains Traction 1020

Scientists Trial Cloud Brightening Equipment to Shade, Cool Great Barrier Reef 0420

Heat the Arctic to Cool the Earth, Some Scientists Say 1219 - so sea ice disappears, allowing heat from ocean below to escape into space.  How does that interact with albedo change from light ice to dark water?

Pumping Seawater atop Sea Ice to Refreeze Arctic Sea Ice Isn't the Best Idea 1219

Can Arctic 'Ice Management' Combat Climate Change? 1219

Ancient Upheavals Show How to Geo-Engineer a Stable Climate 0619 - in-depth (for news article) review of paleoclimate relevant to today, and of geo-engineering methods, both CO2 removal and soalr radiation management.

Geo-Engineer the Planet?  More Scientists Now Say It Must Be an Option 0519

Plan to Artificially Cool Earth's Climate Could Be Safe, Study Finds 0319

Solar Radiation Management May Not Cool the Oceans, Study Says 1018

Geo-Engineering Problem - Dimming the Sky Won’t Save the World’s Harvests 0818

The Best Way to Shade Earth 0718 - Inject sulfates (into stratosphere) in sub-tropics to mid-latitudes, not near the equator.

2 Audacious Plans for Saving the World’s Ice Sheets 0518

Could Sprinkling Sand Save the Arctic's Shrinking Sea Ice? 0418

Developing Nations to Study Ways to Dim Sunshine, Slow Warming 0418

What on Earth?  Why Climate Change Skeptics Are Backing Geo-Engineering 0318

Geo-Engineer Polar Glaciers to Slow Sea-Level Rise 0318 - Make them whiter, or thicker.

“Can We Refreeze the Arctic?”, Scientists Are Beginning to Ask 0318

Case against Geo-Engineering 1117 - PDF, 80 pp

4 Radical Plans to Save Civilization from Climate Change 0917 - merely a quick summary: 3 are SRM, 1 CDR.
carbon vacuums (CDR), salt-spraying ships (clouds), sparkle-blasting ballons (stratospheric sulfates), and super-sized space mirrors

Scientists Dim Sunlight, Suck Up CO2 to Cool Planet 0717

A Cirrus Cloud Climate Dial? 0717

Should We Geo-Engineer Earth to Halt Warming?  Scientists Say Maybe 0717

US Scientists Launch World's Biggest Solar Geo-Engineering Study 0317

Could a £400 Billion Plan to Refreeze the Arctic before the Ice Melts Really Work? 0217

White House Urges Research on Geo-Engineering to Combat Global Warming 0117

Scientists Want to Give the Atmosphere an Antacid to Relieve Climate Change 1216 - calcium carbonates intead of sulfates

Geo-Engineering to Alter Climate Moves Closer to Reality 1016

Ocean Warming due to Plankton Collapse 0616 - The fewer plankton make correspondingly less dimethyl sulfide, which serve as important cloud condensation nuclei to form cooling cloouds near the ocean surface.

Sea Level Rise?  Can We Pump Quadrillions of Tons of Seawater 2 Miles High? 0316

Massive Tree Farms, Soil Carbon Sequestration May Be Really Bad Climate Ideas 0216

Could Bright, Foamy Wakes from Ocean Ships Combat Global Warming? 0116                                     

Nanostructure and Nanonet Solar Cells, CCS, SRM Could Slow Climate Change 1215

Could the Smell of the Sea Help Cool a Warming Planet? 0815

Geo-Engineering Will Not Save Ocean Life from Centuries of Acidification 0815

Cloud Brightening Experiment Tests Tool to Slow Climate Change 0715

‘Last Ditch’ Climate Change Remedies, Olivine & Biochar, Remove CO2 from Air 0615

Whitening Arctic Ocean Surface to Reflect Sunlight into Space Will Fail 0415

Warning over Aerosol Climate Fix 0415

Scientists Urge Global ‘Wake-up Call' to Deal with Climate Change 0215

Planet Reboot - Fighting Climate Change With Geo-Engineering 1214

Geo-Engineering - Climate Fixes ‘Could Harm Billions' 1114

Many Experts Say Technology Can't Fix Climate Change 1114

Climate Engineering - Minor Potential, Major Side Effects 0214

If You Start Geo-Engineering to Halt Global Warming, Don't Stop 1213

Let's Play God - Experiments That Might Save (or Destroy) the World 1013

IPCC Climate Report Puts Geo-Engineering in the Spotlight 1013

       Add to the diagram below storing carbon in soils, via (1) rapid (~1 week / small pasture) rotation grazing, (2) no-till farming, especially organic farming, and (3) biochar.
     LIke foresting, these requires large land areas, but they (especially grazing) work much better in dry areas, which will grow some grass but few or no trees.  Like foresting, these are already being used, at negligible cost.  Moreover, soils generally store more carbon per acre than standing biomass (e.g., forests), especially toward the poles.  (But near the equator, standing biomass stores much more than the soil there, except in peatlands.)

Central Intelligence Agency Studies Geo-Engineering 0713

Earth-Cooling Schemes May Devastate, Need Global Sign-off 0313 - Solar Radiation Management, chiefly sulfates in the stratosphere - spread droughts and deserts to new areas

Geo-Engineering Responses to Rapidly Shrinking Arctic Ice Cap 0213 

Get Cirrus in the Fight Against Climate Change 0113 

Altering Clouds to Fight Climate Change 0113 

Algae Farming for Climate Change a Big Waste of Money 1212 

Overview of Geo-Engineering 1112 - introduction to amounts (efficacy) and costs, for 12 methods

Sulfates in Stratosphere Geo-Engineering Can Disrupt Rainfall Patterns 0612

 Geo-Engineering Interest Grows 1110

Geo-Engineering Poses Drought Risk 0809 - 4 of the 5 methods discussed do not involve biological actors.

Geo-Engineering to Slow Warming 1106 - 5 methods discussed or mentioned


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Misc. - Insurance

Flood Insurance Premiums Are About to Rise Steeply for 1,000s of Louisianans 0222

US Crop Insurance Payouts Rise Steeply, as Climate Change Worsens Droughts, Floods 0122

Climate Change Fueled 3rd Costliest Losses Ever in 2021, under Half Was Insured 0122

Pulling the Plug on Their Insurance Could Finally Stop New Coal Plants 1021

Climate Change Replaces Pandemic as Insurers’ Biggest Worry 0921

The Cost of Insuring Expensive Waterfront Homes Is About to Skyrocket 0921

Fire and Flood - 'Whole Areas of Australia Will Be Uninsurable' 0421

Wildfires Hasten Climate Crisis for Homeowners Who Can’t Get Insurance 0920

Climate Change Threatens U.S. Mortgage Market 0620

Swiss Re Sees Opportunities for Insurers in Carbon-Capture Push 0620

Climate Risk in the Housing Market Has Echoes of Subprime Crisis 0919

The Climate Crisis Is Poised to Make Huge Swaths of America Totally Uninsurable 0919

As Wildfires Get Worse, Insurers Pull Back from Riskiest Areas 0819

Chubb Will No Longer Insure US Coal Investments 0719

Louisiana Insurers Say Climate Change Is Now Biggest Risk 0519

U.S. insurers Unprepared for Climate Change Disasters 0518

Insurance Turns to Coral Reefs and Mangroves as Ocean Risks Surge 0518

Climate Change and a Looming Fire Insurance Crisis in California 0118

2017 Set a Record for Losses From Natural Disasters.  It Could Get Worse. 0118

Global insurance Plan Aims to Defuse Potential Climate Damage ‘Bombshell' 1117

Insurance Industry Prices Warming into Hurricane Harvey Cost 0917

Investors, Insurers Urge G20 to Ditch Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2020, Go Green 0217

Insurers Paid Out $27 Billion for Natural Disaster Claims in 2015 - 0116 - down from 2014 and 2005-2014 average

Seacoast Vacation Homes Hit by $250 insurance Surcharge 0515

Climate-Linked Insurance Could Help poor Farmers Offset Crop Failure Risk 0115

Insurance Retreat from Weather Disasters 1014

Insurers Emerge from White House Worried by More Extreme Weather Events 0914

Lloyd's Calls on Insurers to Take into Account Climate-Change Risk 0514

World's Largest Insurance Underwriter Blames Climate Change 0114

World Bank Pilots Climate Insurance 0913

Insurance Industry, Republicans Split on Climate Change 0713

For Insurers, No Doubts on Climate Change 0513

Most US Insurers Not Prepared for Climate Change 0313

Insurance Industry Takes Climate Change Seriously 1212 


Misc. - Solutions, etc.

Indonesian Mosques to Take Up the Mantle of Fighting Climate Change 1117

Hollywood Takes on Climate Change 1116

Teaching Middle-Schoolers Climate Change without Terrifying Them 0916

Eating Less Meat Could Save up to $31 Trillion (and Many Lives) 0316

Join the 4‰ Initiative Soils for Food Security and Climate 0915

Global Warming Deniers Are Endangered Species 0715

Muslim Scholars Say Climate Change Poses Dire Threat 0715

Plan Launched to Slow Climate Change by Making Green Energy Cheaper than Coal 0615

Climate Change Smarts Now Part of Core Competency for Professionals 0515

Circular Economy Could Cut Carbon Emissions 70% by 2030 - 0415

Scientists Urge Smithsonian and Other Museums to Sever David Koch Ties 0315

Experts Pitch for Fossil Fuels to Drive Growth in India 0315

The New Optimism of Al Gore 0315

'Long Struggle' Warning on Climate 0315

Think of Earth, Not Just Your Stomach, Panel Advises 0215

Birth Control Access Is Key Means of Reaching Climate Goals 0215

Pivoting the Climate Debate from Oil to Coal 1214

Are Megacities Friend or Foe in the Fight Against Climate Change? 1114

‘Green Revolution’ Brings Greater CO2 Swings 1114

Holding Back the Sahara - the Green Wall 1114

Smart Power Consumers Become Worst Nightmare for Electricity Firms 1113

China’s Soviet-Style Suburbia Heralds Environmental Pain 1113

States Weigh Compact to Bolster Energy Grid 0713

Capturing and Storing Water Underground Copes with Drought in Brazil 0713

US, China Agree to Wind Down HFCs 0613

More Air Conditioners & Fridges Down Under Are Climate Time Bomb 0613 

HFC Gas Salvage from Cars Would Be Win for Air 0613 

Cutting Short-Lived GHGs Can Help More in Short Term Than CO2 0413

Copenhagen’s Ambitious Push to Be Carbon Neutral by 2025 0413

Germany’s Challenge in Replacing Nukes with Renewables 0413 

Halve Meat Consumption 0213 

Cumulative Global Carbon Budget 0213 

6 Lesser-Known Climate Facts 0212 

Palm Oil Giant to Protect Forests 2011 


Misc. Science

Many Scientists Don’t Want to Tell the Truly Bad News about Climate Change 1023

By Fighting the Ozone Hole, We Accidentally Saved Ourselves 0523

America’s Top Scientists Reprimand Donald Trump (Again) 0418

'The Time Has Never Been More Urgent’ - at American Geophysical Union Meeting 1216

Scientists Frantically Copy U.S. Climate Data, Fear It Might Vanish under Trump 1216

New Climate-Friendlier Coolant Has a Catch - It’s Flammable 1016

Scientists Know Climate Change Is a Threat.  Politicians Need to Realize It, Too. 0916

75 Top Scientists Warn of ‘Real, Serious, Immediate' Climate Threat 0916

Scientists Warn World Will Miss Key Climate Target 0816

Adopting Sustainable Energy Would Save Millions of Lives Each Year, U.N. Says 0116

Paris Climate Goals Mean Emissions Need to Drop Below Zero 1215

Troubling Science Is Pushing World toward a Much Tougher Climate Goal 1215

China’s Latest Climate Change Assessment Depicts Somber Scenarios 1115

Climate Scientist Changes Mind on Global Warming Threat 1015

99.9% Scientific Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming 1015 - Powell’s article

Stop Burning Fossil Fuels Now - There Is No CO2 ‘Technofix', Scientists Warn 0815

Only 5 of 24,000 Peer-Reviewed Global Warming Papers Reject Human Causation 0615 - about Powell’s study

In Nobel Season, Laureates Fret for Sickly Earth 1014

Aging Societies Will Be Better for the Planet 0914

New US Diet Guidelines - More Dairy Offsets Climate Benefit of Less Meat 0914

Greenhouse Gas Fear over Increased Meat Eating 0814

10 Reasons to Be Hopeful That We Will Overcome Climate Change 0714

Beyond Keystone XL - 8 Reasons for Optimism on Climate Change 0214

Climate Change Era Is Already upon Us 1013

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